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The Records of Deklan Greenfellow

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The Records of Deklan Greenfellow Empty The Records of Deklan Greenfellow

Post  Magyc on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:40 pm

From the records of Deklan Greenfellow, (recorded in a double-encrypted custom cipher)

23rd of Erastus, 4710

I had thought being stranded on this island was little more than an interesting diversion from my mission. Little seemed to exist here aside from indigenous wildlife, and a primitive tribe. Out of the entire group of castaways, I did find several interesting and capable companions who were determined to take action to address our situation. Three of them are fighting types, two who are quite effective and brutal (some would say practical) yet reasonable, and one fighter/rogue with some sorcerous talents who has been constantly beset by terrible luck as long as I have known him. We also have a practitioner of divine magic, although this one is no zealot, thankfully.

My last companion is a young alchemist name Regan who crafted me a pearl which extends my casting ability. He has also assisted me in another fashion which I will detail shortly. I respect his abilities and I think I have found an ally and potentially a friend. I know he was interested in exploring the vast jungles for new components for his alchemical concoctions, so I believe our purposes can remain in alignment after we egress from this island.

Pleasurable as company of my companions was, I saw no need to produce a report of my activities until the events of today. After wiping out of tribe of murderous cannibals, we descended into a pit to trace the path of one of the architects of our plight, which my companions thought might help lead us to a solution. Here we found an ancient temple to Yoreana (as best I can translate) some kind of Serpent-god, who our priest informs me was supposedly killed long ago. The temple was extremely ancient and filled with architecture designed to impress and intimidate. We discovered a wall filled with writing. At first I could not not decipher the language, and thus transcribed as much as I could given the limitations my companions placed on my time down there. Later, with some assistance from Regan, I was able to decipher part of the writing as instructions for raising this Serpent god from the depths. I have included the precise coordinates of this temple so the the rest of the writing can be examined for further study.

As it stands I may not be able to do this investigation myself, since we believe that the person (thing?) we were tracking will be attempting to raise this ancient god. It will be interesting to see what I can learn from her and as she attempts to complete her ritual. These rites have not been seen by human eyes for over 10 millennia. I shall endeavour to record as much of it as I can witness before being forced to action to arrest her efforts. As there are already more than enough of these tyrannical and chaotic "gods" mucking about in this world, I will do what I can to ensure that this particular one does not return.

I have also included a transcription of this cryptic set of instructions written in an archaic form of Aklo:

"To Command the Very Tides to Rise Up and Eschew What Lies Below:
Empower the Four Sentinel Runes with the Blood of a Thinking Creature Tempered by the Kiss of a Serpent's Tongue.
Anoint the Tide Stone with Waters Brought from the Sea in a Vessel of Purest Metal.
Invoke the Lord's Sacred Name to Wrap His Coils around the Sea Itself that He Might Lay Bare What Lies Below and Cast Down Your Enemies on the Waves Above"

Like most priestly writings, it is quite nonsensical and fairly worthless at identifying specific steps to be taken. We shall see if this would be god-raiser can guess what these vague instructions are referring to.

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The Records of Deklan Greenfellow Empty Re: The Records of Deklan Greenfellow

Post  Magyc on Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:31 pm

"You can never have too much paper." A lesson he should have learned after exploring the Temple on the Shiv. Yet he still found his supply dwindling after transcribing a host of spells newly liberated from their overly aggressive masters.

That, and the massive supply of notes describing in precise detail the positions of shadows at multiple times during the day, from a set of pillars which, incidentally, were not the pillars referenced in the single clue which had gotten them traveling overland through jungles across half a continent. No. That was an entirely DIFFERENT set of pillars.

Those many, many pages were useless for spell storage now. However, the back of the scrolls was still open for inscription, and it was well past time he begin taking notes on the process of discovery, and not simply relaying the pictures found on ancient walls. There was little else to do since they had departed Tazion, and the unending trek through the endlessly thick jungle left much time for the mind to wander and mentally compose those notes for inscription every night.

He could have spent a decade just examining the remains of Tazion. The worship of alien gods, the history of the Azlanti/Serpentfolk war, the incredibly detailed maps of the the ancient continent and the moon- all of these merited extensive study. Bringing even a few scraps of this information back to his Order would have generated months, if not years, of intensive, focused study. And he was bypassing the scholarly and ordered approach to discovery he had practiced his entire life -for a quick surface examination before he was on his way.

And it had to be this way. It was truly amazing how this ancient treasure of a city could sit anonymously for thousands of years, and now it came down to a matter of weeks or days...such small units of time to make it there before the barbarians, the looters, the vandals arrived and tore it apart to pillage it to feed their own base desires.

Stopping the looters from tearing the city down would be quite challenging. From the beginning he had believed secrecy would be the key to keeping the city safe. Despite his best efforts at the time, the secret had still been ripped directly from him-a fact that still has him quietly seething. They had just encountered a new chance to keep the secret- revealed only to them (and a native Mwangi, although no one explained to him what he has seeing) in the middle of the wilderness.

This had presented him with a quandary. He (they) had made promises to the Pathfinders about blazing the trail to Savinth Ye. But after Deklan had witnessed the state of Pathfinder security and its failings twice within a matter of weeks, he highly doubted that the secret would be safe with them. As Corrigan had volunteered, it was possibly the Pathfinders were already infiltrated or spied upon. Although this had been presented as only a possibility, Deklan was almost certain that was the case. The Pathfinders were explorers, not spies. Their goal was to spread information, not keep it hidden. The others in the group seemed to be against freezing out the Pathfinders at this juncture, and Deklan quickly dropped the idea. It could turn out that one of the more aggressive groups might make it to Savinth Ye regardless, and then the group would have found itself without allies against a large expedition. Deklan could not predict the future (yet) and he acceded to the honorable wishes of his comrades.

Despite the large number of Pathfinders following their trail, his most valuable allies by far would be those who he had found himself marooned on the Shiv with, especially those among that number who took action together to effect a rescue (rather than passively waiting to be helped). This group, none of whom had ever met one another before boarding the Jenivere, had demonstrated time and time over an unshakeable loyalty and bond so strong it did not matter than their motives may not be precisely in alignment. Corrigan made no secret he wished to extract a fortune from Savinth Ye...and that was fine. He had put his life on the line and suffered far, far more (an involuntary shudder struck as Deklan recalled some suppressed memories of the night in the cannibal tower) than any other member of their band in pursuit of their shared goal, and he deserved whatever rewards could be extracted in a respectful manner.

The most recent events in Tazion illustrated how well his group fit together. Over scores of battles they had come to act in deadly and efficient coordination, oftentimes knowing exactly what one another would do (even without the use of divination). The battle against the constructs was a team effort, but one that only could be ended through force of arms. Later that day, the leech swarm which beset Corrigan (of course) could not be dispatched by sword of club...but fire and electricity neatly handled the problem.

The battle against the constructs had illuminated one problem, however. Enchantment magic had almost ended them before and had crippled them badly in this fight. Deklan had spent years building up his resistance to such magic (even though it was a school he had avoided) but he knew that even he would be overcome by an endless series of such assaults. He had always strived to repair any weaknesses that were exploited in their combats (only recently had he come up with a set of protocols for fighting in darkness, another fight that had almost ended them) and finding a way to keep his friends safe from the enchantment magic had to be his next task. At present, he had no idea how to do so.

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The Records of Deklan Greenfellow Empty Re: The Records of Deklan Greenfellow

Post  Magyc on Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:53 pm

"At long last, through many perils and much suffering and discomfort, we have arrived at Savinth Ye. The majesty and size of the city is astounding, considering how it has remained hidden for centuries. Before we even stepped foot in the city proper, we had an encounter which demonstrated that the danger had not lessened even though we had reached our goal. Regan, demonstrating his usual curiousity, attempted to capture what he thought we "transparent ants" for later....."study". No doubt he would attempt to mix them up as ingredients for one of his concoctions. He was unable to procure them, but he did succeed in angering the ghost that was manifesting them. Judging from the rantings, it seemed like the spirit of some other explorer who found Savinth Ye as well, but made it no further than here. After some difficulty (no one made it unscathed from this encounter, but Regan and Corrigan (of course) suffered the most) we relieved the ghost of its tie to this place.

Regan pointed out a nearby tower on a hill, which seemed to be fairly defensible for a group of 4, should it come to that. We hid some of our less crucial possessions within so that we could lighten our burden as we traversed the city. Kali set up traps to provide some defense to our new base of operations while we were not there. After several days of exploring our base has remained undisturbed, either due to the traps or to its locale, it is hard to say.

We are approaching the exploration of the city in a systematic fashion so far. It did make sense to explore areas near our tower first, so we could become aware of any nearby threats. Kali pointed out various tracks of wild animals- which were expected...and tracks of ape-men...which were not unexpected but disappointing nonetheless. Our explorations did not locate any conventional "treasure"- much to Corrigan's great dismay (I hope his patience holds), but we are learning a great deal about the city and its functions. We also discovered a large tunnel which piqued my interest- it is partially caved, but with some minor spell use, applied over time, I think it could be cleared, or perhaps even a new access point created. After we have explored the surrounding area, I will propose we move to another part of the city- both to increase the likelihood of discover, and to find a new, strategically located camp that can support a contingent of the size the Pathfinders will be bringing.

The arrival of the Pathfinders will certainly speed up our exploration- we can cover so much more ground, and even have a force to remain at camp to defend, repair, and resupply while everyone is exploring. I am sure, though, that based on what I have witnessed of Pathfinder security that other interested parties will not be far behind. I joked that the signals I left for them would ensure that they would never find this place (something my companions did not appreciate) but I am glad I made them harder to decipher as I appreciate having this time to explore the city without them. I do not relish the idea of having to share authority in this expedition with a group I find alternatively careless and pompous- if well intentioned. "


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The Records of Deklan Greenfellow Empty Re: The Records of Deklan Greenfellow

Post  Magyc on Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:32 pm

"On the morning of Day 6 of exploration, I suggested we change from methodically advancing from our base to instead surveying areas where we may want to relocate our camp to, when (if?) the Pathfinders arrive. Regan suggested we move to explore the island in the center of the city, and pointed out its tactical and psychological advantages. Reaching the island itself was an undertaking, as the nearest bridge was partially collapsed. After running across a narrow portion still standing (while a huge creature was witnessed swimming in the water below) we reached an intermediate island that we decided to explore before attempting the large one in the center of the city.

While looking through one of the buildings, Kali suddenly warned us that we were being hunted. A large, bipedal dinosaur was eying us through a gap in the wall. It began emitting some kind of signal, and before we knew it, we were ambushed by these clever beasts. They attempted to encircle us and engaged, systematically probing for weaknesses. I had finally found occasion to activate my Wondrous Lions, and these creatures suddenly learned they were not the top predator on this island, as my Lions ripped into them and flung them around.

Given that it was such an undertaking to reach this island, I suggested we spend the night here and continue on to the main island in the morning. After proposing this, I truly believed Regan was about to have a breakdown at the prospect of being separated from his tools and crafting for the night. I quickly backpedaled and agreed that we could return since it was so important to him. Having to re-cover all this ground time after time will be irksome, but it is clearly not worth upsetting him to that degree. As if fate sought to immediately punish me for giving in, I almost fell over 60 feet into the water below the bridge, as I stumbled on some precarious footing. Only Kali pulling me and stabilizing me with the rope prevented a much more unpleasant outcome.

On Day 8, we returned to the intermediate island and Kali discovered a large number of tracks-from at least one creature she identified as a Boggard, and a group of humans following it. I wondered if it could be the advance force for another expedition, but it turned out that the Boggard simply had some zombies in thrall. We tracked it down and killed it and the zombies after it attacked us. It possessed several impressive magic items that we will certainly get use out of (Kali received a headband which made her...a little easier to be around). I found an extremely useful item which will allow me to cast Spectral Hand at will, supporting my newfound explorations with Necromancy. I find it is not nearly as objectionable or distasteful as some of my teachers had claimed....I now wish I had spent more time learning the fundamentals of that school, as memorizing those types of spells still remains difficult. So much can be done with those energies which channel the forces of life and unlife.....

We did find a small band of trogdolytes, which Corrigan and Kali could easily deal with....yet I still took a javelin to the shoulder in that encounter. A tad irked about how that turned out.

Day 8- No encounters....no attacks.......................no notable discoveries. Again.


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The Records of Deklan Greenfellow Empty Re: The Records of Deklan Greenfellow

Post  Magyc on Mon May 02, 2011 11:10 pm

Day 9
Continuing in the area we left off, we explored various smaller ziggurats. They were covered with many inscriptions, and many of them bore a image that we have identified as the symbol of Savinth Yhe. Unfortunately, without more context, we cannot discern much from the rest of the carvings. During our explorations today, we found more signs of activity within the city. We came upon a building that had been surrounded by a forest of wooden stakes, upon which there were dozens of Charo-Ka skulls, obviously set up as some kind of warning. We had no evidence that there was any systematic opposition to our apelike foes before this, so I was quite interested in discovering who or what had been the author of this massacre. I was able to use a divination spell to contact the spirit of Chuka, one of the slaughtered ape men. It turns out that is another group of ape-like men within the city. It seems like there was a simian civil war raging between these two groups. Though the discovery of a new, likely hostile group within the city was not good news, it was mitigated by the fact that they were at each other's throats...

Or they were at least for a time. Exploring this building, we were ambushed by 6 of this new ape faction, who had a decidedly different appearance. We killed 5 of them and drove one away. During the fight, I caused a rain of hailstones to fall upon our foes...and Corrigan, who had jumped out to engage them. Despite my call to cover his head, he still took several hard hits from the rocks. I apologized after the fight and he did not seem overly put out, but had I known what the rest of the day held in store for him, I might have taken more care where he was concerned...

We entered the building unsure of how many, if any, of these creatures remained. As it happened, there were quite a few, and they were fond of ambushes. We faced 12 more within the building, all of who were slain, but not before we witnessed Corrigan fall victim to one of the most gruesome traps I had ever seen. Trying to make his way through a set of vines that were hiding a opening in the wall, he was fully impaled by a spear, attached to a chain, attached to a winch....which proceeded to pull him into a group of the chimpanzee-men. We tried to help him as best we could, but for a time he was in great peril, as Kali had drank a potion to enlarge herself and had trouble maneuvering within the building. Regan actually ran to stand beside him as he was pulled along, and after several explosions, an entangling web, and Kali swinging weapons from the doorway she couldn't quite fit through, the threat was dispatched.

With the smell of burnt monkey and cobweb hanging in the air, we confronted the problem of the impaled Corrigan. The wands were used to heal him up before Kali took it upon herself to perform the extraction. I hope to never again hear a sound such as the one that was emitted that day.

After Corrigan had been tended to by Regan and his wonderful concoctions, he disarmed a trap in the floor. It was hear that they monkeys stored their valuables, and we found a wand and some trinkets. Corrigan still seemed somewhat dazed from his trauma and putting on the jewelry seemed to make him happy, so we decided he could have it. Kali claimed a wand which we determined had charges of "Charm Animal" within it...I assume she intends to expand her portable zoo. Generally I find these efforts charming, but she has lost control of these wild beasts more than once, and I heard her talk of her admiration of the dinosaurs we encountered. As usual, I fear for Corrigan's sake.

We had a most disturbing surprise upon return to our camp that evening. Some kind of giant creature had come THROUGH the stone wall and trampled through our gear. Much of our reserve equipment was destroyed, including my swarm suit and Regan's alchemical lab. I hated to be the one to tell him, but he managed to hold it together, though it was clearly a great blow to him. After some time Kali identified the tracks of the intruding beast as a giant crocodile, a truly massive beast. In retrospect, we were lucky we were not here when it came through the wall. Our efforts to find find a new campsite were upgraded to urgent by this event. We jury-rigged enough of the gap to provide some protection for the night, but this attack has demonstrated that our plan to find a better location was well-founded.

Day 10

We struck out to attempt to reach the ziggurat on the island at the center of the city, with all its attendant strategic advantages. We evaded a Charo-Ka patrol enroute to a bridge to the island, and proceeded across the bridge under the eye of a Charo-Ka stronghold. We then came upon a tall barrier blocking off the bridge from further access. I assumed it was the work of the Charo-Ka, and we started making plans to surmount it and deal with the forces on the other side. I placed a sensor on the other side of the barricade, and quickly discovered that the barrier was not being attended to by the ape tribe- but instead a group of 8 Serpent-Folk. I felt confident we could deal with them as we had the element of surprise, but Kali was quite hesitant about dealing with them, and I deferred to her tactical expertise. I wonder if her reticence was due was due to her earlier dealings with Illeana, but it is hard to say.

Realizing that the center island was now closes off to us, Regan suggested an alternate base location- a small island near the shore of the area we were exploring the past few days. We reached the island and found a a pentagonal building with no plant life present. I recognized this as a typical sympton of potent negative energy emanating from the tower. Given our earlier experiences in dealing with demons and the undead, we opted to give this place wide berth until we came back better equipped to deal with such hazards. During this time, Kali used the wand to acquire a large tiger that accompanied us. I clenched my teeth and fervently hoped we would not end up with an "rampaging rhino" situation.

My patience was wearing thin at this point. Savinth Yhe is in my mind ours- and we are powerful enough to claim a piece of it. We proceeded to the large ziggurat in the Southwest corner of the city. I determined that this next target would be ours, and we would forcibly displace any hostiles unfortunate enough to be occupying our space. Upon reaching the ziggurat, we found a huge sinkhole next to it, emanating the overwhelming smell of sewer. This did much to sap my resolve. Corrigan, for some reason, decided to look over the side into the hole, at which point he was promptly bitten almost in half by a gargantuan bat which crawled from the sewer.

Corrigan's brilliant maneuver to sacrifice his own body kept the bat on ground level for a few seconds, a crucial feat that turned the battle in our favor. I summoned a being of light- a lantern archon- for the first time, and directed him to provide aid to Kali in putting the creature down, and then to pull Corrigan from death's embrace. This creature was most helpful and I plan to enlist their help more often. After the bat was killed, Corrigan was again healed. I hope such constant string of dire woundings, diseases and poisonings do not take a toll on his mind-his body is scarred but whole...his mind...I'm no longer sure. He voices the suspicion that nature itself is conspiring against him. It is actually not unreasonable for one who has been through what he has undergone to feel that way, but I hope we can give him more than few days free from dire trauma in order to give him back a sense of security.

As expected, the tiger turned on Kali.

Day 11

Kali befriended the tiger again after it took a big chunk out of her (she insisted we not intervene). I eagerly await the excitement that a large angry cat rampaging through camp will bring. I hope it does not try to eat Corrigan.

We are taking some time to rest up on craft some new equipment. Our temporary camp leaves much to be desired.

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The Records of Deklan Greenfellow Empty Re: The Records of Deklan Greenfellow

Post  Magyc on Mon May 09, 2011 11:31 pm

Day 12
Ended up resting the full day of the 11th. I think it was good for Corrigan to have one day free from grievous injury.

Day 13
Resumed exploring today. During our building by building search, we came across evidence of what I had most fervently hoped against and had tried most diligently to avoid: The presence of one of the outside groups that had been after the location of Savinth Yhe. We discovered their presence not through tracks or wreckage left behind by their uncouth activites, but instead through a hail of arrows. Without warning or notice they attempted to assassinate us within our own city! The audacity of it infuriated me and this anger was heightened by the fact they almost succeeded.

With advance warning of the incoming arrows provided by Kali, I was able to provide her with some protection against the arrows our foes were employing as she charged out at them. Our ambushers had taken up position on nearby rooftops and this did present an obstacle to her, as she had to climb up to engage them while they fired upon her. Fortunately my shielding held and she only took some minor damage- though I found out later that had been enough to introduce their vile toxins into her.

I had planned to aid Corrigan in some fashion as well, but as is all too typical, he was out of my range charging as well...it seems he is never nearby when I attempt to magically aid him, but is usually in range of offensive spells like stone rain. I think I may have an idea on how to deal with that in the near future....but for now I just had to watch him run out without cover while under fire. He took a few arrows as well, and also started climbing the side of the building that Kali was attempting to ascend.

Seconds after Corrigan charged out, Regan followed him. I watched him loft a bomb and set one of our ambushers on fire-his aim with those vials is incredible. I moved to the doorway and prepared to cast to assist Kalie and Corrigan, when suddenly an assassin swung down from the roof and virtually impaled me with two blades. As I staggered back, I almost immediately recognized that they had been coated in poison. I managed to almost instinctively pull out my wand of Web and throw a web across the door and on him- except he managed to avoid it. Only 5 feet of web stood between us, and I could tell from the way he moved that this would be no obstacle to him. None of the others knew what was happening here- everyone else was engaged in their own fight for survival. It was just myself in the building...and Squee, Kali's pet monkey. Despite his enthusiasm in waving his tiny dagger menacingly at the assassin, I thought we were in serious trouble....

And then, the next sight I witnessed was the assassin fighting for his life as Kali's pet tiger pounced on him from his blindside! The tiger, who had shown little interest in anything thus far and and had not even gone with Kali when she charged, was now biting and clawing our attacker, and even more importantly, holding him still. A few seconds was all I needed to bring my spectral hand around and deliver a shock that left our attacker a smoldering corpse. As I ran out to assist my comrades, I had to resist the impulse to give the cat a pat on the back. I figured he would feel reward enough as he pulled the corpse around the corner out of sight.

I ran out to provide what assistance I could, feeling the poison tearing my insides apart. As bad as I felt, Corrigan and Kali looked worse, and both were isolated on top of the building with our foes. Somehow they managed to dispatch both of the red-mask assassins (a smoldering heap on the last building marked Regan's handiwork) and they appeared near death- Corrigan actually collapsed on top of the roof, and my heart was in my throat as I watched Regan loft him one of his healing potions. Luck was with us and Corrigan caught it and was spared from death yet again, yet the three of us still had a painful recovery from the vile toxins ahead. It was quite touching to watch Kali so delicately support the stricken Corrigan in her massive arms as we finally assembled together again. Regan collected some of the posion from the weapons near the corpses, and I eagerly await witnessing him returning the favor to their brethren later on. Perhaps he can even modify it in case they have built up immunities to their own brew.

We collected our trophies-various weapons, some blood, some skin, even stripped out the portions of their wardrobe that were not burned beyond repair (their red armor was magical, so we have 4 complete sets, one for each of us...just in case). Kali identified them as Red Mantis assassins. At the time I thought it was possible they were our counterparts, but I had to make sure. After we limped back to our makeshift campsite (where we had been robbed by something that left no tracks Kali could find), I used the skin parchment to force our foe to reveal his secrets to us. By forcing him to tell us where he knew valuables to be, I hoped to discern the location of his camp, if it existed. His skin revealed a few sources of valuables to the North West, near where our first camp had been. Regan set out to look over the area from high in the air, after enduring several minutes of admonitions from Kali to exercise caution. I barely suppressed a smile as I watch our massive half orc fret over our frail but determined alchemist.

Regan left to scout the area and returned shortly after with great news, given the events of the day. The Pathfinders had finally arrived! He had spoke with them and made plans to meet the next day, after warning them of a possible Red Mantis encampment not too far from where they settled. As good as it is to have a large number of allies, I have to wonder if their arrival enabled the Red Mantis to discover this place as well, which is exactly what I feared all along.

We met up with the Pathfinders the next morning. They had made the journey slowly but with few to no casualties- we had been very effective "blazers", apparently. We consulted with Amivor Glower about how camp operations were to be run, and met up with our old friend Gelic, as bitingly sarcastic as ever, but clearly excited by the opportunities before us. Before we decamped to our new base (the South-Western ziggurat) I used one of my newest spells to assess our competition. I was able to spy upon the Red Mantis from afar without being detected (as far as I could tell). They had heavily fortified their camp, and were at about one hundred strong with more than a few robed figures, practitioners of arcane or divine magic, I was not sure. The camp also had strong religious overtones as they had already assembled a shrine to their god, a rather hideous mantis beast that I am sure is dedicated to death, hatred, torture, or any number of nasty phenomena. I remain unimpressed. I did witness a striking redhead giving orders, the highest figure in the camp as far as I could tell. I wonder what her skin could tell me?

I shared all this intelligence with my comrades and the Pathfinders, making sure they knew what to watch out for as they traversed the city. We then set out for ziggurat we had claimed. In consultation with Regan, I used my newly created wand hollow out the area below the massive stone slab, enough to grant us access. The Pathfinders began setting up defensive fortifications around the ziggurat as we went in to explore. The structure was surprisingly devoid of hostile creatures and traps. In a large spherical room in the center Regan found some clues regarding the purpose of the ziggurat- it was dedicated to wealth. Having announced that part aloud, Corrigan got fairly excited. Unfortunately it took Regan and I several more minutes to fully decipher the writings, at which point we had to tell Corrigan that the writings did not refer to this place... It hurt to see the look upon his face, as if the physical torture was not enough, to subject him to this kind of mental teasing was simply unconscionable. Perhaps Regan can deliver the bad news in the future, he barely seemed to notice. I tried to reassure Corrigan that such riches probably remained somewhere in the city.

Day 14
We spent our first full day exploring the city with the Pathfinders guarding our campsite. It is a relief to know where have somewhere to fall back to in case things should go badly during our search, and to know someone is watching over what we left behind. Having the Pathfinders send out parallel expeditions as well has greatly increased our information gathering, and that day we pieced together a discovery. We found that the location of the Savinth Yhe treasure vaults was the isolated island we had already been to, and we only had to run a gauntlet of their deadliest traps and confront the dark undead guardians in order to claim it! We go in tomorrow, and Corrigan cannot wait.


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The Records of Deklan Greenfellow Empty Re: The Records of Deklan Greenfellow

Post  Magyc on Tue May 17, 2011 3:37 pm

Day 15

Having the Pathfinders finally arrive has paid off in another way. They are setting up a supply chain that will allow us to place orders for needed equipment, and we can use their couriers to procure these things. I had Regan give them a substantial sum so they can return with a variety of rare spell components for spells I have known for quite some time, but never had the reagents to use. The expense is fairly large, but our mithril bounty from Tazion was vast and these magics will greatly benefit the party.

We did enter the pentagonal building on the island today. Mindful of the negative energies emanating from within, we exercised great caution in exploring it. Corrigan constantly searched for traps and I tried to be aware of undead. Despite our care, we were still ambushed by four shadows which nearly removed Corrigan's entire life force, and severely weakened Kali. This forced us to cut our explorations short for the day.

Day 16
We returned, rested and mostly recovered. As we explored the building it was obvious that some powerful force had preceded us (by years, not days) and wiped out most of the defenses that were alluded to in the description of this "vault". We saw force fields frozen and shattered, defenders disintegrated, and various kinds of explosions. Everything of substantive value appeared to have been cleaned out. There were some very interesting "exhibits" still remaining (a large sphere which reflected a floral display from the Fey world) and it will be interesting to see if anything can be gleaned from them other then a sense of aesthetic appreciation. We did find one one door in the lower level that was trapped by powerful magic. I sent an Earth elemental in to open the door while we remained at a distance- the magic obliterated him instantly, but it did provide us with a short window to enter the room before it reset. As Corrigan attempted to open the lock, a monstrous golem detached itself from the corridor wall and attacked. It very nearly killed Kali's snake before it succumbed, largely due to Regan's bombs. Inside the chamber, we found 2 exquisite paintings and crown. I believe Corrigan wished to don it immediately but I declared we should discern its magical properties beforehand. I ended up carrying out one of the paintings so Kali could keep her hands free and remain watchful.

Day 17
Found out that the crown has a Minor Crown of Blasting. Presented it to Corrigan and jokingly told him this meant he was "King of the City". He took it a bit more seriously than I had intended. Believe the he has yet to fully recover from the latest near death experience. We resumed our grid by grid exploration of the city today.

Day 18
Exploration continued. We noted at the city used to continue past what was now the water's edge on the city's interior lake. I sent out Water Elemental down to scout and it reported that there were indeed buildings down there. I will have to check with some of the Pathfinders about purchasing a spell which will aid our underwater exploration. We decide to leave that area for now, and focus on the areas where we want to beat the Red Mantis to. Speaking of which- have not seen any since our first encounter, and no Pathfinders report contact either. I find that somewhat surprising.

Day 19
During our exploration we came across the corpse of a giant rhino. It had been gnawed upon and Kali determined it had acid burns. Whether it fell prey to something else or only to a scavenger was uncertain.

Day 20
Exploration continued and our streak of discoveries also continued. Our nightly consultations among ourselves and the other Pathfinder exploratory groups continue to reveal revelations about Savinth Yhe nightly. We learned that Saventh Yhe was also known as "The City of Seven Spears" and that each of the massive ziggurats was constructed around one of these monoliths. It appears we settled upon the "merchant" monolith.


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Post  Magyc on Tue May 24, 2011 1:21 pm

Day 21

Pathfinder scouts reported today that a new player entered the city. The Aspis Consortium has set up camp in the the Northwest corner of the city- ironically quite close to the current Mantis location. I sent my spying eye in to assess their strengths. They had 200-300 mercenaries- so many I could not get an accurate count from the perspective accorded by my eye. They had few to no casters except for their leader, who I could discern wielded arcane power. They had a robust assortment of merchants and traders accompanying them, no doubt they will have strong supply lines as well.

Our explorations this day uncovered a series of prisms hanging from poles, lining a street. They are stunning works of art, when sun shone through them each projected a different story onto the ground detailing the lives and works of an Azlanti artist. After making sure the area was clear (as much as we can in a dynamic city such as this) we relayed the location to some Pathfinder scribes so these stories could be recorded. Corrigan was of the opinion that we should take and secure the crystals ourselves. He was significantly less interested in such a laborious task after I reminded him that historians as a rule do not have a lot of money. I suppose it is possible that if one of the other factions begans to loot anything of value from the city we may want to secure things such as these, but I will leave that decision to the Pathfinder leadership.

Day 22

Regan finished the Blessed Book today! This is a tremendously useful tome that should meet my spell storing needs for a long time. Several spells that I was in possession of but lacked room to scribe can now be added to the arsenal. Another particularly useful feature is that the book does not require the expensive inscribing materials- we have been been rapidly depleting our treasury as of late and making sure we have sufficient resources to meet our needs in the future is vital. When I placed an order with the Pathfinders for spell components they did make me pay full price for those supplies. Once again choosing to go with faction with the lowest available resources comes back to haunt us....

They did manage to repulse an attack on the camp today while we were gone (never did get the details) so I suppose I cannot be too critical.

Day 23

The Pathfinder's supply chain came through! Despite their numerous flaws, they do know how to organize and supply an expedition. They procured every piece of my order and delivered exactly on time. My new spell components will allow me to provide enhanced protective spells, new offensive capabilities, and much improved intelligence gathering.

We decided to move south with our exploration today and enroute, we passed an partially collapsed tower. Kalie took a look inside and discovered it was the lair of a chimera-with a black dragon head. Being semi-intelligent beings, we thought it might harbor some resources we could put to use, and being so near to the camp marked it for elimination regardless. Given the rare occurrence of having preparation time before a fight, I used my protection spells to ward Kali against acid and armor Corrigan with stoneskin. I then stood behind the group as I waited for this simple extermination to occur.

I don't remember much about what happened after this, as I believe I went into a stupor. Perhaps the last coherent memory I retained was the Chimera burst out flying past Kali and Corrigan diving to the right. Next, a brief sensation of intense pain, then blindness, then everything seemed to slow down. I heard one of Reegan's bombs and Kali yelling, then something pushed me (later found out the chimera had raked me across the torso). I was able to focus through the shock and summoned an air elemental to pull me to the shore a few dozen yards away (some parts of my body burned violently, however the areas where I had taken the acid blast head on did not hurt at all....) The next thing I recall was having Reegan assist me in drinking several of his concoctions. I am now alive and show no scars, and have internalized a series of valuable lessons from this encounter, perhaps the most important being that standing behind Corrigan is very different than standing behind Kali. (Reegan later confirmed this.)

We continued on after resting a bit. As we were moving through the city Kali suddenly stopped and informed us we were being followed. She then issued a challenge to the being stalking us to come forward. A half orc then presented himself. After discerning that he had no immediate hostile intentions, we talked with him and he provided much valuable information about the city. It seems he has been living here for some time after the rest of his brethren were killed in a battle. He had reached a "live and let live" understanding with the Serpent Folk in the city center, and said we could probably come to the same arrangement (I highly doubt the latter). Apparently every part of the city is under the sway of one deity or another, each possessing unimaginable power and zealous followers. I tried my utmost not to roll my eyes at his stories. I took careful notes of his claims, in the hopes that some useful information might be scattered in his ramblings about various deities and other such trifles. Kali made sure we knew how to contact him again, but I doubt he can provide us with much concrete information. However, he has lived here quite awhile, and he may be able to point us to places and routes around the city we would not have otherwise found- particularly to that center isle.

This night I attempted to use my new scrying mirror for the first time. I chose a target I knew well-Jask, who we last knew to be heading out with the Sargovian government expedition. My scrying proved successful and I recognized the area where his expedition currently was- about six days from Savinth Yhe. I intend to pay a call upon that expedition when they arrive in order to secure an non-aggression pact, mutual aid agreement, or even an alliance. We need all the friends we can get, as our enemies grow by the day.

Day 24

I was able to identify the items we had found in the Chimeras' lair. We found a wand of Daze Monster (given to Kali), Gloves of Arrow Snaring, and another Handy Haversack. Hopefully we find something to put in it. Did not have time to examine the spell book we found, as the others were anxious to head out after waiting for the identification. We did make some progress exploring today, the details of which I had the Pathfinder scribes record.

Day 25

Amazing day today. We were exploring and had to cross a small river that ran through the city. Reegan began levitating us across as is our standard procedure for crossing bodies of water. Kali called for her tiger to swim across once Reegan had lifted her over. As the tiger neared the midpoint of of the stream, an absolutely monstrous dire crocodile erupted from the water and grabbed the cat. We barely had a chance to act before it began taking the tiger into a death roll. I sorely wanted to save that beast, for Kali's sake (as she had put a tremendous amount of work into training it) as well the fact that it had saved my life a few days earlier. I was able to slow the crocodile, but there was so little we could do from shore. The tiger was gone and the croc then attempted to charge Corrigan and I- luckily it was moving much slower than I. Then, suddenly, it was pacified! Reegan had transported Kali over to us and she had charmed the beast!

Now, normally Kali would insist that it accompany us until the charm wore off and it could catch us unawares. However I think she was somewhat angry about what happened to her cat, and when the suggestion was made (don't recall who came up with idea) to send the crocodile into another factions encampment, she readily agreed. Reegan and I locked eyes and suddenly realized that with our combined abilities we could make this crocodile far, far deadlier than it already was. After deciding upon our target (the Red Mantis- the group that had ambushed us a few days earlier) we set about our task. We healed the temporarily docile croc of the damage that had been inflicted upon it and added the magical enhancements of Stone Skin, Protection from Fire, Cat's Grace, and Invisibility. For good measure Reegan give it the gift of flight, which it took to surprisingly well. Kali then sent it off to the Red Mantis camp, and I followed and narrrated what occurred next with my Arcane Eye. The croc caused massive damage to their camp- it ripped through fortifications wholesale, and massacred well over a dozen various Red Mantis agents before a concerted opposition arose to take the beast down. I described the event in detail to the rest of the group as it occurred, and hearing about the massacre that took place upon those who attempted to murder us had everyone in a fine mood the rest of the day. Due to our activities of this day we did not manage to accomplish much exploring, but the morale boost was well worth it.

Day 26

We spent the day resting and helping the Pathfinders rebuild camp after the attacks it had repulsed had begun to take on toll the physical defenses. Watching the Mantis camp be torn apart reinforced how important it was to protect our camp. Reegan also spent some time on his work and at the end of the day he presented Kali with a gift, a belt that made her even stronger! Needless to say we did not make any advancements in exploration today.

Day 27

We were woken in camp by screaming. Suddenly it was as if we were back in the wild with Corrigan. This time, however, it was some unfortunate Pathfinders. The camp was being assaulted in 3 different locations by what appeared to be a giant bird, which I could quickly tell was a magical beast. As a group we assaulted one without assistance, and quickly found that the creature possessed a mesmerizing effect with its plumage, leaving Kali, Corrigan, and Reegan standing next to it in a stupor. The beast was quite powerful and I summoned a pair of air elementals to keep its attention and give the three of them a chance to come to their senses. I finally had occasion to don the smoked goggles I had been wearing on my head since Kalibuto, making it very difficult for the creature's hypnotic display to have any effect on me. Unfortunately it also made it hard for me to spot the creature, and I missed twice in a row with Empowered Shocking Grasps. Given that I had shrugged off the first mental assault (before I had donned the goggles) without difficulty, I must acknowledge that sometimes, perhaps, (it may be possible) that I am too smart for my own good. My plan did not fail entirely though- the elementals did occupy the creature long enough for the others to come round and kill it. We found that the Pathfinders had rallied and killed or driven off the rest of the birds.

I decided it was time to test how good the Pathfinder procurement system actually is. I asked the couriers to see if they or their contacts could find and purchase some advanced spells. I know of a few that would improve our ability to work as a group and enhance our exploration efforts, but they are relatively hard to find. I sincerely hope they will continue to impress me.

Day 28

The Pathfinders have discovered the arrival of a new faction, the Free Captains/Pirates. This is one of the smallest groups (of course, still larger than the Pathfinder contigent) at about 100 strong. My standard surveillance revealed their leader and the fact that they had few to no casters with their entourage. Their interest in the city seems quite straightforward- it may be possible to come to a non-violent accord with them, if we are very careful.

During the exploration of the southern portion of the city today Kali again realized we were being followed. She challenged our shadowers to come forward and they did so without entering into violence, although they were quite wary. I put forth my best oratory to assauge their concerns and it appeared to have worked-they took us to their leader-Shaman. Upon meeting him I essentially repeated my earlier oratory, although having time to refine I added more deference and ornate language to the appeal. Apparently we impressed him, as we are continuing to work our way up the tribe and are now going to be taken to meet the "Radiant Muse" who I hope is the top authority of this very hierarchical tribe. The shaman says she will "give us permission to stay, go, or die." I hope I can be persuasive enough so that her choice is one of the first two. The shaman, apparently being in a helpful mood, told us she has a love of art, particularly sculpture. We asked Reegan if he was capable of sculpting, but he had never tried that, considering it a non-utilitarian pursuit. I suppose we could try to sculpt something, but somehow I doubt the muse will be impressed by an irregularly shaped clay bowl. We shall see.

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Post  Magyc on Tue May 31, 2011 3:16 pm

Day 28 (cont.)

We were then taken to see the Muse. She was a singular creature, with the lower half of her body that of a large serpent, and the upper half that of an elf, with flaming red hair. Kali was quite impressed...or smitten, it was hard to tell. We later learned from Osna that she was a creature who had been here for a long time, (as old as the city - she does not age or die) and that this tribe was devoted to her. We addressed her, and I again gave an eloquent speech stressing the virtue and selflessness of the Pathfinders, and contrasting it with the base and craven goals of the other groups rampaging through the city. I am not sure whether it was her unsettling gaze, or the rhythmic undulation of the lower half of her body, but my delivery was off and I was not nearly as convincing as I had been when I had talked to her subordinates.

She then replied, in so many words, that we had to demonstrate our artistic competence if we wished to explore her section of Savinth Yhe. We had been warned of this, but her challenge was at first directed at me, which I did not expect. I requested some time in order to come up with a suitable performance, but she insisted that art does not need preparation...a stance i do not agree with, but I was not in a position to argue with her. I chose to regale her with a dramatic story, choosing the incident where we rescued 3 young women from a flash flood. I reasoned it had all the elements of an epic story- innocent victims, heroes putting themselves at risk, and a dire situation. However again I was distracted and found myself choosing the wrong words, putting a few pauses in the wrong place, and turning in a subpar performance. To her credit she waited until I finished before dismissing my performance as "not art." A rather harsh critic, but I know I could have prepared a suitable epic story with time.

She turned to Corrigan and asked him for his performance. Although I know he obviously had not prepared either, he gave an excellent accounting with a vigorous and enthusiastic dance. Which she again immediately dismissed as soon as he had finished. Harsh. The challenge moved to Kali next, and she told the Muse that she had little in the way of artistic talents, but her talents lie with the sword. The Muse reassured her that could be a form of art as well. Kali then conducted an elaborate display of swordplay and demonstrated great and skillful command of her weapons. The Muse then judged her performance as promising...but it did not meet her standards.

Our last chance was Reegan, who chose to demonstrate his skill with calligraphy. He was somewhat nervous as he was our last chance to meet the Muse's challenge, and as Corrigan and Kali held the scroll for him he began. I tried to keep a stoic visage as his quill repeatedly tore through the paper (his hands were shaking) but it was evident before he even finished that we were going to completely fail her challenge.

She then informed us that although we were clearly not artists, we might prove worth our worth by performing a task for them. She told us of a large ape-like creature that came in the night and killed, captured, and infected members of their tribe. To prove ourselves worthy, we had to end the threat of the beast. When Kali asked questions to gain additional information, we were told that hunting the creature and finding those answers would be part of our challenge. She then departed, and we were escorted out by Osna.

We were able to find some additional information from him, however. This beast would come in the night. It was large, savage, and extremely fast, and it left disease in its wake. He took us to a tent of victims stricken by disease, and Kali recognized it as the plague. We did not do further examination at that point.

We requested to be taken to the site of the last attack by the beast. Kali was able to pick up a trail (I saw nothing at all- she is an extremely competent tracker) and we followed it out of the tribe's territory into what we had learned was Boggart territory- and that is exactly who confronted us. I tried to talk our way out of fight, but they ultimately did not believe my claim that we could hunt and kill this beast (which was also troubling them). To be honest, I think it was best I did not succeed in that attempt, for they could always change their minds and have come back after us with a much larger group. This encounter also gave me a chance to try out one of my newest translated spells. Using the scale I had obtained from the Chimera, I was able to breath acidic Dragon's Breath upon a most of our assailants. I had firsthand experience of what it felt like, but it was an intoxicating feeling to watch an entire group of Boggarts fall in agony before me.

Eventually we were able to track the beast to an old guardhouse. I sent my sensors into the building to see who or what was inside, and I was able to find the beast...sleeping on the second floor in several feet of earth, which it had apparently moved up there. It had a half ape/half human head, a elongated neck, and a massive apelike body. Its hands sported long claws. I recognized the signs of vampirism in it as well, and was able to identify it as a Vrykolakas. We decided that taking on the beast in the day, while it was sleeping, was preferred. I provided Kali and Corrigan some protective spells as they, along with Kali's snake, were going to go up first. Reegan would follow to toss bombs from the stairway (I knew it was vulnerable to fire), and I would be at the bottom of the stairway to make sure it did not get away (I planned to use my lions to that end). From what I was told of the battle, Kali nearly tore it apart with her first strike, and although it did do some damage (Corrigan caught the plague) it was quickly dispatched.

We returned back to the tribe with the head and body (the lions dragged that most of the way). Osand was duly impressed and took us to see the Muse, where we presented the head. She declared that we had proven ourselves worthy of exploring her district, and will now call use allies. We paid our deep respects to her and issued thanks, and she departed, telling us Osand would fill us in on the details.

There was only one area where we were not permitted to go- the area where the Muse keeps her pet basilisks! (Perhaps my goggles are not so useless after all!) Since they are very deadly and we would risk our status as allies if we killed one, it does appear we should give that area a wide berth. Osand also told us that although his tribe nominally controls this area, there are incursions by other forces, both organized (like the Boggarts) and unorganized (such as the many undead denizens of Savinth Yhe) that still warrant caution when exploring. We thanked him, and we even demonstrated our commitment as allies, when Reegan was able to cure two of their plague victims with the extracts he had left over from treating Corrigan and Kali.

It was getting late and we decided to spend the night in their district under protection. Reegan was mildly upset at being separated from his tools, so we will we return back to camp the next day, and let the Pathfinders know that we have secured the permission of the ruling authorities of the artisan district of Savinth Yhe to explore their holdings.


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Post  Magyc on Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:50 pm

Day 29

This morning Reegan flew back to the Pathfinder camp and put in our order for specific supplies- he needed items for crafting, I asked if they could locate several spells that would be useful for exploration and combat. Apparently it will take over 2 weeks... I suppose it could be worse. Kali has mastered the techniques of the Blood map and she put in a request for several vials of the special inks needed to create them. We began exploring the artisan district and made a discovery. We found out later that the Pathfinder camp was attacked this night by 4 dire apes, sustaining some damage. Kali was disappointed she missed the chance to acquire a new pet. Reegan seems to be happier and more energetic than he has for some time.

Day 30

While exploring a set of golden pillars and a large statue, we were assaulted by a very large swarm of snakes. They were very difficult to deal with and it largely fell to Reegan to blow them apart with his concoctions. Reegan, Kali, and myself were all bit by multiple snakes (Corrigan had immediately scooted up a pillar, where he alternately rained down curses on the snakes and advice to us). Kali had to carry Reegan and I over her shoulder to get us out of the swarm, which although somewhat undignified, was better than dying. To add to the distaste I attempted to summon a swarm of rats to fight the swarm of snakes, and the result was quite sickening.

Days 31-32

Thankfully no encounters with hostiles during these 2 days, and we were able to shake off the snake toxins eventually. Exploration was productive, and Reegan has been able to produce enhanced equipment for us at a faster rate than before, which certainly improves his overall mood.

Day 33

We experienced another Red Mantis ambush. Our experience with them before has definitely taught us some lessons on dealing with these cowards, we dispatched them much for efficiently this time. Kali and Corrigan once again charged the buildings they were on, and killed the archer/agents. They had 2 priests with them as well, who also died quickly despite getting off a sonic spell that deafened Corrigan. We are accumulating a nice collection of Mantis armor which may prove useful in certain situations.

Day 34

Another quiet day, with some additional discoveries in the artisan district.

Day 35

As we began our explorations for the day we were approached by one the tribesman. He gave us some information about events happening in the district next door- apparently the Boggart territory is experiencing incursions by "lizard men" (trogoldytes?), who are searching for something presumably related to their religion. We debated about whether to investigate further, but decided to spend this day continuing to explore the district.


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Post  Magyc on Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:03 pm

Day 36

We opted to enter Boggard territory with the reasoning that it would be worthwhile to determine what the trogodolytes were after and acquire or destroy it before they succeeded in their search. We deliberated over various approaches we would use in to explore the Boggard's area- aggression, diplomacy, stealth, (which was dismissed as an option when Kali declared "I would prefer not to dress up as a Boggard."). We decided we would try talking before combat with these creatures yet again. As we explored the first segment of the Boggard-held lands, we were attacked not by Boggards, but by 5 Pteradons, swooping down and encircling us. I took a nasty bite in the side before we drove them off, killing 4. We found little of interest today, both for our short term goal of finding information regarding the trogodolytes and long term goal of city exploration.

We bedded down this night in what so far had been a very quiet and safe building in the center of the Mwangi tribes territory. Corrigan, Kali, and myself (sleeping next to her snake, which is surprisingly amenable to this state of affairs) were sleeping in one room, while Reegan was in another room "keeping watch" and working on his projects, as he done rather obsessively ever since we began bedding down in this district. I was woken by a shout from Kali, and I opened my eyes to witness the Vrokolukas, the one we had beheaded and burned, very much alive and towering over her. I almost reflexively cast protection from evil as soon as I could, and the battle raged. This fight did not go as smoothly as the first time we had encountered it, but we were all standing in the end once again. Reegan now believes that the Vrokolukas is actually a spirit which takes over animals and "mutates" them into the creature we saw before us. He thinks it takes at least a day for this transformation to take place, and we decide we would deal with the problem permanently in morning's light.

Day 37

We returned to the building where the creature had set up its earthen lair. It had indeed returned there, having taken over another animal (a cat?) and was transforming back into the massive beast we had dispatched twice. Reegan believed that killing it now, before it fully changed, would permanently end this threat. With a few bombs he burned the creature up once again. I was skeptical that this would be the end of it, but attempting to scry for it later proved fruitless, and after a few days passed I believed that Reegan did indeed succeed in permanently destroying this vile diseased thing. We spent the rest of the day continuing to explore Boggard territory, since we were already there for the morning's mission.

Day 38

Explored the peninsula to the north of the body of water in Boggard territory. I proposed that we move to explore the island that was highlighted in my treasure map, but Kali was adamant that course of action was too dangerous at this time.

Day 39
We have come believe this district was devoted to farming and herding and similar activities. We finally encountered a Boggard patrol (5 of them). I wanted no misunderstandings and clear communication, so I cast a language spell. This was a diplomatic error on my part, as they took my gestures to mean that violent action was about to ensue. Generally this is a reasonable assumption, but I underestimated the Boggards intelligence. I fatigued one of them so we could talk to him (I feared they would flee) but my companions slew them all before they even attempted to run. I doubted that we would be able to speak with future Boggard patrols at this point, but since no one had escaped, and they Boggards were under systematic attack from another force, we may have plausible deniability.

I was proven correct in this when we soon encountered the Boggard chieftain. I was able to communicate with him and assuage his suspicions about our intentions. I proclaimed to him that we were only interested in finding out what the "lizard men" were after and keeping it from them. I apparently was convincing, as he agreed to let us pass unharmed through his territory under two conditions- first, that we take nothing from the Boggard's area. Second, that we would either have to kill the lizard's god or find "Aghimo", who we determined to be their Shaman/Witch Doctor, who we had dispatched quite efficiently many days earlier. I put up a show of negotiation, telling the chief we were interested in killing the lizards and taking what they were after "which has no value to you." He would not budge on his terms, and at this point Corrigan at this point assisted in our negotiations at this point and "agreed" to these demands.

We resumed searching near the ziggurat deep in Boggard territory, and a few hours later we were confronted by this very same chief, now accompanied by 10 armed Boggards. I had feared this, letting our presence be known and then to be ambushed by the treacherous frogs. That was not quite what was happening, however. The chieftain felt we were not living up to the terms of our agreement. I argued that we were searching for Aghimo, and he quite reasonably and angrily replied that if he was *here* they would have found him. I attempted to confuse this savage by saying Aghimo may have been spirited away to another plane from this spot, but he was too simple and could not understand my argument, which duly failed. After quickly and surreptitiously consulting with my colleagues, I haughtily agreed to move on, while informing him that he was hampering our search. He seemed quite pleased with himself that we had given in to his orders. I do believe that this actually makes us somewhat safer, as if he believes we were cowed by 11 Boggards, we cannot be much of a threat to him. Indeed, over the course of this day we were spotted by ignored by Boggard patrols as we made a show of searching other areas.

Day 40

Reegan and I flew over to the Pathfinder camp to verify that the Goverment expedition had finally arrived. They had, and had been in Saventh Yhe for six days. As I had planned for some time, I asked Amivor for permission to negotiate with the faction, and I stressed that it would make good sense for us to have another set of friendly faces within the city (in addition to the natives) and that I believed we could make it happen. He was skeptical, but agreed to allowing me to propose everything short of mutual defense treaty.

The four of us then made our way to the Government's camp. When challenged, we dropped Jask's name, and he was summoned to vouch for us. He was in good spirits and the reunion was pleasant. I told him that while seeing him again was reason enough to stop by, we also had a proposal for a mutual assistance agreement. He was uncertain as to whether it would be palatable to his expedition leader, but he agreed to let me attempt to present it. Corrigan and Kali decided to wait outside the camp (Kali still being very displeased by what we have learned about the government in Eledor) and Reegan and I went in to make the case to General Rotilus Havaler. After Jask explained who we were and vouched for our trustworthiness, I explained that I was speaking for the Pathfinders. I offered, without condition, the information we had gathered about the other competing factions that had arrived here, as well as the native groups that predated even our arrival. I proposed a non-aggression pact, a mutual aid pact limited to humanitarian aid, and the exchange of intelligence regarding the activities of the other factions, including the Serpent Folk and the Charo-Ka (who the Government were actively engaged in combat with). The General was seasoned and gruff, but readily agreed to the proposal. We were provided with hospitality while the papers formalizing this arrangement were drawn up. Reegan and I signed them, and they were to be delivered to the Pathfinders by an envoy. It is reassuring to have another ally in this deadly city.


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Post  Magyc on Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:17 pm

Day 41

Amivor informed us this morning that over the past 3 days, 5 Pathfinders who had been on sentinel duty had gone missing. Kali looked over the territory they had been patrolling, and she surmised that they had been abducted and carried away, as there were humanoid footprints leading away and no blood on in the area. Kali did her best to track the most recent abduction, and the very faint footprints led right up to the water. Theorizing that the abductors took a boat across water, we set out following the shore to reach the other size of the inlet.

As Kali was attempting to pick up the tracks, she suddenly stood up and quietly announced that we were being watched, and pointed out some dinosaurs, similar to the ones that attacked us within the city a few weeks earlier, were keeping watch on us. She was unsure whether they would assault us, so we closed ranks and headed on. This proved unsuccessful at dissuading them however, as a few hundreds yards down the shore, she realized they had set up an ambush for us. We were prepared however, and were not suprised. I produced my figurines and summoned my magnificent lions...only to watch one of them be torn to shreds almost immediately. The raptors were vicious and extremely fast predators, and the fight was much more dangerous than I had expected. In the end, we fought them off. Kali had managed to charm 3 of them with her wand, and insisted we take them along with us. The three brutes, whose brethren had only moments earlier torn my lions to pieces in seconds, walked only yards behind us as we continued on. I remained very close to the snake.

After examining the entire shoreline we were unable to pick up any trail, and we headed back. Upon returning to the Pathfinder base campI asked Amivor to provide me with some clothing of one the abductees, as well as a detailed description. I used my scrying mirror, and was able to locate the Pathfinder who was described. I found that the 5 Pathfinders were alive and intact, sitting around a camp in the jungle. No other beings were present. Kali suspected they had been abducted by one of the other groups that had arrived at the city, and upon her insistence I scryed the areas of jungle surrounding the Aspis and Red Mantis camp, but could find nothing. Kali and I will attempt some magical means to unravel the rest of this mystery tomorrow.

Day 42

Kali was set to release the raptors from their charm and attempt to befriend them. Remembering the incident with the rhino (among others) I suggested we exercise some caution and put two of the three in a pit, so that at worse, we would have one extremely fast, angry dinosaur rampaging around. She was amenable to this, so I used my wand of Dig to produce two large pits for the raptors that were waiting their turn. She performed her rituals and announced that she had befriended one of them, but had failed with the other two. She offered to let me execute them to obtain revenge for what happened to my lions, and I rebuked her a little more strongly than I had intended. She took offense (I believe I may have unintentionally called her barbaric) and it took the better part of the day before we moved past the incident. She ended up putting the two raptors down herself.

She also performed a spell that let her see what the abductors looked like. Unfortunately, they were covered in armor with a hood over the faces. Though she could not identify them, she did note they had pale skin, black eyes with pupils only, and carried two short swords.

I performed my own spell using the materials Amivor provided and we were able to find the five Pathfinders, due south of Boggart territory in the jungle. We intended to take them out without harming them. Theorizing that they were under some kind of evil enchantment, I cast magic circle upon Corrigan before he made his way into the camp. As he got within range, it was apparent the spell had no effect. He then began silently capturing and immobilizing the Pathfinders one by one, and was quite successful at his first two. Then Kali went down to assist him, and she subdued her targeted Pathfinder by clobbering him on the head. With three of their number suddenly missing, the remaining wo were alerted and turned invisible. This was not a problem for me after a quick spell, and I called out their positions to the others, and used Glitterdust to blind one. The other one cast scorching ray and burned Kali, the only offense they managed to put up (no wonder they were captured so easily.) Kali and her snake both charged into the dust and shrugged it off.

We lined up our captives and interrogated them (gently). Despite intense questioning and several appeals to logic by Corrigan, they would not shake from the story that they had simply come down to explore this area unprompted, and would invent any justification necessary to that end. They were not intentionally misleading, but it was obvious they were under some kind of enchantment or compulsion. We made them promise not to resist as we took them back to the Pathfinder camp so they could "explain their actions" to their superiors.

After taking them back to camp, we informed Amivor about what was happening and he put the 5 fugitives under guard until the enchantment wore off. I attempted to break the enchantment 6 times over two days, but had absolutely no success, leading me to believe it was placed by a fairly powerful wizard. Concerned about additional abductions, I asked Amivor to introduce me to the entire Pathfinder contingent, to aide in future scrying should that be necessary. He was reluctant, but I was able to persuade him of the urgency of this request. I interviewed all the Pathfinders and took notes that would refresh my memory later (also taking hair samples). Reegan took this time to return to the Government's camp and present Jask with a cloak he had made, identical in properties to the one he had gifted each of us. Jask updated him on their struggles with the Charo-Ka, and how they were led by a "great gorilla beast". Kali, Corrigan, and Reegan plan to shadow the sentries tonight in case another abduction is attempted.

Day 43
The night passed uneventfully. Perhaps our rescue thwarted whatever plans were being instituted for the Pathfinders. We resumed exploring Boggard territory today but found little of interest.

Day 44
Our order finally arrived through the Pathfinder supply chains. I began writing my new spells into the Blessed Book, Reegan opened up his new alchemical supplies with the glee of child, and I gave Kali the rare inks she requested so she could produce her own treasure maps. Corrigan took another shot at questioning the sentries we rescued, trying to lure them into logic traps, but they stubbornly clung to their absurd explanations. Explored more of Boggard territory, and we finally witnessed the presence of the trogdolytes that we had heard so much about. We quickly formed a plan to ambush their expedition and take several of them alive. Two of them were spell-users and caused some difficulty in capturing them, but we were able to succeed in our plans. The spellcasters were dead, and I now have the opportunity to use one of my new spells to extract the magical knowledge they possessed. Unfortunately, this will require consuming copious amounts of their blood. I may try to prepare some blood sausages to fulfill these conditions, otherwise it may be hard to keep that rather vile substance down.


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Post  Magyc on Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:34 pm

Day 44 cont.
After borrowing some beakers from Reegan, I drained 2 quarts from each of the trogodlyte priests. Unfortunately this seemed to draw more questions from the rest of the group than was typical. I was not comfortable in explaining my intentions with the blood, and just vaguely stated they would be used to further my divination spells, and dismissed futher queries. This particular spell is quite distasteful and there is no need to announce the details of the gruesome ritual.

When we got back to camp and the nightly dinner had been prepared, I took a share and went off by myself. I started a small fire and dumped the noxious substance into my meal, and boiled it up nicely. I cast the spell and then consumed it, choking down this now spoiled-tasting paste. After a few moments the memories of the spell were extracted from the blood and realized by me. I gained the knowledge of a spell that I had not been able to cast before. Unfortunately, these creatures were not well versed in the magical arts and it was a very weak spell. I disgustedly emptied the beaker of blood from the remaining trogodlyte on the ground.

Day 45

I endured more questioning regarding whereabouts of the blood I had taken. I was quite taken aback by their interest and hurriedly stated that I had lost it. I am pretty sure Corrigan didn't believe me (not sure about the others) but he did not press it.

Our exploration proved fruitful today as we looked through trogodlyte territory. At the end of the day, back in camp, I used my scrying tools to examine the small island pinpointed as a source of valuables by the Boggard's skin. There were not structures on the island, but strangely, a mound of guck with coins, weapons, and assorted valuables strewn through it. I informed my comrades of the find. Corrigan was quite excited, and asked if we could visit it tomorrow. We took a vote and decided to delay the exploration a day so that we could be fully prepared. I hope the matter of the blood has been forgotten.

Day 46

We had quite a shock today as when we awoke we were met with TWO REEGANS! Apparently, he had spent some time building a doppleganger of sorts. He told us that this new "Reegan" would only live 8-10 hours, and would spend his (it's?") time crafting and puttering around his workshop, doubtless the same way the original Reegan would spend his last hours. The new Reegan seemed accepting of his grim fate, but Corrigan and especially Kali seemed extremely concerned and peppered Reegan with questions. I had a flashback to the day before regarding my own little interrogation, and jumped to Reegan's defense, reminding the others of the need to be open minded regarding the practices of magic, some of which can seem strange or grotesque to those now accustomed to them. Kali backed down, but she was clearly unsettled by this development.

We left the new Reegan behind to spend one more day exploring trogodlyte territory before venturing to the island. It was a productive day and we got back into our rhythm of exploring, and the matter of the two Reegans and the blood was forgotten for the time.

Day 47

With Reegan and I both preparing an assemblage of spells and concoctions appropriate for a traversing the water to the island, we set out for "Treasure Island". We had no hostile encounters enroute to the place, and when we arrived we found the "island' to be set off the shore by a mere 15-20 feet. We flew across, and approached the treasure pile. I had concerns that there could be some creature in the pile or perhaps the pile was a creature, but that was not the case at all. As we began prodding the treasure pile, a MASSIVE beast erupted from underneath the water and charged onto shore! It was a huge, froglike creature with 4 tentacles. Its first moves were to grab us with tentacles, and I was hit by the thing's tongue. I tried to teleport away, but I was jostled around so much that I lost the spell.

I recognized some characteristics of this aberration and I knew that although electricity could not hurt the thing ( and it was resistant to Reegan's fire bombs) that kind of energy could slow it. I had a Shocking Grasp prepared and unleashed it. Kali's snake managed to free me from the thing's grasp, and for a few seconds we were able to collect ourselves and launch a counter offensive, doing some damage to the beast. I saw Kali toss her Arrow of Abberation Slaying to Corrigan who smoothly grabbed it, notched it in his bow, and fired wide left. Very shortly all 5 of us were grappled, and I could hear Kali's bones snapping as she was thrust into its mouth. Things looked extroardinarily bleak when suddenly the creature lost hold me and I stumbled away to the shore, faced with the choice of one last probably futile strike against the creature, or turning into an elemental and swimming away, to avenge their deaths later. There was really no choice at all- I had to give it one last try. I turned around, and casting Dragon' Breath, launched a line of acid at the horrid thing, hoping it was not also immune to that. I hit it straight in the eyes, burning them out, and the creature collapsed, finally, DEAD!

We were in terrible shape but Corrigan (rightly) insisted we go through the treasure pile, we did find several unique and valuable items. Corrigan then again insisted (and again, quite rightly) that we take the rest of the day to rest, and we did so.

Day 48 (continuing...)

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Post  Magyc on Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:51 pm

Day 48

Still recovering from the savage beating we endured yesterday, we conducted low risk exploration in Trogdolyte territory, and uncovered more discoveries.

Day 49

Kali made further progress in training her new pet raptor, and believes it will soon be able to accompany us. It strikes me that befriending savage animals to follow you around is in its own way as aberrant as drinking unusual substances or playing with the boundaries between life and death.

We came across a plaza lined by tall pillars. Three Giant Manti ambushed us as we looked around the area. We were able to dispatch them, but we certainly angered the trogdoltyes as we did so, as we heard a large contingent of them start mobilzing in response to our victory. Although we could have provided them with the massive slaughter they richly deserve, we decided to fight on our terms, at a later date, and we chose to withdraw. We extracted a great deal of information from the area prior to the ambush.

Day 50

As we set to return to the trogdolyte districts this morning, we were approached by Rundo, the half-orc who Kali was developing a rapport with . He told us that the Sargavian expedition was making great headway in its battle with the Charo Ka, and it had pushed the Charo Ka chieftain to have his shaman accelerate efforts to summon a powerful demon to aid them. He stated the rise of this demon would mean "horrible things for all in this city". After we had questioned him as to the details as much as we could, we decided to to bring this information to the attention of the government, and possibly take action of our own. Our first step was to notify Amivor of the threat, and although he declined the opportunity to use Pathfinder resources to aid the government, he had no problem with our doing so.

We then proceeded to the Government camp, and requested to speak with General Havoler. We explained what our source had told us of the Charo Ka's intentions, and the General appreciated our aid in stopping this threat, to the extent that he would time his attacks with our strike in order to draw attention from the Shaman and those who protected her. We began making plans for our surgical strike, with the emphasis on killing the shaman, disrupting her ritual, and dispatching the chieftain, in that order. Since Brundo had emphasized how close they were to the culmination of their rituals, we decided to move our attack up to this evening. I used my scrying to determine the layout of the Charo-Ka leader camp (on top of a ziggurat) and we sketched a rough battle plan.

After getting a general idea of what were going to do, with Reegan's assistance we flew to the location. I had our telepathic bond up between the four of us so we could make last minute changes in our plan (and to avoid running into each other as we flew about invisibly). Then, we simulataneously attacked. I set down a wall of ice which separated the chief and his dire ape bodyguards, as Reegan and Corrigan attacked the Shaman hut. Kali engaged some Charo Ka warriors and set herself to intercept any who came to the Shaman's aid. I also managed to slow one of the dire apes before they realized what was happening.

Seeking to buy time for Corrigan and Reegan to complete our primary objective, I set myself near the wall (opposite the huge ape chieftain) and proceeded to taunt him, trying to delay his entry into the fight until my companions were done. I was somewhat surprised as he was able to teleport to the top of my wall, standing just a few feet in front of me. After quickly making my situation apparent telepathically to my comrades, I ran through my possible options to avoid being cleaved by his many axes, wielded by his many huge arms. I should mention that in order to economize his extracts, Reegan had not given me the gift of flight, only of levitate...so I had only vertical options for movement. I opted to dismiss the wall, and when I did so the beast fell 20 feet onto its rump. Steadying my voice, I began making light of his new predictament, as colorfully as I could muster. My goal succeed in holding his attention succeeded, as when he stood up, he threw one of his axes at me. I managed to almost completely dodge it (a nasty cut only) and I proceeded to ascend higher I increased the volume and intensity of my insults. At that point, he realized that much was occurring elsewhere (the Shaman's hut was a smoldering ruin) and he ran off to engage someone else. My companions were quite successful, as the Shaman was dead, Kali and her snake were dealing with Dire apes, and Corrigan and Reegan were mopping up the lesser sentries. The beast itself engaged Kali and was quite ferocious, but as it was down a weapon and with everyone else in the vicinity dead, it fell as well, largely but not entirely due to Kali's effforts.

Corrigan again suggested we had done enough for the day, and we take what we had "earned" and depart before reinforcments arrived. There were several interesting weapons and valuables nearby (unfortunately they had virtually incinerated the Shaman's corpse....leaving little blood....damnable!) Kali took the head of the chieftain as a trophy. I suggested she may want to loan it to the Government as they could put it to good effect in demoralizing the Charo Ka forces. Her reaction was less than enthusiastic....whether she did not want to part with the trophy, or whether she did not wish to aid the government, it was hard to say. Perhaps both...

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Post  Magyc on Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:23 pm

Day 50 (cont.)
Before departing the scene, Corrigan chopped down the statue using his machete, and Kali and her snake pushed it over the edge, where it had a long fall to the ground. It is likely useless for any further summoning rituals. We then flew back to the government's camp, and informed the General about the success of our mission. Kali graciously allowed him to borrow the chieftain's head (Havoler did think having the grisly memento leading the vanguard would be quite demoralizing to the Charo' Ka). We verified that Pathfinder groups would be welcome to explore this section of the city when they had finished pacifying it, and the General was open to further collaboration. We then returned to the Pathfinder camp and updated Amivor regarding what had transpired. Corrigan checked on the status of the Pathfinders we had rescued, and found they were still enchanted...most disconcerting. We rested up a bit, and then decided to explore a "safe" area with the artisan district, where were were attacked by four shadows. They were dispatched without too much trouble. I tried a new tactic of creating mirror image duplicates of myself (illusions, unlike the one Reegan had created) and went up to create a diversion while the others finished them off. The effort paid off as we uncovered further information about the city.

Day 51
We returned to the exploration plan we were following before Rundo delivered his warning, and explored more Trogoldlyte territory today. No encounters with them, but exploration was producteive.

Day 52
Exploration only turned up more of the same today, but I did get a gift from Reegan- a new headband which assists and focuses clear thinking, improving my mental faculties. I am most appreciative and hope I can one day repay in some fashion the useful gifts he has given me through his unceasing work.

Day 53
Moving back to Boggard territory for a time, we explored a small island they had covered with defensive stakes, warded by their enemies' skulls. The island had a large effigy of a froglike creature in the center (possibly to represent the beast we killed?) It also had a large empty hut..(possibly belonging to their shaman...who we....also killed). Corrigan pointed out the effigy radiated magic, and I determined it had a necromantic aura, but could not discern to what end. Likely of no longer any importance, unless the beast returns from the dead, as things are wont to do in this city.

Day 54
As we explored near a shore in Boggard territory, 8 Boggards erupted from the water in an ambush. Apparently my idea of blaming their slain god on the trogodlytes is a moot point. The sub-chieftains represented a minor threat (one wrapped up Kali in its tongue briefly, which was more of an insult to her dignity than anything) but the rank and file died quickly. It remains to be seen if they avoid us after this event, or if they return in greater numbers. Given the casualties they suffered at our hands and the pressure from the trogodlytes, I would not bet on seeing another Boggard ambush. We did find still useful information in their territory, so we are not done in this area by any sight.

Days 55-57

Spent each of these days in Boggard territory. Apparently I was correct, our decisive victory seems to have put an end to Boggard aggression. We were able to make significant new discoveries about Savinth Yhe. On the evening of the 57th day in the city, I decided to approach Osmond and ask him for a favor. I reminded him that we had dealt the Boggards, who had caused them much trouble, a series of crippling blows. I asked if he could supply me with naught but the eyelash of one of the Radiant Muses pet basilisks in return. Suprisingly, he demurred and said he would have to ask the Muse. He returned shortly after and said that she was very fond of her pets, and in order for my request to be granted, we would have to present the Muse with a striking piece of art. I offered to present a dramatic story (I have been practicing my oratorical skills) but he said that a work of sculpture was required. Reegan volunteered that he had taken up sculpture recently (apparently practicing at night without our knowledge). I gather he started this new hobby shortly after his disastrous calligraphy demonstration. He was confident he could make a piece that would impress the muse, but he would need a spell (cast by me) to make stone malleable enough for him to shape.

After thinking about this, I proposed that we take a break from exploring from a day. I offered to use my new Teleport spell to take us back to Eledor for the day, to refresh ourselves with the comforts of civilization, and to pick up some supplies without having to go through the Pathfinder supply channels. Corrigan was all for this idea, but Kali said she would prefer to stay in Savinth Yhe unless we insisted she go. Since there was no reason anyone would suspect we would suddenly appear in Eledor (thus little risk of planned ambush) I thought we could survive the day without her. Thus, that night I teleported Reegan, Corrigan, and myself back to Eledor, arriving outside the inn we had stayed at. While we were not able to procure our old rooms, it was a refreshing change to have a bath, bed, and brandy again. Reegan and I took one room, while Corrigan took the other...although we didn't see him until morning, and I'm unsure whether he ever used it...he was quite excited to be back in the city.

Day 58
The next morning we set out to find a wizard or shop that was willing to sell us the spell I needed to cast that would allow Reegan to carefully shape the stone into a sculpture that we could present to the Muse in the hopes of currying her favor in order to request the gift in kind of an eyelash of one of her basilisks. As I began to undertake the negotiations to purchase the spell, Corrigan walked disinterestedly around the shop..then paused. He took a bag of basilisk eyelashes off the wall, threw a gold piece on the counter, and tossed it to me with a brief sigh that simultaneously expressed resignation exasperation, and disdain. It was a sigh I had heard on a number of prior occassions.

Although the original purpose of our efforts was now obviated, Reegan and I still thought it might be wise to impress the Muse for other ends. I purchased a few other spells that could be useful in Savinth Yhe, and then I teleported the three of us back.

Day 59
We awoke to find that Reegan had worked with the stone I had enchanted to create a beautiful sculpture of his mother. It was an exquisite piece of art, and I wondered if he would instead want to keep it instead of give it to the Muse. Reegan was fairly unsentimental about the sculpture and still wanted to proceed with the idea of presenting it to her, which we shall do when he is ready. We resumed exploring today, to some success.

Day 60
Continued exploring, found nothing particularly interesting today. To pass the time at night prior to sleep, I am asking Corrigan to teach me some sleight of hand techniques and tricks that can both increase my digital dexterity and may have some practical application in the future.

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Post  Magyc on Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:45 pm

Day 61
We found a large sundial with a very large golden great sword serving as a stylus. It was a very impressive monument, and I thought we would leave it as we had found it. Corrigan decided he wanted to take the sword, and Kali suggested he chop it in half with his machete. He then began hacking at it. I mentally reviewed my assurances to various parties within the city that we were NOT like other uncivilized, rampaging looters, and then just decided to think about rainbows.

Back at camp that night, I decided I would check up on the activities of our Serpent-Folk friends on the island. I sent my roving eyes there and it seemed they routinely man the bridge barricades with 8-12 guards. Small patrols of size 3 walked throughout the districts. On the ziggurat itself, other groups travelled in groups of 4. The center ampitheatre was flooded, and in the water was a huge, two headed serpent. I recalled some lore I had seen and I believe this creature is an Ampithsbaena, a creature with some characteristics of a hydra as if split in two, the creature becomes two whole beasts. It also bore poison, for good measure. I relayed my findings to the group, and got the reception I expected.

Day 62
During our explorations today we were ambushed by the second group of ape men, the taller ones. Apparently with the Charo Ka smashed, they now had time to be up to other mischief. I tried my new spell Wall of Ice and it provided excellent cover from their arrows. Explorations were fruitful today.

Day 63
We found a group of Boggards barricaded in a building, which looked like one of their permanent residences. Reegan blew apart the barriers they had set up, and only the few subchiefs in the group offered any meaningful resistance. We spent much of the day exploring this building and made some interesting finds.

Day 64
No encounters today. We came across the statue of a Zura cultist. Kali seemed disquieted by the warped visage and again asked Corrigan to break out his machete and chop the statue up. This work was far less impressive than the sundial we had mangled earlier, and I had fewer qualms with seeing it destroyed. Normally I would object to the destruction of any such artifact, but having seen how these statues can become a focus or be of use to the cults which infest this city, I supported this action.

Day 65
Covered much ground during this day, but found nothing of significance.

Day 66
Attacked by a one Pteradon as we walked about the city. Perhaps it had become separated from its brethren? It seemed like an act of mercy to put it down. Exploration paid off today.

Day 67
Walking about in the Boggard territory, we had the final confrontation I had been expecting. The Chieftain had mustered what remained of his forces and challenged us. I believe he accused us of violating the terms of our agreement. Although I disagreed with his interpretation, it was obvious that further debate would be futile. We took his head after the fracas had concluded, not as trophy this time, but simply as evidence that would increase our standing with the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent. (Also took a patch of his skin for some scrying efforts that proved fruitless....whatever remains of the Boggards, they are now leaderless and bankrupt).

We brought the head back to Osond and told him they had little to worry about from the Boggards from now on. Seeking to capitalize on this opportunity, I asked Reegan if he was ready to present his sculpture to the Muse, and he decided he was. I had Osond arrange us an audience with the Muse, and Reegan presented his gift. She seemed to appreciate it (at least she had no disparaging comments about it, as she had for our earlier efforts) and asked Reegan where he wished it to be placed. He deferred to her, which was apparently a breach of etiquette, as she asked him the question again more harshly. After telling her she she be by the flower garden, she ordered Osond to place it there. As she moved to leave I addressed her, and she seemed suspicious of my motives. I assured her, after conveying significant flattery, that we simply wished to bask in her knowledge of this place. She did communicate some of the history of this place, but as expected her answers were vague. The conversation eventually led her to ask if we would "like to be under her protection". Having no idea about what kind of obligations that would impose on us, I demurred and terminated the encounter. Later it was pointed out that Reegan, as the gift giver, might have gotten a more appreciative reception. I cringe at the thought of witnessing that exchange...we might have ended up cleaning the basilisk pens.

Later, reflecting on what the Muse told us and the information we had uncovered so far, it seems like the unique powers of the Spears that are atop each ziggurat may be activated by certain rituals or activities. For example, channeling healing power seems to activate the Spear atop the medical district. Further investigation is definitely needed.

Day 68
This morning we found that the Pathfinder camp had been hit by a large trogodlyte attack the previous night. Many Pathfinders died and the camp sustained severe damage. Amivor obliquely asked us if we did something to provoke them, which we denied. Amivor also told us news of the Government's activities; apparently they are now advancing into vege-pygmy territory. Kali was not pleased with this news. I may try to persuade the General to bypass the pgymies and directly began assaulting trogdolyte holdings. We spent the day helping the Pathfinders repair the damage, and returned to our camp in the artisan district that night.

We awoke that night to the sounds of chaos and screaming. We emerged from our selected lair to find a mass undead attack on the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent. We ourselves dispatched three waves of undead, consisting of Wights, Ghouls, and Ghasts. As we fought them off we saw the Radiant Muse herself engage in the fight, raining down fiery arrows from above. Still, after the undead were repulsed there were many tribesmen dead. I checked with Osond and he said they had never been attacked like this before.

Reegan immediately flew over to check to see if the Pathfinders had been attacked. They had, but not by undead....the trogdolytes had launched another assault. The Pathfinders were better prepared this time, but still suffered casualties.

The past few hours have demonstrated a marked reversal in our status. We thought we had a good portion of the city pacified, having eliminated the Charo-Ka and Boggard threats, and now both of the groups we counted as friends have suffered grievous injuries. What is ever worse is that that they apparently from different sources. We will have some hard choices to make about which threat we address first. I still hope to get the government involved in assisting us/ It seem like an excellent time to call in a favor....

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Post  Magyc on Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:53 pm

Day 68 cont.
We decided to immediately attempt to track the undead threat back to it's source. Kali started tracking and before we had gotten very far-indeed still deep in the Artisan district- we were suddenly hailed by a most curious fellow. This man, clad in a black cloak and strikingly tight leather pants, claimed he had been looking for us. He introduced himself as Plo D'Vicea, and his flamboyant attire lent support to his claim of being a bard. He wished to hire us to retrieve an item of great value to him, and he offered us 10,000 gold and his assistance if we were willing to obtain it. It seemed like a reasonable proposal, as we were going to be exploring regardless and having an extra pair of eyes could only help. We agreed to help him find the item, which he described a container holding the "voice of a god". Particularly interesting was that it was in a ziggurat we had not explored in Boggard territory (on an island off the shore).

We were briefly held up in our efforts to get across the water as Reegan and I wished to ration our magical expenditures, this being what was turning out to be a very long day for us. It came to pass that we would fasten a rope across the water to pull ourselves across, and we were short by a small distance. Plo then offered to produce a rope, but played some kind of bizarre mental game with Kali wherein she had to ask for the rope in some very precise and increasingly disturbing manner. I suspected it was some type of magical limitation as he proposed to produce the rope out of ridiculously small pouch. Luckily, someone found another rope before Kali's patience was exhausted.

Upon entering the ziggurat we were ambushed by a squad of troglodytes. Although they had several priestly types supporting them, all but one were dispatched without too much trouble, aside from gagging at their revolting stench. We did keep one alive for questioning, and Plo himself questioned the creature before executing it. It was revealed that the troglodytes were also after the item Plo hired us to find- indeed it might be the very thing they had invaded Boggard territory for.

We moved on into another room that already several dead trogs, some who were in pieces. There was a giant statue in this room as well, as it appeared as though Reegan activated this magical trap as he was poking around, causing it to come to life and began swinging. The second rude surprise was that magical energies had suddenly been cut off from this room, leaving me little else to do but withdraw to a corner. Luckily the others were able to dispatch it.

The room had a large run in the center, and I could tell it exuded some kind of teleportation magic. Before attempting to activate it, we decided to check on the other rooms, that led from here, which bore cryptic names such as "The Breath of Life" and "The Body of Life". The had ancient Boggard statues and portions of the elements of fire and earth, which seemed to be the key to activating the rune. Corrigan and Kali broke down the final door using the adamantine machete, which looked like quite a tiring endeavour.

We started down a large spiral staircase, which began shifting ominously before we had gotten very far. We ran back up, and Plo announced he would levitate down to see what was at the end. It continued on at the bottom of the stairs, and he decided to wait for us to catch up. After waiting out the expiration of the anti-magic zone, we found we could not utilize the rune, as its activation procedure was indecipherable. Reegan volunteered to go down the staircase first and "destroy it" so the rest of us could proceed down. He levitated himself and hit many of the trapped steps, but only succeeded in making the stairs far, far more unstable. With no other way down, the remaining 4 of us (myself, Kali, Corrigan, and the snake) started down.

After we hit the first trapped step (which had already been hit) the stairs began swinging ominously again. I started using throwing a Web from my wand behind us to try to stabilize the stairs, but the effects were barely noticeable. After I took a hard crack from the center pillar, I determined that the best course of action would be for me to reach the bottom as soon as possible, in order to relieve the others about concerns over my well-being. I heard a ferocious crunch come from Kali was behind me, and the last thing I heard before moving out of range was the activation of her Wand. I dared not web the stairway anymore, as it would trap those behind me. Everyone was able to reach the bottom, although we had to mend numerous broken bones (including my own) that had been smashed by the swaying pillar.

Corrigan discovered several traps along the corridor as we proceeded, and every one found and disarmed made him more wary, and he exhibited an atypical degree of focus and caution, which I found reassuring. As we traversed a 4-foot deep pool that blocked the corridor (myself on Kali's alchemically enhanced shoulders) she was hit by a large creature, which one surfaced I identified as a Pisco demon. Kali and the snake kept the thing occupied in the water as the rest of us attempted to help. I found that the creature was resistant to magic, which rendered the first of my magic missile volleys ineffectual. My second volley finished it off after my allies had dealt it numerous wounds with more conventional means. I am glad that I adding alterations to my spells that can penetrate through magic resistance, although I think there is much room for improvement on my part.

We proceeded and reached a room that had a silhouette of a head inside an ornate bottle inside a rune. Plo identified this as the object he was seeking. Then a voice erupted that challenged, among other things "Let he who is proud be humbled" and Plo stepped forward, which was-(in retrospect)- a mistake.

A giant Hezrou demon erupted from the bottle and sauntered forth. It had both an nauseating stench and some kind of incapacitating sonic ability which it used immediately. It then took grappling Kali and Corrigan. Most of my spells bounced off the thing and when I did get a lightning bolt through, I found it was immune to electricity. I shouted "Monkey Head" to Corrigan to remind him of the banishment talisman we had acquired so long ago...however being grappled by the demon, he was in no shape to retrieve it. At points during the fight I also saw bolts being shot by Plo that missed the demon by quite a distance, but were able to tag Corrigan. I suspected he had been enchanted, but did not have the chance to verify that as the demon was rampaging. Finally, Corrigan managed to wrangle free and smashed the monkey head into the demon's side...and it was banished! We were unable to relax, however, as Plo and the archon he had summoned both promptly shot Corrigan and knocked him out. We subdued him and moved him into the magic circle to temporarily removed whatever enchantment was on him, and Reegan rescucitated Corrigan. As we talked to Plo he claimed he had no recollection of attacking us- which was suspicious...and he continued denying everything as he reloaded his crossbow and shot Corrigan in the throat. Kali went after him and I told her that I could detect no enchantment on him...and despite turning invisible (with a potion WE had given him) he could not hide from her wrath, and his treachery was ended. Corrigan was again aided and was somewhat irritated at missing his chance for vengeance. I am unsure why he was entirely focused on killing Corrigan.

We went through Plo's belongings and I saw a green ooze coming from his head wound, the likes at which I had never seen before. We claimed his magic items (as it seems the reward of gold was a pipe dream), but we left his pants. Although Corrigan was the last one out of the room, so that cannot be completely verified.

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Post  Magyc on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:02 pm

Day 69
I slept in to midday after our experiences in the ziggurat, long enough to be refreshed to tackle a session with my spellbook. We decided to take action on the threat facing the Pathfinders immediately, leaving the undead problem alone for the time being. Since our strike on the Charo'Ka leadership had such profound results, we decided to attempt a similar strike at the trogodolytes, taking out their leadership with one quick, covert strike.

As before, I scouted out the territory of the enemy, going immediately to the ziggurat in their territory. These buildings seem to be the instinctive seat of power for each group that had one in their territory. Even the Pathfinders centralized their camp around one. Using my Arcane Eye, I found what looked to be a leader, perhaps THE leader, in a room near the top of the ziggurat. He had several acolytes and some guards with pet raptors nearby. As before, we flew over invisibly and alighted on a landing near entrance to his chamber, once again luckily separated from the mass of trogodlytes below by some distance. This time, should reinforcements come in mass, I was ready to deal with them- first by setting up a wall of fire or ice, then sending a cloudkill rolling down the steps. I almost hoped they would try to ascend- they would suffer a severe blow to their ranks.

The others went into the chamber to dispatch the leader, while I stayed outside to deal with a guard and his pet raptor. I mainly intended to eliminate them and then hold off reinforcements, but my plan didn't proceed as I thought it would. As I started conjuring an Earth Elemental, the raptor apparently smelled me and attacked. Though I got a severe raking, I managed to finish the spell and put the Elemental between us. I shocked the guard and the Elemental tossed the raptor off the side of the ziggurat. As I turned to enter the chamber I saw Kali behind me, making sure I was ok (even though I had telepathically assured everyone that the situation was under control). I should have been annoyed, but in truth I appreciated the concern.

My companions had killed the trogodlyte chief and his guards, and we quickly looked through the chamber, mindful of the possibility of reinforcements. Corrigan found a secret door which Kali hacked open, and we found nothing of particular import. Before we all flew away, Reegan and I took some time to assault some trogodlytes on the ground- he tossed several bombs to herd them into a group, then I settled a cloudkill on them. Assuming they could understand him, Reegan made sure to let them know this was in response to their attacks on the Pathfinders.

Day 70
I spent the morning identifying the qualities of the items we obtained from our encounter. There were some useful magic items that we will employ.

I fear the long period without proper language study has degraded my language skills. I spent some time this morning constructing some free form poetry in one of my forgotten languages. It is an ode to Reegan's wit, Kali's beauty, and Corrigan's humility.

[Following passage written in ciphered Celestial]

We found the Mantis Blade- this has to be one of, if not THE, items that the Red Mantis are after. This is an intelligent sawtooth sabre (we made sure to never wield it). Lore has it that the blade has many powers, including spellcasting, all of which serve to make the wielder an extremely powerful assassin. The blade was tasked with a single purpose: Slay Everything. We discussed under complete secrecy various options to deal with this sword- Destruction was proposed, but I think that would be impossible and unwise to try. Reegan suggested hiding it with the basilisks or in the Astral Plane. While we consider a more permanent solution, we have stashed it in our Bag of Holding. I may rehide it myself somewhere, so as my mind cannot be read.

[End Passage]

We then went to Vege-Pygmy territory. Kali is very concerned about making sure they remain un-massacred by the government forces. I thought it would be wise to contact them to make sure we could bring an agreement to the government- for example, that he pygmies would allow the government unmolested passage through their territory. As I prepared some spells for the diplomatic engagement, Kali cheerfully informed me that Vege-Pygmies have no spoken or written language and and dislike talking or dealing with outsiders, and generally remain stoic. Despite her high hopes for the mission, I think she may be somewhat overconfident of my diplomatic prowess.

Regardless, the Pygmies did not approach us as we explored their territory today. We finished for the day and decided to try again on another day. As we proceeded back to camp, we suddenly ran into a very disheveled half elven female, running at us. She seemed terrified, and we quickly ascertained why- She was being pursued by a large group of undead! We engaged, and there was an disconcerting moment during the fight where all my companions had been paralyzed by some ability-probably from the mummy. I summoned my Lions to draw their attention while my allies fought off the effects- being helpless, they could not defend themselves from a fatal strike, and it was my best move to draw their attention. We did eventually destroy them all and then approached the half elf.

She was a wreck- terrified and unable to do anything but whimper. I tried to soothe her and after talking to her awhile, got her to eat. I was not able to get her to consume one of Reegan's potions, however. Corrigan had snuck around her to tap her with the wand, and before I could ask him to stay his hand he had "struck" her and her panic returned full force. She again took off and we had to chase her down and calm her all over again. I asked a tribesman, (by this time our presence had created a spectacle) to summon Osond. He came, and verified that he had never seen this woman before. We discovered that she was under some kind of enchantment spell, and decided to take her to the Pathfinders to have her looked after. Amivor agreed to fashion a comfortable "cell" for her and keep her watched. We discovered the kidnapped Pathfinders had come out of their enchantment, but they were not able to tell us much other than that they had been given orders by a "Dark Figure" who intended to have them do some archaeological work.

Day 71
Having addressed the trogodlyte attacks (there was no retaliation the prior night) the events of yesterday made it clear it was time to track down the source of the undead infestation. Reegan identifed the likely source from the air. It was a building set in the extreme south east of the city, behind the basilisk pens. We approached in the light of day and went through the door, and we found a Serpent Folk necromancer creating a new group of undead servants. He got off a painful lightning bolt, but I separated his forces with a wall and my companions killed him and his minions. We recovered his Spellbook, and I look forward to perusing it, probably late at night when the others are asleep or crafting.


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Day 71 cont.
We spent the rest of the day exploring. That night, Reegan and I flew back over to the Pathfinder camp to check on the status of the half elf. Amivor told us she was not eating well. Reegan suggested we give her a potion of Fox's Cunning in order to increase her ability to communicate. She would not willingly accept the potion, so I hypnotized her and administered it. Though she seemed more cogent afterward, it did nothing to facilitate communication. After studying her for some time I believe I identified the spell used to enchant her. It will not be broken by a simple dispel magic- it requires a more powerful spell. We asked the Pathfinders to track down a scroll of that spell, but it could be several weeks.

I began creating a Rod tonight, I am very excited about the possibilities they offer. This first one will aid in casting underwater or in areas of magically enforced silence.

Day 72
Kali began backtracking the half elf's trail so we could see where she came from. She had apparently been wandering for day, but we eventually traced them (and hordes of undead) back to a vine covered stone door on the outskirts of the artisan district. Upon entry we were ambushed by 6 Keches using posion arrows (which greatly amused Reegan). Several were killed, but Kali chased several retreating ones down into another ambush. After much fire and death all of them were dispatched. As we proceeded through the dark labrinyth we encountered a group of Savassons- turned out to be 12 of them. The narrow corridors severely impeded my spell casting, as I had prepared for both large groups and undead, but so little to choose from in this situation. Luckily my comrades handled these creatures without too much difficulty.

After this, Reegan found the acidic trail of a giant snail which we followed till we came upon the beast. I conjured and Earth Elemental to fight it, but it was dead before he could engage. Not wanting to waste the summoning, I sent him ahead to check the corridors. We caught up to him in a chamber with multiple passages and a large statue, which was quickly animated (not sure what triggered it). The stone golem spewed massive amounts of acid on Kali, but we were able to take it down.

Corrigan did a quick scout of a side corridor, then we entered a door that stood off the stone golem chamber. This room held a massive statue (partially crumbled), with blue, crystalline mineral veins running through the floor. Each wall had a mural- a jungle, cityscape, and a picture of a room, respectively. There were 6 indentations in the wall where it looked like something could be placed and displayed. The most fascinating mural was on the East wall- the one of the highly detailed room. It looked like a mural of the room we were standing in. Corrigan pointed out if you looked very closely, that the mural itself seemed to be constructed of runes. Then, before I could say a word, he touched it, and our world was filled with holy fire.

We stumbled out of the room as best we could. Reegan continued walking and was gone before we noticed. Kali and I agreed that we should leave and come back to investigate later, but Corrigan suddnely proved completely intransigent and declined to leave. His seemed somewhat irrational as he shrugged off our reasons and entreaties time after time, until Kali got in his face and TOLD him we were leaving. That finally persuaded him to move, and we left and caught up to Reegan. We quickly found out the odd behavior was not limited to Corrigan as Reegan (adapting the opposite position as Reegan, but with equal obstinance) declined to do any more exploring, and refused to provide a reason! At this time Kali also began to note some strange behaviors by her snake. Kali asked me to check if something magical had affected them and I could not detect anything. However, watching them back at camp over the next few hours, they were clearly changed, both of them were exhibiting symptoms of extreme paranoia, refusing all offers of help and cooperation. Since this is not a magical effect, I do not have many options to deal with this. I shall try to talk to Kali tonight to and go over our poor menu of options. If this is not dealt with it will be a massive blow to our efforts to explore the city and keep one another healthy and whole.

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Post  Magyc on Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:55 pm

Day 73

After the talk with Kali the prior night, we had decided that the condition affecting our friends had to be dealt with as soon as possible. I believe I have identified a being with the capability to mend our comrades' broken minds, and I steeled myself all morning to undertake the process of calling and trapping this being. Corrigan was nowhere to be found, and Reegan declined to accompany Kali and I. I decided to conduct the binding away from the territory of the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent for two reasons- I didn't want Reegan or Corrigan to know what I was doing yet, and if something went wrong, I did not want our tribal allies to pay the price.

Kali and I found a building in what was formerly Boggard territory that suited my purposes. I took care to draw a precise magic circle to bind the being (an Aeon) in. After all the preparations were concluded, I had Kali wait in the back of the building in case something went wrong, and then I began the summoning.

I located an Aeon of the type I needed and brought it into the circle. I immediately anchored it to this plane, however its magic resistance was too great and it slipped out of my control and disappeared. I could feel I was close, though, and I told Kali we could try again in a day. We spent the rest of the day exploring Vege-Pygmy territory (though we have never seen one of these elusive creatures) and made some discoveries despite only having a portion of our normal group.

Day 74

I asked Reegan to join us in exploring today (Corrigan again was nowhere to be found, but I believe he stopped by when we were out yesterday). This makes the likelihood of attempting the summoning remote today, however I thought it might also be a sign his strong mind is rapidly healing. Sadly, although he did go with us, his other reactions showed must as much paranoia as earlier. Exploration was uneventful but productive. After we returned, I flew over to the Pathfinder camp. They had been attacked two successive nights, but neither instance had trogodlytes as the culprits (they were assaulted by natural predators such as tigers and dinosaurs). My main purpose in the visit was to Scry on Corrigan to make sure he was ok. I did so and found out that he was very close to our base in the artisan district-within sight, in fact. He appeared to be calm and intact, so I decided it would be best to let him be for now. Before I left, Amivor told me the half elf we had brought to him was not eating or drinking. I told him I would return in the morning to try to address that.

Day 75

I did return to the Pathfinder camp in the morning, accompanied by Reegan (again!) and Kali. I was able to hypnotize the woman and had her fed water and food. Apparently this may have to be be a daily or bi-daily routine while we wait for the Heal scroll to make its way to Savinth Yhe.

We continued exploring this day and were attacked be a large group of wights in the interior of a large building. They were dispatched, and Kali said she saw Corrigan running away after the fight. Apparently he is following us and keeping tabs! That would be suspected from a individual exhibiting paranoia, and perhaps is the reason Reegan is with us- keeping tabs in a more open fashion. Exploration was productive, and I continued crafting the new rod alongside Reegan this night.

Day 76

Reegan informed us he would not be coming this day, and this presented an excellent opportunity to attempt another summoning. Kali and I headed back out to the building with the magic circle, and I repeated the ritual. This time went much smoother. I was able to find the Aeon, bind it to this plane, and surpass its magic resistance. I then began the nonverbal negotiation with out- entirely through images we projected in our heads to each other. I told it I wished to have it restore sanity to my three comrades (including Kali's afflicted snake) and I offered to perform an errand on its behalf, of its choosing. It sent back confusing images, so I more concretely offered to kill the large lizard beast the Serpent Folk were holding, knowing that the Aeons strove to uphold a kind of balance, I believed the elimination of a large, singularly powerful beast such as that might further their aims. Apparently the Aeon followed a different path of logic, and instead asked me to kill (what I took to be) all the interloping humans in Savinth Yhe. I declined, and offered it the option of healing our friends or spending a long period of time locked in the magic circle. It countered that it would only heal the snake. I had no idea to what extent the concept of imprisonment would give leverage with this being, so I accepted the offer and released it. It upheld the bargain and healed Kali's snake, then departed.

After I explained what had happened to Kali, she suggested we might offer the Mantis Blade. I believe that is an outstanding idea- I think it is likely to be accepted, and we would not only have our friend's back, but we would be rid of the responsibility of keeping the blade out of the wrong hands. It was certainly an artifact that can upset the balance of the world (given its purpose) and what better place to be than in the hands of powerful beings dedicated to upholding that balance? I shall attempt the summoning again in a day or two with this new offer.

We continued exploration that day and as we were traversing the city, we saw 4 large, winged gorilla creatures fly be, identified by Kali as "Derhia". They are known to be scouts for the legendary Gorilla King. We were prepared to let them be, when suddenly Reegan (who had said he was going to spend the day crafting) appeared in the air above them and shot one with a bolt! As it plummeted, he vanished and reappeared again, and shot the another one. As the two creatures plummeted out of the sky, I sent an air elemental out to assist Reegan, as the other two creatures began searching for him. As the elemental engaged one and the other searched for its assailant, I asked Kali if she wanted to go up and help. The skies are not usually the battlefield of choice for a half orc, but knowing her I knew she would not say no. I gave her the power of flight and she took off and killed the remaining two gorillas (my elemental lasted just long enough to make sure she only had to fight one at a time). Strangely, I saw several arrows winging off at the gorillas from a place that had to be not far from our location, and it was gratifying to know Corrigan, though still deeply suspicious of us, was helping. One of the gorillas had let out a piercing call that must have sounded for miles, which was alarming given their role as scouts. Reegan was wearing the armament of a Red Mantis at least- so if the creatures can distinguish based on that, he may have done well in setting the gorillas on our competitors and assailants.

We spent the rest of the day helping the Pathfinders repair the camp.

Day 77

Reegan declined to come with us today, giving my the opportunity to summon the Aeon with the new bargaining chip. I was successful in holding it here again, and immediately offered the Mantis Blade in return for it healing Corrigan and Reegan. It immediately accepted. I probably should have asked for more. Regardless, the deal was struck and I realeased it to follow us. We led it back to our base in the territory of the Sacred Serpent tribe. The tribesmen were quite alarmed to see this large, extraplanar, floating multi-armed creature, but I called out reassurances and they stayed back. We took the Aeon back into our building and came upon Corrigan looking through Reegan's belongings. Kali grabbed him, and the Aeon restored him once. I then mistakenly told the Aeon to hold off before the cure was complete, wanting it to save the rest of its energy for Reegan. This fundamentally altered our bargain, and in restrospect was a mistake on my part. However I know Corrigan only has the tinge of paranoia remaining (probably indistinguishable from his normal behavior) and his mind should naturally finish healing in short order.

We then sat back and waited for Reegan to return from his secret explorations. He did come back and was immediately suspicious when he was the three of us in his workspace. This gave the Aeon a chance to touch him once. Reegan immediately screamed, stepped away, and drank a potion and vanished. Kali tried to stop him, but could not find him. The Aeon could though, and touched him again- and healed his mind! Reegan was still justifiably concerned about the creature, but we explained the deal we had struck, and that he had to turn over the Mantis Blade. He pulled it out of the sack and threw it on the ground in front of the Aeon, who picked it up and departed. It was a great relief to have our comrades healed, but all is still not well...Corrigan declined to stay with us again! I am not sure if this is the remnants of his affliction or his reaction to being "assaulted" by the Aeon.

Day 78

This morning I fully explained to Reegan and Corrigan what I had done, and Corrigan now seems willing to accompany us again, though still suspicious. We returned the the Pathfinder camp and gave the half elf her forced diet. Kali suggested Reegan leave his Ring of Sustenance on her, and this put Reegan in quite a dilemma, as that ring is essential for him to continue his all-night crafting. It will be interesting to see what he decides. Exploration was productive today.


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Post  Magyc on Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:02 pm

Day 79

This morning Reegan brought up the idea of obtaining a wand that can cure the kinds of madness he had been afflicted with. He believed that such a wand could be obtained from a temple in his hometown, along with other magical supplies. He asked if I could teleport there, but unfortunately it was a place I had never visited. However, after thinking about it I realized I might be able to scry on his mother, who still lived there. Reegan's sculpture was detailed enough to give me a chance at locating her. After pulling my mirror out of hiding, I did successfully find her, with Reegan's confirmation. I looked around her enough to get an idea of where I would be teleporting.

Kali very much seemed as if she would stay put rather than venture to civilization again, and Corrigan was still acting somewhat strange. As we did not want him to take off in a strange city, only Reegan and I proceeded.

Apparently something went wrong during the process, and we were knocked for quite a jolt during the teleport. When we arrived Reegan suggested that perhaps I had gotten the wrong desert city. I doubted that, but he seemed pretty convinced, and we got confirmation from a passerby we had arrived in Dursai. Fortunately we spotted a temple to a neutral diety (their names all run together to me) and we were able to obtain a wand of Restoration (for a hefty fee) from a priest within. We also got a scroll of Healing to administer to the feebleminded half-elf, thus obviating the need for us to play nursemaid for the next two weeks.

We returned to Savinth Yhe without incident and had Kali hold her down while a Pathfinder cleric used the scroll. The enchantment was broken and she was returned to her senses...her cynical, biting, sarcastic senses. She was still highly suspicious and still quite fearful, even though she was surrounded by fellow Pathfinders. Corrigan suggested we tap her with the wand, as she was acting fairly paranoid. I thought the spell that had broken the enchantment would have healed her mind as well, and not wanting to squander the charges the on the wand, suggested that probably would not work.

After a period of fruitless back and forth trying to get information out of her, I suggested she freely take a look around the Pathfinder camp to ease her suspicions. We led her out of her room and she walked around for awhile. We had the Pathfinders bring her a meal and Corrigan slipped a Restoration potion (one of Reegan's extracts) in her drink. We wanted to give her some space rather than hanging off her and increasing her suspicion, so we decided to spend some time taking it easy, exploring around the Pathfinder camp. Before we left I dispatched a Pathfinder envoy to the government to warn them about the Gorilla-King threat, as I did not want to delay that any longer.

Or so we thought. We turned a corner after looking through a stand of building and came face to face with an ENORMOUS dinosaur. The fight did not go particularly well- the beast was massive. Kali was actually swalllowed by it, but when we saw that our fervor and intensity increased so much that it fell shortly after, and Corrigan was able to use his machete to carve a hole for Kali to escape through.

We called it a day shortly after that and returned to camp. We saw the half-elf looking around, and heard she was asking for a change of clothes and a bath. Through some machinations I don't want to discuss in depth, Corrigan used Plo's pants to produce a change of clothes, and Kali directed her to a bath. She still had a combative attitude but was willing to talk at length now.

She then told us the full story regarding how she came to find her self mindless and running from a horde of undead.
She had been on an expedition with an ex-Pathfinder named Eando Kline. In her words: " He put the welfare of people above the goals of the Pathfinders. He refused to divulge information he had discovered, and was kicked out. What he refused to tell them was information that if known could lead to the destruction of the entire Inner Sea. He found a city full of sleeping Serpent-Folk. He found them by following clues laid out by ancient Serpent Folk, that if followed would lead to the awakening of the city. That is why he stopped, and why he kept the information secret. They were sleeping for a very long time- thousands of year. The rising of this city would be extremely dangerous, as they represent a very powerful force. "

"That was not the only Serpent Folk city Eando discovered. He also found one under Savinth Yhe. He entered deep caves to read the underground city of Illurvia. The Serpent Folk there were active and under some sort of mission. The expedition was captured, including Eando, and only she (Julliver) escaped. Seh went through a portal which took her to an underground complex. Se smashed some operating crystals behind her, but as she was fleeing one of them cast a spell on her. Eando Kline is captured beneath this place, and has been for a number of days already."

Reegan believes the crystal may be fixable, but we would have to return to carefully collect every shard (something Corrigan was doing before we decided to evacuate the mural room for the time being). Unfortunately, she had no possesions of Eando and could not provide me a likeness, so there is no way for me to scry on him and ascertain his condition.

After taking our leave of her we discussed our various options. There we general agreement that it would be desirable to thwart the plans of the Serpent Folk, whatever they were. The avenues to do so were considerably less clear. Kali suggested that we consult with Rundo again. We decided that would be our next best step, to be undertaken the next day.

Day 80
We set out to the very small island were Rundo indicated he resided. After failing to find him with conventional methods, I cast a locating spell to lead us to him. I was unable to get any indication that he was present with the spell's range, even after moving as many differnt points withing Savinth Yhe as we could with the spell's duration. We then split up, with Kali and Corrigan continuing to search for Rundo (Kali seemed to take offense at my suggesting she was the best one within our group to communicate with him...it only makes sense to me to leverage every advantage we have!) while Reegan and I returned to Durias. After the encounter with the dinosaur, Kali asked Reegan if he could provide her with extra protection, and he was very eager to help her. However, creating something to help her would mean abandoning the carpet he had put so much labor into, so instead he was hoping to buy something, as well as something that might give him greater protection against madness (since it appeared we would be headed back to the mural-room). We found various rings for sale that suited Kali's purposes. Reegan argued for the most expensive ring, but knowing the rate at which we were expending resources versus the rate we were acquiring new ones, I counseled for moderation. We did purchase her a less-expensive magical ring that should still grant her significantly increased protection.

After teleporting back to camp, we found that Kali and Corrigan had made contact with Rundo and warned him of the Gorilla threat. He provided them with some additional information about them. We were able to spend the rest of the day exploring and that night I was able to finish craft my Rod of Silence. This will be very useful should we venture underwater again.

Day 81
We returned to the mural room. The 3 murals-jungle, cityscape, and one of the room we were in- remained unchanged. The blue veins are highly conductive to magical energy. Upon entering the room it was easy to see that this time Kali had been afflicted with paranoia, as she drew her weapon menacingly in short order. Corrigan kept urging me to tap her with the wand, but that is much easier for him say than for me to do. I tried to discretely hypnotize her using my new Rod so as to cover my actions, but that failed. As I contemplated my course of action while pretending to study the mural, Corrigan moved up and demanded the wand. I turned it over, and then the next thing I know- he was behind Kali and tapped her with the wand. Though this certainly annoyed her, she did not attack immediately, and the second tap seemed to restore her to her right mind. If I am to use this wand in such a capacity I will have to come up with a method that does not rely on stealth or hypnosis. This will take some doing.

After examing the mural for some time, and the tiny individual runes that compose it, I realized that they form a linguistic puzzle. There are over one hundred languages represented here, all mixed together. They seem to identify places within Savinth Yhe. I believe if rearranged in some discernable order, they would form an entirely new picture. I will have to obtain some parchment from the Pathfinders and make some rubbings that can be manipulated. As we were leaving the room I pressed a piece of parchment to the mural- this time the flame that had coursed through the room the first time did not activate. Most curious.


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Post  Magyc on Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:12 pm

Day 81 cont.

We left the mural room to finish exploration of the other rooms in the complex. We entered a new chamber, and it had vines lining the walls and piles of what looked like very fine dust lying about. Reegan was intrigued by the dust as it looked like nothing he had ever seen, and he took some samples. After poking through the chamber a bit, I noticed the the increasingly telltale changes in the others' behaviors that signaled the return of the mental affliction. In fact, it appeared everyone had fallen victim to it except me. (More philosophically, I suppose I could also be under the effect as well, as apparently self diagnosis does not work. Thus far I have been unaffected, but I will have to leave open the possibility that I may too succumb, and not take offense should one of my comrades want to tap me with the wand...even though it would likely be a waste of charge...)

Corrigan found a secret door and it was evident he had found something in it...it turned out to be an ancient book, bound in dragon skin. Quite surprisingly given his mental state, he turned it over to me, although he claimed the covers when I was done with it. As we moved on to explore the rest of the complex, I debated how I would began to bring my comrades back from their mental fugue. We found the rest of the unexplored passages all ultimately led back to places we had already been, and after several awkward moments of everyone standing around waiting to see what everyone else would do, I announced in the most benign fashion possible that I was heading back to our camp, as there seemed to be little else to do here right now.

When we got back to camp I noticed Reegan had already cured himself, which was very helpful. Noting that Corrigan had been quite effective in curing Kali before, and not wanting to try to sneak up on the paranoid half orc, I decided to try to heal him first. He had already disappeared, and it took several divination spells to find him rummaging through our belongings. I turned invisible and snuck up on, and tapped him twice with the wand. He was healed but nonetheless seemed irritated. We parted for the day, with him holding his tongue and my pretending not to notice his explorations and he hurriedly shoved some of Reegan's possessions back where he had found them. I handed off the wand to him and he eventually did heal Kali, who in turned healed her snake. The charges on the wand continue to dissipate rapidly.That night, I was about to undertake the creation of a new rod while working alongside Reegan, as I had done for a number of days already. While he was poking about the subtance he had obtained a sample of earlier, he suddenly, he began yelling in a panicked voice to get out of the room. I grabbed my materials and did as he requested, and he immediately sealed the door. I gathered the others and to quickly determine if he was in danger, when one of his previously inanimate "bodies" approached us. He had transferred his consciousness and told us that he believed that this substance was a extremely fine type of mold, which when ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin would cause the kind of paranoia we had seen too often in the past few days. He was going to spend the night cleaning his lab as best he could. I found another small room in our commandeered building to convert into a workshop of my own.

Day 82

Reegan refused to come out in the morning and told us he would be cleaning his lab the whole day. We decided while we would go ahead with exploration, and did so without incident. When we returned that evening, he had largely finished cleaning, but still decided to leave it sealed for the time being. As a group, we then discussed various ways we might deal with the threat in the mural room, as any rescue of Eando seems to begin with the contents of the room that was infested with this mold.

Reegan began sketching out plans for some kind of bodysuit with its own breathing apparatus, (for some reason his idea also required copious amounts of grease). Corrigan proposed that I summon some water and air elementals to cleanse the room and sequester the mold within a wall of ice. I believed I had a spell which could keep the mold from making any kind of contact with us- a magical version of Reegan's idea. I was unsure if it would work, but I had some ideas about how to test it. I had planned to borrow some Pathfinder scribes from Amivor to expedite production of the rubbings of the rune-constructed mural. I would cast this spell on some of them, while leaving the others without the benefit of the protective magic, and thus ascertain its effectiveness. For the time being, I kept this aspect of the plan to myself.

That night we did visit the Pathfinder camp as a group. The others went to check on Julliver and see if she wanted to accompany us to the mural room the following day. I went to ask Amivor to assign us some Pathfinders to assist, and he readily agreed. I told him I would need the first completed copy of the rubbings, but any additional copies they had time to make would be freely available for him to study. Knowing that Eando had gone to great lengths to keep his secrets, (and being of very like mind) I fully intended to make sure these junior Pathfinders would not have the time to make more than a handful of extra rubbings. Broadcasting these ancient secrets to the world at large can lead to nothing but strife, and I must continually shake my head at this aspect of the Pathfinder mindset.

After returning to our base in the Artisan district, Reegan and I spent some time crafting (solitary crafting is both relaxing and tedious at the same time). After retiring for the night, we were awoken in the middle of the night by a horn sounding a long note which could certainly be heard across the whole city. After dying off, calm resumed, but returning to sleep was quite difficult.

Day 83

Reegan set off to see if he could see the source of the horn from the air. As he approached the area near the Pathfinder camp, in the distance he witnessed at least 30 Dursai (the flying apes) take off from the trees several hundred yards from the Pathfinder camp. They did not pursue him when he immediately retreated. Beyond them, he saw a huge mass of movement on the ground, consisting of a horde of apes of all kinds. Not wanting to appear affiliated with the Pathfinders, he set off to the Government camp and had a face-to-face with the General, relaying what he had seen. The General was obviously concerned and said he would send scouts out. Reegan then invisibly returned to the Pathfinders and told them also. He found that Julliver and the Pathfinder scribes had set out to join us, but to avoid the ape army they had to travel the long way around the city.
Pathfinder scouts revealed the apes had set up 2 separate camps- the first to the west, between the Pathfinders and the Tribe of the Sacred Serpent. The second, smaller camp was to the North, between the Mantis and Pirate camp.

When Reegan returned, we also told Osond what he witnessed, who said he would also be sending out scouts to keep tabs on the movements of the ape army. I felt it was fairly important to know if they were gearing up to attack immediately- in which case we would have to band some factions together to have some hope of throwing back their assault. I sent out arcane eyes to both their camps and witnessed them setting up camp for the long term. I also saw that each camp was led by a large gorilla, although the true chief seemed to be in the camp to the West, where the gorilla wore a crown and necklace of dinosaur talons. The flying apes stood sentry in the trees, watching both the ground and air.

We debated about whether we should stay and attempt to deal with this threat, but since the apes were not making any hostile actions immediately, we decided that we might not have another chance to investigate the mural room and rescue Eando if we did not do so while calm still reigned. At Reegan's urging I sent a Sacred Serpent courier with details on what I had witnessed to both the Government and the Pathfinders. We then made preparations to return to the complex with the mural room.

After the Pathfinders and Julliver finally arrived after taking the long way through the city, we set out for the complex with the murals. Prior to entering, I cast a spell on each of the Pathfinder scribes. Two of them (hereafter the "control group") got a spell of Protection from Fire. The other two (the "experimental group") got Life Bubble, a spell which creates a impermeable shield against toxic gases and other very fine substances. I reasoned if hostile gases can be screened out, mold spores should as well. I also cast Life Bubble on Kali (because restoring her from paranoia was quite hazardous). I made the mistake of telling my companions what I was doing (outside the hearing of the Pathfinder scribes) and they seemed surprisingly upset, with Reegan voicing the most insistent objections. They fail to understand that the scribes would be subjecting themselves to these dangers anyway, and subjecting them to controlled experimentation simply capitalizes on the risks they were going to endure anyway.

We then went in and got to work. I carefully observed the behavior of the Pathfinders and found that the two not protected by Life Bubble exhibited the telltale signs of paranoia, while the two who had the Life Bubble acted normally. That was a fairly conclusive finding that the spell can protect against the influence of the spores, a handy finding. Still, it is a powerful spell of which I have only a few castings, and trying something like Corrigan and Reegan's more permanent solutions of cleaning the room can save that energy. On a side note, Reegan's engineered suit also protected him from the spores, although I am not sure all of my comrades will be willing to coat their bodies with grease
when we make our likely return trip.

After the Pathfinders had finished one complete copy, I let them continue making a second copy, but only let them finish a small portion of the mural for their own copy before calling it a day and telling them we had to move on. Eando had gone to great lengths to keep his trail secret and I did not want to have this information broadcasted to the world, as will inevitably happen when the Pathfinders acquire it. Reegan had been unable to activate the portal system described by Julliver, our theories are that either the crystal reconstruction was incomplete, or the crystals need to be "charged" in some fashion.

After we returned to camp, the others went out to explore while I attempted to assemble the riddle of the mural. Being able to shift the positions of the rubbings relative to one another aided greatly, and I eventually refashioned the mural into a map of the city, with a marking of a rune indicated in the south, in the swamp territory near where we had found the Boggard "god". We shall examine the area tomorrow.

Day 84

We set out into the swamp. Corrigan found a huge sinkhole at the site indicated by the mural/map. We descended into the sinkhole and found another hole at the bottom, which led to a 40 foot drop into open water. We spotted a humanoid form bobbing in the water. I decided to do a check of the water in my Elemental form, and immediately upon entering I found the water to be filled with a carnivorous Mega Piranha, scores of them. I did a quick sweep of the lake and found a tunnel at the bottom that goes down 40 feet before ending in another chamber, where the water was thick with silt and hard to navigate. Not wanting to get lost and have my spell run out underwater, I returned to the surface. Before turning back, I acquired some blood and skin from the bobbing body (appeared to be an unfortunate fellow from the Pirate's expedition). I did send a shocking grasp into the water, and it did kill many of the piranha...but pacifying these waters will take a lot more energy than just that. I will have to commit a large portion of my daily spell preparation to this, and given that it is our best lead, we may come back as soon as tomorrow.


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Post  Magyc on Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:06 pm

Day 85

This morning I scryed on the blood of the pirate we had found. Apparently he had fallen in the water not too long before we found him. His skin revealed that he knew of two treasure caches- one in the Pirate camp (naturally), the other on an island out in the shackles. Something to note for a future visit, perhaps. After Reegan and I had prepared ourselves properly, we headed back to the piranha-infested "lake". We took turns shocking the water, and when we exhausted our capabilities in that regard, we began setting off sonic bursts into the water from the wands we had acquired from the trodgolytes. Soon dead fish were covering the almost the entire surface of the water, and we felt we had killed enough to safely pass- at the least, the remaining fish would have far easier sources of food now.

Reegan had given us all (including Julliver) a potion that would let use breathe underwater, and knowing how murky the water was, I forged a telepathic bond between us (excluding Julliver). We proceeded underwater and through the hole at the bottom into the next cavern. Visibility was very poor and was the ideal location for an ambush, and that is what we found. We were attacked by 3 large fish-men, very deadly in their home element. Despite the poor visibility we were able to fend them off after Corrigan, Kali, and Reegan suffered massive injuries. After the fight was over we decided by a communal telepathic vote to return to the surface and try to recoup. As we departed Kali noticed something sticking out of a wall (amazing she could spot that underwater) and pulled out a chest that was partially buried. Examining it when we got it to the surface, we found several pieces of jewelry and 3 crystal spheres that had the Azlanti rune for abundance on them- the same rune that had led us to this location. I will carefully examine these tomorrow.

We decided to take it easy after our substantial injuries and simply explore the rest of the day. As we were going through the trogdoltye territory, we came upon two Government agents, obviously badly injured and fleeing. We hailed them and they told us the Government camp had come under massive attack from the Red Mantis. They also told us that both the newly established Ape Camps and the Red Mantis camps had turned on each other, with massive infighting and slaughter. Yet, the Mantis still had enough strength to attack the Government camp. We sent these two agents to find sanctuary with the Pathfinder (!?) and made haste to the government camp. We were waylaid enroute by a Mantis ambush, but we quickly turned the tables on them and dispatched them. We saved one for questioning, but as we began, he bit down on a false tooth and ingested a lethal dose of poison. We lost our chance to find out what happened in the Mantis camp- we will have to be more careful next time.

As described, we found the place in shambles, but still intact. There were obviously a number of casualties, but the camp was being reinforced with military like precision. We asked to see General Halover for a few minutes, and Reegan and I were escorted to see him. He informed us that the Mantis had kidnapped a number of the government soldiers and Reegan asked if Jask was among them. We were told he was! Reegan declared we had to go after him, and I resolutely assured the General we would bring Jask and as many of his men back as we could.

Kali was able to track the Mantis to their new base which was not too far away. We proceeded with our typical assault- all of us invisible and some of us flying. Julliver and Reegan were going to free the government agents who were being held in pens (some of them being tortured) and arm them with items from the Haversack. Kali, her snake and I engaged the archers on the walls, and Corrigan somehow ended up taking on their main force in hand to hand combat by himself.

Luckily, just as he fell the rest of us began converging upon his assailants, and they chose suicide over facing the raging half-orc or the cackling alchemist.

It is worthy of note that after Kali landed a crushing blow on their presumptive leader, a green fluid leaked out of his head- identical to what leaked from Plo's head after his demise. I will take a sample for Reegan.


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Post  Magyc on Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:05 pm

Day 85 cont.

We were able to appropriate several documents that detailed discoveries the Red Mantis had run across during their exploration of the city that the Pathfinders had missed. Good to see that the knowledge will not die with the vile Mantis.

A number of the government troops were in poor shape, and it was suggested that we take them to the nearby Pathfinder camp to spend the night and be ministered to, rather than march them through the jungle back to the government's camp. Since the government was already likely strained in caring for its wounded, the Pathfinders would probably be able to tend to them with greater ease. I supported this idea as it will further cement the growing alliance between the two factions. Several of the government agents (including Jask) wanted to return immediately, and Kali decided to escort them. Both groups made it to their destination without incident, and as I hoped the Pathfinders took in the government refugees and tended to the wounded.

Day 86

I sent my eyes to check on the status of the other camps. As reported, both ape camps were wrecked and dispersed, with many dead apes of all kinds lying about. The original Mantis camp was of course destroyed and an open graveyard. The Aspis consortium appeared normal, untouched by the chaos.

Seeing a chance to appropriate the resources of the failed expeditions, I proposed that we teleport over to those sites and see what remained of value. Corrigan eagerly agreed, and Kali and Reegan agreed to accompany us. Upon arriving we attempted to locate anything that remained that was of value, apart from the weapons and armor on the bodies (of which we already had accumulated as much as we cared to). I found the body Red Mantis leader, who I had scryed on multiple times in the past. A pity we did not get the chance to repay her personally for the multiple ambushes we endured. I used her blood to find her name (Chivane) and the fact that she had been killed by her associates, not particularly surprising when your comrades are assassins. I figured the least she owed us was a treasure cache or two, so I obtained some material from her for a map. The map revealed once source on site, and one source quite far away on Medigilati Island, probably a Mantis stronghold. The nearby source unfortunately had already been looted, and there were too many tracks in the camp for Kali to track the scoundrel.

Heading back to our base in the artisan district, we decided to pass through the remains of the ape camp. Much the same scene greeted us- a few dozen dead bodies lying about, victims of the simian civil war. Again, we found nothing left of value at this site.

We proceeded back to our own camp and I went to see Osond and told him of what we had seen, and that the paranoia seemed to be spreading. I then decided to attempt a new spell I had researched that would reveal to me a great deal of information about how the Spears had been used in the past. We decided to attempt it at the Spear in the former Boggard district, one of the safer regions of the city at this point. After we arrived on site and I cast the spell as my comrades stood watch, I found that the Spear could be activated by holding a celebratory banquet at the ziggurrat, or by a seed planting ritual. At the conclusion of the ritual, the Spear would activate and provide everyone within the district with nourishment and provide protection against disease and madness. Seeing as how this was of great importance given recent events, I relayed the information to my friends, and we set about planning the banquet.

Day 87

Our preparations to activate the sphere were delayed by Pathfinder incompetence. They had yet to fully establish the new camp despite having had several days to do so. I cared not for their excuses, and I avoided speaking to Amivor about the situation, as I did not want a curt remark to spoil the history of cooperation between us. Nevertheless, without having a working camp supporting our efforts progress would be slow to non-existent. Thus, we all spent this day aiding the Pathfinders in setting up the camp, and by the end of the day, it was finally functional.

Day 88

We could now start preparations for the banquet. Kali spent the day hunting fresh meat, enough to feed 50+ people. I had the Pathfinder prepare the rest of the food, entertainment, and other requirements necessary to a successful celebration. I also delegated a Pathfinder courier to formally invite a government delegation to join us as guests, and we received word they would send representatives.

Day 89

The day of the feast arrived and everything went quite smoothly. Pathfinder agents and government soldiers continued to mix and bond amid the bounty and spirits, a secondary effect that I planned and was gratified to see come to fruition. At the conclusion of the feast, after everyone was completely sated, the Spear activated, and it was quite remarkable. A pulse of raw power erupted from it and it stayed illuminated, brightening up the entire district. Our research and efforts into understanding how this city works seem to finally be paying off.

Day 90

I decided it was time to check up on the remaining competing camps. The Aspis and Pirate expedition seem to be in the early stages of spore-paranoia. I consulted with Amivor about whether he would allow the government to relocate to this district, in order to provide them with the protection that the activated Spear now offered. He was amenable to the idea, and I sent a courier to them inviting them to relocate here, explaining what was now happening to other groups and how being within this district could provide some protection.

After the success of using the Legend Lore spell to activate the spears, we decided to try it within the mural room in the complex that had stymied us thus far. We found that as we had suspected, the teleporation system could be activated by placing a charged crystal within its own appropriate slot, with the rune on the crystal touching the rune on the slot. Once placed, they cannot be removed without de-charging them. It is possible to create a crystal, although it would be quite difficult even for Reegan to create one- the work has to be flawless. The teleportation system leads to one location- which, of course, had been shielded from scrying. All seven have to be activated, and we currently had the crystals for Abundance and Eager Striving.

Reegan suggested there could be other existing crystals in the city apart from the ones we had already found. He suggested that the mural of which we had taken painstaking rubbings could be refashioned into more than just two maps- that in fact it could be multiple maps. This did not occur to me, but I decided to attempt to refashion it- and I found out he was correct, as I found another rune (for "Honest Pride") marked on a piece of the map on the center island which was populated by Serpent Folk! I will check for more map configurations.

Day 91

Spent the morning monitoring the situation at the other camps- believe I saw evidence of inter-faction murder. The government sent our courier back with the message that they are accepting our offer and preparing to move to the Pathfinder's current district. I spent the day attempting to re-arrange the map runes, to no avail.

Day 92

Another day spent working the rune-puzzle. I can tell there are more patterns to be uncovered, yet they remain elusive. I wonder whether our time should be spent going after the rune we know about, or addressing the spore problem, or other research on the spheres or the history from the mad priest Corrigan found. Reegan spent his time addressing one of the other mysteries we had uncovered; apparently the ooze which spilled from the heads of Plo and the Red Mantis leader is some kind of liquid brain matter, a chemical concoction which exerts a domination effect on the host, and allowed the victim to be taken over with just a thought. The author of this substance is unknown, but I suspect the Serpent Folk are attempting to wipe out the newcomers. We will have to watch for abberrant behavior from General Havoler and Amivor. Unfortunately we have so little to go on, and Reegan rebuffed my proposal to conduct an experiment with the substance, which is a decision I believe we will regret.

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Post  Magyc on Tue Sep 20, 2011 3:45 pm

Day 93

I spent the first part of this day attempting to work on the rune puzzle and find alternate locations of the crystals in the city. Reegan, Kali and Corrigan decided to take this time to explore, while Julliver stayed behind to assist me. It was a good arrangement as it kept her safe-combat is certainly not her strong suit- and she was able to help me keep this intricate reorganization organized, so much so that I was able to determine the location of the next crystal.

When the others returned I was able to point to the location of another rune on the map- a Rune of Fertility on the far south-west corner of the city. We decided to scout out the area immediately, as it looked considerably safer than the last one I had uncovered (within Serpent-Folk territory).

We flew there using Reegan's magic carpet for the first time. It was a tight fit with all of us on it, but a more stable ride through the air than I am used to. As we approached the area two Serpent-Folk were spotted at the location, which was on a sort of terrace built into the earth on a hillside. Having the advantage in this respect, we flew over them as Kali and her snake jumped off and ambushed. The rest of us circled around and provided support from the air. The tactic worked quite well in keeping the more fragile of us out of harm's way, and the fight ended with one dead and one captured. We attempted to interrogate one of them, and I looked into his mind as Kali asked him questions. I realized they had two of the crystals with them! However, I felt an intrusion in my mind. It was a fairly elementary spell and despite the vicious threat that accompanied it, I took the opportunity to mock my bound assailant. I then realized that he had directed his next mental assault toward Julliver, who I doubted would be able to withstand it. I quickly asked Corrigan and Kali to terminate the threat, and they obliged. We found two sets of crystals on the Serpent Folk as I thought, and this advances our efforts tremendously, as we no longer need to visit the site with Serpent Folk territory! We now possess crystals with the Runes of Abundance, Honest Pride, and Rest.

Kali determined there were six sets of Serpent Folk tracks on the terrace outside of the cave. Three went in. We had dispatched two, and so we were curious about the last pair. Wanting to make sure we did not leave a threat behind us, we got back on the carpet and continued scouting the area. Very soon thereafter, we spotted another Serpent Folk. We moved to engage as best we could (despite Reegan missing its presence, preoccupied as he was with flying the carpet). Corrigan took off in another direction, confusing us at first, though we later determined he had found the real threat as the rest of use engaged an illusion. After that was realized, we converged on the real threat and ended him as well.

Having cleared the area behind us, we entered the cave. In the first chamber we came across, it was evident there had been some kind of conflict, though no bodies remained. We were then ambushed by several spectres, whose touch drained life force. Several of us, including myself, suffered this indignity before we killed them off. We found the shriveled remains of three Serpent Folk who had not been able to deal with the spectres stored in a sarcophagus in this chamber.

We continued on and as we did so I noticed the tell-tale signs of paranoia in Kali's snake. Realizing the mold spores were apparently present here, I immediately cast Life-Bubble on each of us to keep the spores at bay. I attempted to include the snake in the spell, but the massive creature was simply too agile for me to catch and though I chased him all the way outside, it was apparent my efforts were futile. We continued on.

Shortly thereafter we were ambushed again. We were attacked in a mold infested chamber by several flesh-covered, pulsating corpes, disgusting in appearance, as well as a vampire like creature that was quite powerful, and was quite difficult to kill. Continuing....


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