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A word in your ear, sir mage...

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A word in your ear, sir mage...

Post  Mr. Awesome on Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:04 pm

Riff restlessly tossed in his rough lain stone bedspace for what had to have been the seventy third time that night so far. Night, of course, being a relative term here in the infinite black of this horrid pit of despair that he had flung himself into hoping to find friends.

The events of his last three months preyed at his mind still after all the relative weeks spent down here, and the relative indifference to the mental pain and anguish that his companions had lain towards him still cut at his mind like a vicious wound.

He figured that it was about second watch of some kind or another, and he had come to a conclusion in his mind. Once, he may have considered discussing things with Torin, but those times had long since past. The cutting words of the dwarf had been one of the final straws that Riff could stand.

Sneaking as best he could over and through sleeping forms, Riff sought out Jace, and shook him to conciousness as quietly as he could.

"Jace, hey...I'm gonna need to ask you for a favor."
Mr. Awesome

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Re: A word in your ear, sir mage...

Post  Magyc on Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:17 pm

Being pulled out of a sound sleep meant only one thing to Jace: the group was about to come under attack. He sprang to his feet and began the somatic movements for Fog Cloud, while simultaneously scanning for an indication of what direction the threat was coming from.

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