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Post  The Sub-Creator on Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:47 am

I now have the location at which this campaign will begin. This grand tale will make its start in a place known as Smuggler's Stone, or just The Stone to those who call it home. It's a small fishing community in the south of Cormyr on the coast of the Lake of Dragons, snuggled midway between the Wyvernflow (the river which connect the Wyvernwater to the Lake of Dragons) and the Mistwater. It resides upon a small cove known locally as the Misty Bay, which harbors a large, flat rock jutting up from the lake bottom known as Old Captain's Rock. If one is looking at a typical map of Cormyr, they'll note this small village east of the Hermit's Wood.

While many of your characters won't necessarily know the history, I wish to provide just a couple brief points for those who may. This community has been established for a few hundred years now, though back then it was slightly more sizable than it is today. Smugglers used to bring contraband into Cormyr here on dark nights, led into the cove safely by lights that were placed on the far side of Old Captain's Rock (hence the name). This illegal activity made the town (at that time) wealthier than most would expect, and so pirate raids were known to occur here, as well. Because of this, a sea wall was erected as protection to the town. Since these days of yore, smuggling has all but ceased thanks to the War Wizards, who make a point of scrying from afar at random intervals, and what used to be a place of excitement has whimpered down to a cozy little village with a run down sea wall.

The population of the Stone maintains a steady level of approximately 120 inhabitants, including children. Because of its precarious location on the edge of a small bluff overlooking the cove, the village has no basic roads at all, but all the homes and businesses are set up on dock-like streets of wooden planks. The fronts of all these structures, as well as the wooden "streets" are set upon stilts which creak eerily in the high winds that blow in over the sea wall from across the Lake of Dragons. The only trail leading into the town ends at an old, small keep known as Fort Kearny, which houses the official lord of the village (ol' Captain Sty Woodcrest) and his garrison of four Purple Dragons. It comes in from the west, along the coastline, and bypasses the very western edge of Market Row, the only part of the village far enough inland to allow folk to walk on solid land.

The only real locations of interest in The Stone are the Warehouse District--encompassing three buildings that serve as the hub of the fishing "industry," the Old Captain's Shoppe--run by Salty Sealegs (rumored to be a pirate of old, with the peg leg to prove it), and Seamus Tavern--a tiny establishment that caters more to sleeping than it does to drinks these days, thanks to the ol' Captain Sty, who has ungraciously declared all drinking to be done outside village limits. Thus, the popularity of The Drunk Duck, a 3-masted Caravel which has been converted into a tavern located a few hundred feet east of the village. Run by the crusty seadog Toddimy Black-Eye (who gains his name from a wooden left eye that is colored black, making for a very intimidating sight), the Duck's ale is watered down and its food and lodgings highly over-priced for its clientele, but the place remains incredibly lucrative thanks to the inhabitants not needing to spend their wages anywhere else.

(Please note, it's possible that a shrine/temple of Tempus may also exist here; that has yet to be determined.)

Yes, The Stone is out quite backwater for a renowned kingdom like Cormyr, but I expect you all to come up with some sort of excuse as to why your characters will be there anyway!

Also, just so you all know, the starting time period for this campaign will be the 21st of Eleasius, or the Highsun (August), 1374 (The Year of Lightning Storms). For those unfamiliar with the Faerunian Harptosian Calendar, this is the beginning of the third, and final, week of the month (Faerunian weeks are ten days, with each month consisting of 30 days). Because this will become the new primary forum for the upcoming campaign, I will re-post the Harptosian Calendar here for all to reference, if they desire.

And that's all for now!

This is my word, and, as such, is beyond contestation.

The Sub-Creator

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