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16th(?) of Alturak, night-ish: Riff and whoever else

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16th(?) of Alturak, night-ish: Riff and whoever else

Post  Mr. Awesome on Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:48 am

Riff sat alone at the end of the bar and glowered into his drink he had been nursing for the better part of an hour. The best consolation he could find in his mind was that it was at least a very hop oriented ale, so letting it get warm wasn't going to hurt it one bit.

He was stuck on one point in particular. Where had he gone SO VERY wrong with this group he was now with? The sheer hell of it was he wasn't entirely certain if his perceptions were fully correct or not. Usually when he had down time of not performing, or working, or anything of the like his mind DID tend to go into overanalyzing mode; making more of things than they should be, but this time felt uncomfortably on target.

Riff took another half-hearted swig of his ale and only lightly noting in the back of his mind the varied flavors and strengths of the brew. More and more he was certain it had to be some kind of home brew made by the owner of the inn, and he was becoming routinely impressed by it as often as he was showing up here.

He replayed the events of the last several days in his mind and wondered just WHY it seemed he was not managing to get on with anyone in his group. It couldn't be that he was showing to be a poor combatant, he'd already done more than enough damage with his simple little tree branch to make any question about that evaporate. It couldn't be the lack of attention on watch either, he'd noted the arrival of the (suppressing a shudder) frogs the other night in advance of the rouge-ish halfling even, and rouges are supposed to notice noises! He even had Torin openly talking with now... So what was it? Too light-hearted? Too fun-loving? Not enough angst?

The question burned in his mind like a fire that had oil of greek fire thrown on it that was suddenly lit by a passing dragon who had been irritated by a mage's fireball spell. Which, he noted was a hell of a lot of fire for one incident, so he filed that away for usage in a future joke of some kind. Maybe all he needed was to get back to work. It usually helps to bolster his moods in the end, and perhaps thats what he would need in order to get himself out of this mire of dim and dank thought. Or maybe not.

Riff called over Barthelew and told him to pour out another of the surprisingly delicious, golden colored ale with the strong kick. He had a few more hours that he could sit here and mull over his decisions before going to sleep just enough so that when Lady Darya woke him at whatever ridiculous hour of the morning sunrise would be at, he wouldn't respond by immediately trying to kill himself or her just yet. Mind, he knew he wouldn't stand a chance against her, but it'd be a strangely amusing way to go out.

"I just wanted to tell him 'good morning!'" Riff laughed a bit as he mentally visualized her words. Even that damned elf would probably laugh at that, though probably not in a way that would actually be from any kind of genuine humor though. Riff glowered at that notion, and picked up his new drink and returned to his grim mental meditations.
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