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1372 - Eleasius, 1374: History, News, and Rumors of the Realms!

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1372 - Eleasius, 1374: History, News, and Rumors of the Realms!

Post  The Sub-Creator on Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:33 am

Siege of Evereska
From the end of Ches through the middle of Mirtul, a new, mysterious group of powerful mages and warriors come to the aid of Evereska, claiming themselves allies and friends. They raise a dark shell around the Elven City to protect it from the enemy of the elves. A falling out with Waterdeep, and (soon after) with the defenders of the Evereskan forces fighting against the human/humanoid armies from outside the shell--the latter occurs when the mage, Therogeon, exposes the truth of this mysterious enemy's magic to be of the sinister Shadow Weave--causes the Shadovar (what they call themselves) to pull away from their role of aiding Evereska. Laeral Silverhand-Arunson and Storm Silverhand finally arrive with the relief army, and are seen as the saviors of the siege when their presence finally begins to break it! The dark shell now trapping Evereska falls in Flamerule, and the forces of the siege--now known to be led by the devious and powerful phaerimm--are finally defeated entirely as Eleasius begins. The mythal is slowly repaired over the next month, but Evereska is greatly weakened. How the phaerimm came to appear again remains a point of great interest to many, and rumors spread wildly that perhaps the power that has contained them for so long fades . . .

The Rise and Influence of Shade Enclave
Since their failed attempt at alliance with Waterdeep and, later, Cormyr, the Shadovar have been the subject of great distrust among the powerful nations and peoples of the Realms. The Shade Enclave now resides above a new lake formed in the Desert of Anauroch called the Shadow Sea, which word has it formed because of some attempt by the Shade Princes (rulers of Shade) to alter the climate of Faerun. Cormyr sought to wage war against the new floating city, but the Shadovar struck first, attacking the outlying Cormyrean town of Tilverton, and essentially wiping the town off the map (via their evil magic, folk say, the Shadovar spread some great black blight through the town that swallowed every structure and person there, turning it into a smooth, semi-liquefied crater). This show of power stalled Cormyr's intentions, and the Shadovar seek to thwart the evil identity thrust upon them by the Lords of Waterdeep, the Cormyrean royalty, and those who proclaim the dark nature of the Shadow Weave (still a relatively secretive idea that's gotten more attention of late, but still suffers from a true lack of understanding; more folk have heard the name, but very few have any clue as to its literal meaning or significance).

Rumors now whispered in some areas proclaim the Shade Princes as having dealings with Thamalon Uskevren II, newly elected Hulorn of Selgaunt in Sembia as of Kythorn 20, 1374.

Year of Rogue Dragons
Throughout the entirety of this year (aptly named), dragonkind go mad and begin mercilessly slaughtering people and destroying towns. This occurs despite the color of the dragon, and those who manage to survive these terrible rages mark a complete loss of intelligence by these normally brilliant creatures; it seems to have been replaced by a sadistic desire to simply kill and wreak havoc! Dragon slayers become highly prized due to demand. By the beginning of Nightal, after copious amounts of death and destruction throughout the entirety of the Realms, this rage appeared to have run its course, with dragonkind becoming more like their old selves.

On Marpenoth 26 of 1373, one of the larger Tears of Selune inexplicably grew in size and caused total solar eclipse over all of the Inner Sea regions. After that day, the tear plummeted, shattering into thousands of pieces that cut flaming paths through the sky. This became known as the Rain of Fire, and was seen as an ill-omen by a great many!

More to come about 1374 soon!

This is my word, and, as such, is beyond contestation.

The Sub-Creator

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Re: 1372 - Eleasius, 1374: History, News, and Rumors of the Realms!

Post  The Sub-Creator on Sat Mar 13, 2010 1:18 pm

1374: Year of Lightning Storms
Staring in the middle of Hammer, Faerun is beset by great lightning strikes the length and breadth of the continent. These storms are never long, and seem more colorful and strange than anything else, though some rumors proclaimed by sages and street-corner prophets alike predict a strange awakening of the heavenly bodies that started with the Rain of Fire in 1373, and continues with these heavenly shows. In fact, evidence has been found by numerous adventuring companies that--on occasion--where these great lightning strokes strike ground marks the impact points of strange meteors, which seems to provide cohesiveness to these two unique events. Short lightning storms of this nature occur once or twice every month of the year so far (one has happened in the first tenday of Eleasius).

The Risen Sun Heresy
Word has begun to spread about great miracles performed in the name of a long-forgotten deity of the sun. Chief amongst these rumored to have occurred are the simultaneous resurrections and healings after a battle against dark forces in the Eastern Dales region during the early summer. A former Lathanderian cleric, Daelegoth Orndeir, professes himself a prophet of, what he calls, The Risen Sun. The Highest Priest of Lathander in Waterdeep, Marsember, and Ordulin (Sembia) have declared the Risen Sun a heresy against Lathander, and urge believers to remain steadfast in their faith to the Morningland.

Whispers spread of a miracle beyond measure having took place at Elversult during the Midsummer festival, however, where the self-proclaimed Sunlord Daelegoth called forth a second sun to shine over the city, forever bathing it in the golden radiance of the High Sun. Many priests and wizards (faithful to Lathander) disclaim this as a trick of extremely powerful high sorcery, but already the Church of Lathander has shown cracks in its magnificent surface, and a tension has started to boil deep within its following, and the two factions have begun to take root . . .

The Return
A dark foe is rumored to have taken control of the dark beings in Cormanthor, laying claim to the Ruin of Myth Drannor. The hand of this evil has struck far and wide, and the Fall of Hillsfar at the hands of the feared Zhentilar general, Scyllua Darkhope, is whispered to have been started not by the notorious Fzoul Chembryl, High Priest of Bane and leader of the Zhentarim, but by this sinister enemy hidden in the deep forests of Cormanthor. What no longer accounts to rumor, however, is that an army of elves nearly 5,000 strong have appeared in the Old Elven Kingdom, and they have reportedly forged alliances with some of the Dales! In addition, Sembia has also played some role in this warfare, though its participation, and on which side, is a much-confused matter by those who speak of it. Much talk abounds in the lands of Sembia, the Dales, Cormyr, and territories to the north and east as to whether these elves have returned for good . . .

Other Things of Note

--> Early Ches, 1372: The conquered city of Murann under the thumb of two powerful Ogre Magi solidifies its power in the region and becomes known as the Sothillisian Empire. Soon after, it becomes recognized by the Council of Six of Amn, who allies their great nation with these conquerors.

--> Tarsakh/Mirtul, 1372: The famed city of Neverwinter falls ill to a plague that later known as the Wailing Death. Its citizenry is decimated, and its power in the region greatly hampered.

--> Mirtul, 1372: The Kingdom of Dark Arrows becomes legitimized under the rule of King Obould I, its borders virtually reaching out and touching the renowned Dwarven Kingdom of Mithril Hall.

--> Greengrass, 1373: Peasants of Cormyr take upon themselves to build a new town near the blackened crater of Tilverton, which they aptly dub New Tilverton.

--> Late Kythorn, 1373: A plague known as the Pox ravages the human population of Hlondeth, just outside the Nation of Turmish.

--> Ches, 1374: Legions of demons lay siege to Evereska, still greatly weakened by the last siege by the phaerimm in 1372. The siege is later broken, reportedly, by a relief army of elves that many believe could only have come from Evermeet!

--> late Kythorn, 1374: In Arabel, Dabron Sashenstar, head of House Sashenstar (a major trading leader amongst the Merchant League), openly proclaims "that the Iron Throne is sundered." The Iron Throne was a heavily corrupted trade organization out of Baldur's Gate that ruled the iron trade throughout Faerun, but especially in the Western Heartlands of Faerun. Its fall, many believe, will bring about a new era of competitive, but fair, trade in iron ore throughout the Realms.

This is my word, and, as such, is beyond contestation.

The Sub-Creator

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Elves in Faerun!!

Post  Colin Marcus on Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:04 pm

There are THREE major Elven Locations that are of interest.... Evermeet, Evereska, Myth Drannor.

Evermeet, is the island of the elves. It's located 'off the map' to the far West of the standard Faerun Map. ONLY elves are allowed there. There have been a handful of exceptions... but REALLY only a handful... and usually they're a 'secret' This is the 'near' final destination of the elves... they used to live in the mainland... but when humans encroached... and wars ravaged... they kept getting pushed farther and father west... THIS is the final stop. The island is actually 'half' mortal.... and 'half' heaven... existing either 'between' planes... or at perhaps a piece of 'heaven on earth'... it's debated Wink

Evereska: This is the mountain kingdom near Anauroch, 'the giant desert' This is one of the OLDEST elven kingdoms still remaining... (POSSIBLY older than Evermeet... I BELIEVE, they waited quite a while before settling the island even after the gods propheciesed it... ) Still... Evermeet is considered the power there... Evereska is more 'the last holdout' on the mainland... It's also where Elric grew up, and was where 'the seige' took place in 1372..

Myth Drannor: This was the forest kingdom in the 'Dales'. It was one of the largest Elven nations 'once upon a time.' The elves opened up their borders and created a utopia with dwarves, humans and other mortal 'good' races to create the ultimate city... Eventually demons put it to seige... and the city fell... the city itself has been empty for about 700 years... though the neighboring woods still had elves till around 1344 keeping outsiders away.

Common knowledge.....

714 DR. Fall of Myth Drannor. Armies of Demons, ogres, orcs and any other nastiness joined forces to wipe the 'good folk' away. Out of a population of around 3000, 200 or so escaped.. it was a bloodbath. (Fall of Myth Drannor Box set)

889 DR: Zaor Moonflower, A ranger who fought for Myth Drannor, was crowned king of Evermeet. Many 'Gold elves' VERY VERY upset to be under Moon elf rule. Evermeet Council loses power. Political intrigue abounds (Evermeet: island of the Elves book)

1177 DR: Amlaruil Moonflower: Grand Mage and Chosen of ALL the Elven gods, finally marries Zaor and becomes queen of Evermeet. (Evermeet: island of the Elves book)

They have many... many... children. For elves ANY kids are rare and celebrated... They had 13. Most became adventurers... and as such only 2 are known to live in 'current time'

1321 DR. King Zaor is assassinated in his own garden. Amlaruil never remarries. (Elfshadow novel.... Evermeet: island of the Elves)

1344 DR: Elves of Cormanthyr (the forest around Myth Drannor) Decide to 'Retreat' to Evermeet. this creates a 'Gold Rush' effect of people racing to explore the ruins of Myth Drannor... Still full of monsters... VERY dangerous... (Generally the 'start time of AD&D 2E)

1371 DR: Evermeet invaded!!! A group of traitor 'gold elves + humans + drow, orchestrated by Lloth and the ones responsible for King Zaor's murder try to overthrow the Queen. They are repelled. But the Towers of the Sun and Moon are destroyed, and MANY High Mages are counted Dead. High magic is devastated.

(evermeet Island of the Elves.)

1372 DR: Evereska Under siege!!!! Evermeet sends reinforcements and lose many warriors and high mages... High magic Devestated... again. (return of the Archmages series)

Also, Calimport destroyed in the battle between CoRD and the Most Hated Wyrm.... Everdawns get married, go to myth Drannor on adventure!!

1374 DR: Evermeet attacked by 'elf-demons' They kill some high mages... Again... and flee to the ruins of Myth Drannor. A large army of elves leave Evermeet to follow them. Causes a mild 'sundering' of the elven island with harsh words on each side... Mostly over whether they should allow High mages to abandon Evermeet. (It takes about 400+ years to train a 'high mage'.. they are NOT easily replaced...)

Eventually decided that it was not so much a 'crusade'... as a "RETURN". After they defeat the demon-elves, they clear the lost ruins... and repopulate it. Now there they are again, three Elven 'nations' Though Evereska is terribly devestated from their seige. (Last Mythal trilogy)

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Re: 1372 - Eleasius, 1374: History, News, and Rumors of the Realms!

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