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Post  Colin Marcus on Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:38 pm

The elf watched the sun set from his window. Slowly the light faded and the stars came into sight. He sighed heavily and turned back toward his chair and lit the fireplace. Carefully he pulled out an old well creased letter. Smoothing the creases he wiped a tear from his eye as he read it once again.

‘Dear Arartora,

I’m sorry it came to this. Sorry, but not truly surprised. We both knew the day would come, the day something truly horrible happened.

I messed up. I hope someday you can forgive me, though I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. Heaven knows I can’t forgive myself. Not now...

I should start from the beginning....

Tonight, I left the house after dark. I was a fool. I disobeyed you and now must live with the consequences. Thomalain dared me, and my own foolish pride insisted I sneak out. I thought I was old enough, or smart enough... or at least smarter than you. But now I wish with all my heart I’d simply listened to your wisdom. It wasn’t safe... I wasn’t safe.

For years, ever since others started noticing the things I could do, I knew this day would happen. The others will never accept what I am... Whatever it is that I am! The things I did scared them, I didn’t understand why... they were just simple things... a little light here, a door opening there, sometimes I could make objects fly across the room to me. Harmless little tricks...

I haven’t told you, but lately the ‘tricks’ are getting less harmless. Lately... Lately, I can control peoples minds! I’m not very good at it, and I haven’t tried to do it.... but sometimes, when I really want something... the person I’m dealing with gives me what I want. People who absolutely hate me... Suddenly give me whatever I want simply for the asking! Suddenly my enemy is my best friend!!

I should have told you.... but honestly, as much as it sounds like something I’d want... It isn’t. I felt... dirty after doing that... The things I get... the books, or trinkets... even a kiss or two, it all feels tainted.

I’m not sure if you remember, but I did it to you once too! The night of the summer festival... the one you were adamant that we weren’t going to... but then you simply changed your mind... That was me.

You used to say there was a change in me when I did things... that a shadow would cross my gaze... I saw it that night. However either you were being kind, or something is getting worse, because what I glimpsed in the mirror was more than a shadow. I saw the night itself. Cold, dark, black as marble... They scared me...

People used to shun me, simply touching me... used to ‘creep them out’ was the popular phrase, now they actually recoil in fear. Whatever is wrong with me... whatever is inside me is getting stronger!

Tonight, I crossed a line. Soon people will be coming, they’ll be looking for me... I want you to know it was an accident. Whatever they say, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone! It was an accident....

Ironically I thought I was helping....

After Thomalain and I snuck out, we found ourselves over at the Rusted Shield. It’s a dirty tavern, but they aren’t particular about who they’ll serve. And Thomalain was infatuated with one of the girls there. Unfortunately so was someone else. As you know Thom has a temper, and is very passionate elf. Words were exchanged, then fists. The other elf wore the trappings of the clergy of Erastil He wasn’t alone either, he had friends and before I knew what was happening, Thomalain was in serious trouble.

I did what I thought a friend would... I tried to separate two lovesick fools. I wasn’t strong enough. Their friends tried to keep me out of it, let their friend teach the boy a lesson.... I’m not even sure how I did it... but somehow I got free.

I tried to change the priests mind.

Time seemed to slow down... I heard the gasps from his friends, clergy or paladin’s I don’t know... but I can guess what they saw. Eyes black as the pit. Teeth gritted in determination. All I wanted was to stop the fight, to make him my friend for a little while and send him on his way.... But that isn’t what happened.

I have more inside me then I knew... it’s getting more powerful, and it’s getting deadly... As I reached out my hand, I hoped to touch his mind.... instead flames seemed to shoot from my bare hand and engulfed the priest in scorching heat. I couldn’t move... I didn’t know what had just happened... I don’t believe the flames were that... powerful. But the fight had left the priest soaked in something... something highly flammable.

The tavern burst into chaos. The priest was burning... and screaming... and everywhere he went, he seemed to light MORE fire... Thomalain was down, and before I knew what had happened the crowd had carried me outside. The other priests tried to save the building, but it was like the fire had a life of its own... I saw the building fall... I never saw either Thomalain or the priest come out.

One of the men with him... I didn’t catch his name, but he proudly wore the symbol of Erastul started to scan the crowd... I knew then who he was looking for. The one who had killed a man. A priest...

His own friend...

Perhaps I should have stayed. Faced my judgement, answered for my actions. But you know the laws... It wouldn’t matter to them if it was an accident, if I couldn’t control it... Even the mages of our village are required to maintain control at all times... Incompetence is not an excuse... And I'm not a mage...

Perhaps I should have stayed... I suspect I know how the trial would go. This elf saw my eyes... I’m sure of it. He knows there’s something... not right about me. Surrendering to their justice is the same as death.

I don’t want to die...

Sometimes the thought may cross my mind, when I think about what’s inside me... what it’s purpose might be... If I was created for evil, perhaps I should hurl myself from a treetop, but I can’t do it. I still love life. So I have to run.

I don’t know where I’m going... but please Aratora, please do NOT come after me. You have spent so much of your life protecting me, now let me protect you. I won’t have you implicated in my crimes. They will be watching you. Hoping the great ranger can track me, if they can not. For both our sakes, please... just stay away.

Thank you for all you’ve done, I truly do hope we’ll meet again soon.

Your nephew,

Nuari Stormcloud.


Kadrethi Dwinrae carefully folded the letter and placed it in his pocket. He walked back toward the window and looked out toward the night. He saw movement in the shadows. Fools... As if they could sneak up on him... Same ritual every night for the past three months.

Every instinct told him to find Nuari... he’d raised the boy since birth. The boy was as much his son as anyone or thing else! But Nuari was right. The anger of the town had reached a boiling point after the fire. He’d never be safe here again.

When Kimetheir had first kicked his door off the hinges, Kadrethi had drawn his sword and nearly killed him. Soon he discovered what was happening. Kimetheir had the backing of the authorities. When the ranger had tried to explain... he was shut down. Kimetheir was a zealot. So certain of right and wrong, and made it perfectly clear what his plans for Nuari were. So he let the boy run.

He knew the day would come when the child would leave him, strike out in the world for his own fortune, He never imagined it would be like this. He was young by elven standards... he’d hoped for a few more decades... Still, if his hunters were still outside watching him, than that meant they hadn’t found Nuari yet.

That thought was the only hope he’d allowed himself for months. Elves were patient... the spies wouldn't go anywhere until they weren't needed anymore.
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