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Coming soon "The Man of the Living Tattoos"

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Coming soon "The Man of the Living Tattoos"

Post  xarhelm on Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:31 pm

You see several signs plastered about town declaring a traveling side show of the wierd and freakish will soon arrive in town. The main attraction is declared to be "The Man of the Living Tattoos". He is described as a halfelf with the ability to make the tattooed animals on his body materialize into living animals.

The sign say Coming Soon with show dates to begin the next morning. Only a mere silver piece to attend. It also says that there is a Q&A session with the main attration at the morning showing. A curosity grabs you and you decide you wish to learn more. You make plans to attend the morning show and the Q&A that follows.

To Be Continued...... cloak

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Re: Coming soon "The Man of the Living Tattoos"

Post  xarhelm on Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:14 pm

After the show the Question period quickly follows. "The Freak" as most people refer to him as sits down upon a chair and begins.

"I suppose it is as always best to start with the basics." adjusting his chair to be more comfortable he sighs and begins his story.

Life in this world is not always fair in fact rarely is it so. I am of noble birth and yet here I am. My Father or at least the man who most refer to as my father was not kind in anyway. At least not to me. As I am sure you can tell I have Elven blood. I am a half breed. My mother was Noble who had a brief affair with an elven emissary from a large tribe of wood elves. I am the offspring of that tryst. As a result I served as a permant reminder to my mothers husband of her infadelity. My true father never even acknowledged me. I have led a tortured existance because of it. I was often abused at my step father's hand and rarly allowed to be seen in public with the rest of the family. I began to rebel from his ways some ten years ago. changing my appearance adding tattoos and jewlry you now see. I left home shortly after my mother died not completly by choice. I began to make my own way in the world by learning to tattoo others and by a life of crime. I was caught a few years back by a mage of great skill. rather than punishing me he took intrest in my tattoos something about the way I had made them. He said they were of a magical nature. he showed me how to use them and informed me that I was a socerer. He guessed that this was a "gift" from my elven father and his people. A power that was uncommon even in elven populations. after teaching me how to use control and develop my skills he sent me out to earn a living. I joined the side show a few months back and have made an ample wage. I have done escape artist routines as well as the show you just saw. this way I keep all of my skills sharp. I hope to find an adventuring party someday and join up with them. I earn a decent share here but the fame and fortune of adventuring is much better suited as I am not much of a showmen. I will now allow questions from the audience. you may ask anything and I will answer to my best ability.

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