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This is how we shine the mace, shine the mace. shine the mace....

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This is how we shine the mace, shine the mace. shine the mace....

Post  Magyc on Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:16 pm

He had the whole ride back from the caves to Milburne to reflect on how poorly the last engagement had gone. Not for the group as a whole, of course...that had been a resounding success. His own contribution to that effort, however, was pretty minimal.

He had gassed an zombie that did not breathe. He almost ignored Shoby when a situation arose that was tailor made for a defensive spell he had prepped. He was seconds away from burning off one his most powerful offensive spells (that, once used, was GONE) on that same brainless decoy. He was only saved from that embarassment by almost being executed in an ambush from behind, after which barely escaping, he had been frozen.

And to top it all off, he was pretty sure that at some point he had screamed like a woman.

At least he would not be scarred again, the would he suffered was blow to the back from a mace. It still throbbed but he would not ask the priests for help this time, not after Nas and others had taken far more serious wounds. He certainly did not want to be a drain on the group. Although they had shown the willingness (particularly with Lady Darya assuming a leadership role) to watch out for the well being of charity cases like Friend Carlos, he did not want to assume that role. Perhaps during the upcoming training he could focus more on how to use his abilities in combat, at least becoming less of a liability.

They had a acquired a fair portion of interesting loot in the last day, and at least there he could make a unique contribution. He mentally reordered the list of equipment he would cast his Identify spell on, taking into account likelihood of success and the interest shown by other group members in particular objects. He did not know how long they would stay in Milburne, but given the fresh lead regarding Jennelith, he doubted it would be more than a day or two.

He ranked them in the following priority, considering he could Identify about 4 per day:

Group 1
Fancy Boots (from Warrior)
Fancy Boots (from Priest)
Footman's Mace (Priest)
Patchy Robe (Priest)

Group 2
Robe (Warrior)
Bastard Sword (Warrior)
Long Bow (Warrior)
Cloak (Female Priest)

Group 3
Morningstar (Swamp)
Longsword (Swamp)
Shield (Swamp?)

Group 4
Dagger (Warrior)
Potion (Warrior)
Figurine of a Cottage (Female Priest)
Sapphire Set Gold Ring (Priest)

Group 5
Scroll (Priest)
Gaudy Gold Bracelet (Priest)
Topaz Set Silver Ring (
Iron Ring (Swamp, inside rusty gauntlet)

He had rapidly come to find casting this laborious spell a chore, (cleaning and prepping each item took forever) but he found at some stages he could let his mind drift over other matters. And at least he could measurably contribute to the group in this way. Still, he didn't mind at all if they would only wished to stay in Milburne a day.

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