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Post  Wynnsaren on Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:32 pm

* - designates a magical item

Mundane Items:
300' rope
grappling hook
11 torches
large sack of caltrops
deck of playing cards
key from guardhouse - Lost Refuge
Mystran Holy Symbol - x2
lantern w/5 jugs of shadow oil
bottles of Utterdark Wine - x18

Sling w/22 bullets
Light Crossbow w/30 bolts
Footman's Mace x2
Battle Axe
*Short sword +1
*Sword of Kings
*Footman's Mace +1
*Greatsword +1
*Spiked Chain +1
*Spear +1
*Bastard Sword +1

*Wooden Shield +1 (AP 13 of ?)
*Studded Leather +1 (AP 21 of 35)
*Studded Leather +1 (AP 29 of 35)
*Plate Mail +1 (AP 60 of 60)
Khumat Hide - (to be made into armor?)
Small Steel Shield (AP 30)
Studded Leather Armor (AP 20 of 35)
Studded Leather Armor (AP 19 of 35)
Studded Leather Armor (AP 19 of 35)
Chain mail (AP 40 of 50)
Chain mail (AP 40 of 50)
Chain mail (AP ?? of 50) – from skeleton warrior in Immersea
Bronze Plate Mail (AP 45 of 55)
Plate Armor (AP 36 of 60)

Misc. Magical Items:
*Heward's Handy Haversack
*Portable Hole
*Lens of Detection - allows tracking as 5th lvl ranger (Proficiency check of 8 )
*Gal-ralan, Cold-forged Iron Band : (-1 to CON, +1 to saves, +3 vs. Death Magic or Energy Drain) x10
*Manual of Quickness of Action (Permanent bonus to DEX after 1 month of study)
*Staff of the Shadow War (3 charges. Casts Darkbolt and Armor of Darkness. Wisdom draining) x3

Potions & Such:
Vial of Venom
*Oil of Slipperiness
*Oil of Acid Resistance
*Philter of Love
*Philter of Stammering & Stuttering
*Potion of Ogre Strength x1
*Potion of Invisibility x4
*Potion of Healing (1d6+4) x11
*Potion of Extra Healing x2
*Potion of Silver Dragon Control
*Potion of Super Heroism (component for Tenser’s Transformation spell)

Scrolls & Wands:
Gust of Wind (3rd lvl Wizard, Alteration)
Stoneskin (4th lvl Wizard, Alteration)
Stone to Flesh (6th lvl Wizard, Alteration)
Tenser’s Transformation (6th lvl Wizard, Alteration/Evocation)

Platinum: 162
Gold: 6,662
Silver: 9,635
Copper: 0

yellow topaz (120 gp) x4
emerald (300 gp) x1
obsidian, uncut (12 gp) x1
aquamarines (500 gp) x2
topaz (500 gp) x1
black opal (900 gp) x1
pearls (100gp for Identifying) x5

Gems (need appraising):
16 rubies
1 garnet

Jewelry & Finery:
Silver plated gnome skull (60 gp)
Silver weirwood harp (1,000 gp)

Magical Items (need Identifying):
*Gauntlets [Anti- paladin]
*Long sword [from skeleton warrior in Immersea]

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