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Timeline of the Champions of the Red Dawn

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Timeline of the Champions of the Red Dawn

Post  Colin Marcus on Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:36 pm

Something fun to help keep track of where/when all the threads take place Smile If anyone has something to add or notice any errors... let me know I'll make some edits!

Hammer - January
Alturiak - February
Ches -March
Tarsakh -April
Mirtul - May
Kythorn - June
Flamerule - July
Shieldmeet Leap Year

Eleasius - August
Eleint -September
Marpenoth -October
Uktar -November
Feast of the Moon
Nightal - December

1340 Year of the Lion
- 9th of Flamerule: Therogeon Taldavar is born in Waterdeep

1345 Year of the Saddle
- 9th of Kythorn: Aretis Shadowmorn born in Gibenslade, in Turmish
- 10th of Kythorn: Kaber born to the Broken Horn Clan in the mountains of the Spine of the World

1349 Year of the Bridle
- 1st of Nightal: Elric born in Impresk

1350 Year of the Morning Star

- 1st of Ches: Ashara Rosemorn born in Impresk
- 2nd of Ches: Festival of the Planting, Ashara found on the doorstep of Josiah Thornbrand, cleric of Lathander in Impresk
- 3rd of Ches: Ashara given by Josiah to Ebbard & Arryn Rosemorn to raise

1357 Year of the Prince- 5th of Hammer: Elric’s father, Arturo, passes away
- 3rd of Tarsakh: Elric leaves Impresk

1360 Year of the Turret- Aretis enlists in the Turmish militia as a scout and is trained by Baros Mendolin
- 1st of Ches: Ashara begins her formal clerical training with Josiah Thornbrand

1364 Year of the Wave- Aretis finishes his military duty, and finds work as a scout and mercenary for caravans traveling through the mountains

1365 Year of the Sword
- 3rd of Ches: Ashara takes the vows to become a priestess of Lathander
- 12th of Kythorn: Kaber leaves the Broken Horn Clan

1366 Year of the Staff- Aretis guides a caravan to Carradoon and decides to travel north to explore the Snowflake Mountains
- Aretis builds a shelter and lives in the foothills north of Impresk, where he meets Ashara

1367 Year of the Shield- Kaber enters the Snowflake Mountains
- Kaber meets Aretis and settles in a cave in the Snowflake Mountains
- Therogeon Taldavar travels from Waterdeep to live in Impresk and study at the Spirit Soaring
- Therogeon meets Ashara & Aretis

1368 Year of the Banner- Therogeon moves out of the inn to live in a home owned by the carpenter. The home which once belonged to the Elric’s family
- Rumors begin to circulate of a great horned beast in the mountains to the north
- Aretis admits to Therogeon & Ashara that he knows this beast (Kaber), that he is an honorable creature, and has befriended him

1369 Year of the Gauntlet- Elric Peredhel returns to Impresk, and lives with the Rosemorns, since his family no longer holds lands
- Elric meets Therogeon, Ashara & Aretis
- Therogeon, Elric & Ashara go hunting for a rare herb in the Snowflake Mountains when they encounter a Kirre. Their lives would certainly have been ended, but Kaber and Aretis had been tracking the great cat and found it attacking the three. Kaber and Aretis fought the cat briefly, before it decided the battle wasn’t worth the meal, and fled. Kaber had sustained a deep wound where the cat had raked him across the thigh. Ashara magically heals his wound. They all officially know Kaber now.

1370 Year of the Tankard
- 1st of Ches:
The five companions gather at the edge of Impresk Lake at dawn. A blood red sun rises on this, the first day of spring. The group decides to set out together as a team, to seek adventure and knowledge, and to do good and right wrongs. They name themselves Champions of the Red Dawn.

- 10th of Eliant: Ashara sees the strange runes and falls under Cyric's Curse.

- 26th of Marpenoth: Eddick and Gwilly join with the Champions in Port Kir.

- 12th of Nightal: Evil Ashara leaves Impresk in hopes of a killing spree.

- 19th of Nightal:
Aretis leaves Ashara's Journal for Elric to find... Elric Therogeon and Cadderly go FIND her.

1371 Year of the Unstrung Harp

- 9th of Mirtul: Ashara is freed from the curse, Elric is attacked by Assassins.

- 25th of Marpenoth: DAGADAR!!! Ashara presents gifts and informs Elric of her feelings on the island before entering at dawn on the 26th.

- 2nd of Uktar: Ashara speaks with Eddick, Gwilly, and Elric during their watches. Gwilly tries to explain to Kaber about Elric and Ashara... See 2nd of Uktar - First Watch - Dagadar See also 2nd and 3rd watches...

-3rd of Uktar:
Champions of the Red Dawn with help from Lathander, defeat 'The Shade'. Ashara recieves Dawnspeaker.

-5th of Uktar: CoRD try to come to grips with the horror's they've seen and the changes in their lives. See 5th of Uktar - Eddick and Elric, and 5th of Uktar - Kaber and Ashara

8th of Uktar: Therogeon makes Gwilly CRY!!! see 8th of Uktar - Gwilly and Ashara - Ship to Zazesspur, and 8th of Uktar - Therogeon and Ashara - Ship to Zazesspur

11th of Uktar: THE GREAT PARTY!! Therogeon arranges a massive two day party in the ruined capital of Tethyr. Gwilly is happy with the wizard again.

12th of Uktar:
Elric and Ashara share a quiet dawn together then rejoin the great party. [/i] see 12th of Uktar - Dawn - Zazzespur, 12th of Uktar - The Great Party - Zazesspur (part 1, 2, and 3) [/i]

13th of Uktar: Therogeon joins Elric and Ashara and discusses plans... Gwilly gives relationship advice to Elric see 13th of Uktar- Therogeon, Elric and Ashara - Zazzesspur and 13th of Uktar - Gwilly and Elric - Zazesspur

15th of Uktar: (Approx.) Therogeon visits the temple of Mystra in Waterdeep. see Therogeon at the Temple

17th of Uktar: Elric shares a very uncomfortable dinner with Ashara's Parents See dinner party for three

20th of Uktar (Approx): Kaber seeks his answers for his purpose in life. See Of Minotaur and Men

4th of Nightal: Eddick give advice to Ashara, shares some of his mysterious past. see 4th of Nightal - Eddick and Ashara - Impresk

19th of Nightal: Elric proposes to Ashara... She accepts. They agree to keep it secret for a while. see 19th of Nightal - Elric and Ashara - Impresk

1372 Year of Wild Magic

18th of Hammer: Elric and Ashara announce their engagement at Gwilly's birthday party See 18th of Hammer- Gwilly's birthday

Midwinter: Elric and Ashara magically share their memories and set a wedding date. (unfortunately that date gets missed) See Nardanian en'Rinar Also On Midwinter night, the god Bane returns to Faerun, bursting forth from the skin of his son, Iyachtu Xvim. With his divinity restored Bane quickly gains the portfolio of fear, restoring him to a Greater Power.

11th of Alturiak: The Champions defeat the Flaming Dragon Avatar of Xvim. Calimport is all but destroyed in the process. Champions assist in the rescue efforts. See 11th of Alturiak - CoRD Epilogue 1 - Calimport

15th of Alturiak: The wedding of Elric and Ashara Everdawn. See 11th of Alturiak - CoRD Epilogue 2 - Impresk

End of Original Campaign

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Colin Marcus

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The FURTHER Adventures of CoRD!!!

Post  Colin Marcus on Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:37 pm

1372 - Year of Wild Magic

Ches (Approx) - Honeymoon in War-riddled Evereska!

Flamerule - Siege in Evereska is lifted. Some Champions head north with Kaber to meet his people.

1373 - Year of Rogue Dragons
Flamerule 26th - Arturo Everdawn born

1374 - Year of Lightning Storms

Kythorn 21st - Romen and Me'awen Everdawn born

Uktar 30th - Therogeon assists in creating the City of Hope. In the process he becomes full elven.

- Elves begin to reclaim Myth Drannor

1375 - Year of Risen Elfkin

- Elves finish the 'reclaiming'

1376 - Year of the Bent Blade

-Therogeon is named Talembor's successor and is now head of his Mage society.

- Maris, the first of Therogeon's students perished fighting Cult of the Dragon members in Amn

- Kythorn: Therogeon and Almara become a couple.

-Elesias 29th: Elric reunites with his mother and learns the truth of his heritage. See From the Personal Journals of Ashara Everdawn, Vol. 5

1377 - Year of the Haunting

-Alturiak 15th: Elric recieved the Scepter of the Unforgotten Spirit. See Impresk - Alturiak 1377

-Alturiak 28th: Rariden orchestrates an attack on the Champion's, with the assistance of Alagian. The elf's sole purpose was to draw Elric into a fight. See Impresk - Alturiak 1377, and Alturiak 1377, CoRD Strikes back

- Tarsakh 6th: Thalian Everdawn is born
Colin Marcus

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