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New Campaign, new Characters!

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New Campaign, new Characters! Empty New Campaign, new Characters!

Post  Colin Marcus on Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:04 pm

With new campaigns comes new CHARACTERS!!! Looking forward to making some new figures...Think i'm going to buy some new paints tomorrow, so since we have two campaigns, I copied the instructions from THAT one, to over here... Keeps things neat Smile

Well, for those who don't know, I have a tradition of customizing the little figures for our individual characters that are... consistent Campaign characters. Granted a LOT of characters got them in the standard Tuesday game... but quite a few didn't too... This one may be going QUITE a while, so let me know what your character looks like!

High points include...


Hair color,

Armor/clothes type/color (This does not necessarilly have to be the CURRENT outfit... If they started with Leather or Chain... but you KNOW the ideal that this character NEEDS is Plate... then Plate is what we start with We're looking for the idealized character, not necessarily what they could do with starting funds...


weapons used...

Prominent symbols...


Pictures are ALWAYS useful... If the picture is just CLOSE, let me know what needs to be changed in regards to color/symbol, weapon... WHATEVER

If something is fluid... like they sometimes wear a cloak or ALWAYS wear a cloak... let me know that too...

Granted I have to work with what I can... but I CAN get creative sometimes

Certainly no gurantees by next week, we've got a lot of players now... But I'll do what I can, when I can!

I'll start for Example.

Torin Dourguard, Dwarf

Yellow hair/beard

Splint mail...(will upgrade as necessary, whatever he can afford aiming for Plate) ALWAYS wears Armor... whether on watch, or in tavern, or even sleeping... One of the things required of him, Weapons are ALWAYS within arms reach.

Has a cloak, but only uses when necessary.

Weapons: Dual wielding Warhammer and He-man Ax (Short handled Double bladed hand axe... as opposed to the tradional battle Ax that is one bladed and longer handled) Has a shield typically strapped to his back.

Prominent symbols... He has a small bronze mask on a chain that may or may not be visible. He doesn't flaunt his priesthood. Most people will just think of him as dwarven warrior.
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