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Notes to Self

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Notes to Self

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:20 pm

From the audio files of Adrian Legace


Arrived in New York, taking classes at the Harry Kim Tae Kwon Do Dojo. It is in a rough part of town, so its quite possible that I could foil some minor crime in the area.


It would seem getting into Heroing is as easy as moving to New York and walking down the street. Always carry all equipment necessary, especially since villains are usually quite prepared.


Might look into the possibility of carrying smoke grenades or bombs. Non lethal, doesnt bother me much due to the helmet, and could disperse crowds and shield sight of opponents. Possible problem is the technology might be restricted, and permits might be difficult to obtain. Solutions: discover magical equivalent that accomplishes similar or superior effects, create item with said property, research permits for explosives.


Met Thing today. Seems quite nice, if not a bit dim with a know it all attitude. Did not realize he was as rich as me. Originally thought I would learn much from him, but our styles are quite different, so it may be impossible. Does seem to know just about everyone in the city though, and is well liked. That could be quite useful in developing a reputation.


Looked into possible legal action against Daily Bugle. That tabloid got it all wrong. Also be on the lookout for possible hostile takeover of stock. If I can own a good majority of what is available, what they write about me really won't be a concern but might actually work for me, literally, pun intended.


Thing has a dossier with all of the known villains in it. What a fantastic resource!


Found strange herb from Africa at the crime scene. Thing seems to believe that we can talk to an expert down at the embassy. I believe he knows or has record of every important person in New York, and possibly a great many other places. Not to mention he is real handy in a fight, this was a good ally to find.
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