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Truffle Hunting

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Truffle Hunting

Post  TRU on Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:03 am

It was early morning in the forest. Not many beasts were stirring save the birds in the trees who were greeting the day with their beautiful songs. If you were to listen closely they would hear a snuffley grunting noise underneath the bird song. And if you were interested and peered beneath the dark branches you would see a boar rooting around beneath the trees beside a small humanoid on its hands and knees in the dirt. Watch this pair for a bit for they are a sight to see as they hunt for the delicacy known as truffles.

Now if you know anything about truffle hunting you know that it is often best to use a hog of some sort to sniff them out. Many people will follow behind the wild hogs in search of the special fungus but in the case of this fair pair this is not so. In fact, it seems as though the boar is finding the truffles at the direction of the small humanoid with green hair. Grunting and sniffing about around the feet of its friend the boar seems to wait patiently for a sign before rooting up the truffles and then rolling them into a small pile.

On closer inspection you would note that the small humanoid is a gnome (as if the green hair wasn’t a dead giveaway). She is dressed in very simple clothes, in all hues of the forest. The tips of her fingers and the bottoms of her feet were as brown as the dirt beneath her but if you looked closely you would notice how very, very clean they were. It is as if the dirt has dyed her very skin brown. Her eyes are also brown, though not the dark brown of the forest floor. No, they are a lighter brown, more the shade of the bark on the trees. Her aforementioned hair could easily be mistaken for a thick mound of long green grass save for the few beads and braids worked in as decoration. This gnome was a sight to behold. She almost looked like she’d become one with the earth if she were to stay still long enough.

If you continue to watch this pair you will see the gnome suddenly prostrate herself on the ground, arms stretched wide, with her ear to the dirt. “Shh!” she will whisper to the boar. “Quit ya gruntin’ a minnah! Ah thou’t Ah heard soomt’in’. Hush, wehll Ah lis’en again!” The boar obeys and stands as still as possible, barely breathing as it watches its companion close her eyes and concentrate.

“Thaere it ‘tis.” The little gnome sighed with a smile. “An doen’t Aye knoow i’!” She scrambled to her feet. “Coame on! It’s oovah heeya!” And the little gnome danced through the wood with her friend the boar trailing after her, both of them leaving their carefully gathered truffles behind. She soon came to a stop at the edge of a small meadow. The grass was still sodden with the morning’s dew. Quietly she picked her way toward the center of the meadow. There stood her prize with its large leaves reaching heavenward. “Look’it tha’, Jarrow!” The gnome gazed lovingly at the stalks of red and green. “Rhoobahb!”

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