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Life After Thistletop (OOC)

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Life After Thistletop (OOC) Empty Life After Thistletop (OOC)

Post  Saoirse on Fri Feb 11, 2011 3:05 pm

When we concluded our last game, there was talk about listing the things our characters would like to do with some time off. We don't know how much time we'll have, but just so Pat knows what we've got in mind, let's get a list of ideas going! Smile

- Track down Brodert Quink and tell him of our findings and hopefully be able to decipher the words of the Runelord.

- Find out which of the runelords he is!

- Ask Sheriff Hemlock to relay a message to Shelelu the ranger, telling her that Thistletop is cleared out. Hopefully she'll be able to help keep the stronghold goblin free. On a side note...Thistletop would KIND of be an awesome base of operations for us and we can keep a wary eye on that beastie down below. Buuuut I suppose the Heroes of Sandpoint should probably BE in Sandpoint. Whatever... It would be a super cool hideout! Smile

- Morelen will want to go back to Thistletop at some point (sooner rather than later would be good), to destroy that altar to Lamashtu. That thing needs to go down. If everyone is available to go, then that would be for the best! If Nuari and Zerye are gone with no word when or if they'll be back, Morelen will probably ask the Skookster if he wants to join her on a little trip out there. If Brodert hasn't been able to decipher the phonetically written words of the runelord, then he'll have to join them... Maybe Shelelu will come along if she's available.

- If there is still time after those things are accomplished, she'd like to check out Sandpoint a bit more... Most of the places in town she's not been to, so she'd like to familiarize herself with the different businesses and what not.

- Other than that, she's going to spend most of her time drowning in Brodert's history books, learning as much as she can about these runelords and their domains, possibly trying to learn to speak Thassilonian as well, if that's something Brodert can teach her or something she can start to try and extrapolate from that programmed illusion down in Thistletop. A rank in Linguistics will be taken upon reaching next level. Smile

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Life After Thistletop (OOC) Empty Nuari Stormcloud

Post  Colin Marcus on Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:19 pm

Well... there WILL be a note waiting with the Innkeeper that Zeyre and he were going for a walk... and would be back... Though not sure WHEN... or what she need help for... (the gnome is being mysterious...)

Whenever he DOES get back... He will be very interested in ANY information he can get about Nualia... Who she was... did they ever trace the 'divine blood' do they know where it came from...

he'll probably talk to the priest a bit about her... read... and reread the journal...

He REALLY regrets the outright killing of her... there was probably a LOT he could have learned from her that would have answered questions about his OWN heritage...
Colin Marcus
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Life After Thistletop (OOC) Empty Re: Life After Thistletop (OOC)

Post  TRU on Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:58 pm

Skook will be quite happy to spend some time training with Sabyl, eating at the bakery, and wandering about town. He is quite enjoying the fact that people do not universally want to be rid of him, and will be happy conversing with people, and avoiding Tsuto's sister. He will also be moping a bit when no one is looking. That's pretty much it for him.

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Life After Thistletop (OOC) Empty Re: Life After Thistletop (OOC)

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