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Sooooo.... WHO are you again??

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Sooooo.... WHO are you again?? Empty Sooooo.... WHO are you again??

Post  Colin Marcus on Tue May 03, 2011 2:41 pm

Between this game starting so suddenly, the new system/rules/setting... and a dozen other reasons, Poor Corrigan did not have the typical backstory I usually do.

Add in the fact that 'days pass' on the road, and apparently FIVE MONTHS have passed for this group, shoulder to shoulder through Hell... (and hopefully back... but time will tell Wink )

So in those five months, I'm SURE SOMETHING about our characters has been revealed or brought up at campsites or even just conversation treking through the various jungles.

SOooooo... What should be 'common knowledge' about your character??

Name: Corrigan Desmond.

Father was an elven adventurer, though he rarely met the man. Dad wandered wherever adventure took him, and through more absentmindedness then neglect, only stopped by every decade or so. After all time flies... Mom was naturally human. As Corrigan is now Fifty years old... She has been dead for a few years now.

Dad offered to take Corrigan with him sometime... but he never had that wanderlust that most adventurers have, and was quite content in the city. Possibly starting his long aversion to 'nature'

He's generally a follower of Desna... though she's been a very fickle goddess to him lately... Wink

Grew up in Absalom. Which we have little information on. It is a large Port city, dividing the north and the south... and is the closest thing to 'waterdeep' as we could find on short notice Wink

Corrigan ran with a few gangs, but never got into SERIOUS trouble until recently. A couple of 'business' deals had gone horribly bad. Life in the city was getting 'uncomfortable'. Without any real ties still there, He heard about the fortunes being found down in the Sargova area. With one eye over his shoulder he decided to try his luck.

Colin Marcus
Colin Marcus

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Sooooo.... WHO are you again?? Empty Re: Sooooo.... WHO are you again??

Post  The Sub-Creator on Tue May 03, 2011 4:15 pm

Elric wrote:Grew up in Absalom. Which we have little information on. It is a large Port city, dividing the north and the south... and is the closest thing to 'waterdeep' as we could find on short notice.

Actually, I got a nice 64-page book on Absalom a few weeks ago, so if ever you want to do some reading up, just let me know. Wink

This is my word, and, as such, is beyond contestation.

The Sub-Creator

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Sooooo.... WHO are you again?? Empty Re: Sooooo.... WHO are you again??

Post  Magyc on Tue May 03, 2011 4:16 pm

Deklan would have long since revealed that his initial story about being hired to survey the wilderness was a ruse. He would have talked about how his order of sages was dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge much as the Pathfinders are, but that they differ philosophically about what should be done with that knowledge. (The Pathfinders being much more open and glory-seeking, while the his order believes in keeping secret things secret).

When he refused the tattoo that the others got, he would have revealed that he wanted little to do with the practice of religion, having been a victim of zealotry in the past. He has no problem with non-zealous followers, or even with zealots who do not infringe upon the privacy of others (an admittedly small subset).

He feels somewhat paternal to young Regan while being impressed with his brilliance and enthusiam. He thinks Corrigan is refreshingly straightforward and is grateful that he can balance his personal goals with group loyalty. He also feels that he must look out more for Corrigan in the future, as no one has suffered more for the group than he (despite the fact that he would probably be the least willing to do so voluntarily). He finds Kali the hardest to understand (having little experience with individuals who wield weapons), but is in awe of her code of honor and rigid dedication to the well-being of the group.

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Sooooo.... WHO are you again?? Empty Re: Sooooo.... WHO are you again??

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Tue May 03, 2011 5:29 pm

Reegan grew up in a whore house. He will probably have mentioned that he killed a man when he was very young, and doesn't think it was a bad thing. He loves making things, and mending things, so if anything broke over the past few months, it was him who fixed it or made a new one. His artistic style is a bit gaudy, but clean. He has pretty wild mood swings, although it would be hard to tell if they came from his mutagens, or his poor upbringing.

He has probably frequently mentioned to everyone that he considers himself their friend, and he doesnt have many friends. He likes antagonizing Corrigan, talking with Deklan, and sitting quietly with Kali. He has even been known to pet Bwana-shika when he doesn't think people are watching.

His long term goals are to live forever, discover new alchemical compositions that would be widely used, and to make sure that everyone's wardrobe is color coordinated.

Eddick the Steady (XIV)
Eddick the Steady (XIV)

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Sooooo.... WHO are you again?? Empty Re: Sooooo.... WHO are you again??

Post  Penelope on Thu May 05, 2011 1:35 am

Kali'chatu (Translated Fierce Python in Polyglot)

She was born to a Zenj mother of the peaceful Zul'mamwe tribe within the Mwangi Jungle. Though she never knew her father, rumors among the tribe told her to be the product of a violent encounter with a brutal orcish witchdoctor of one of the warring tribes of the northwestern expanse. Her mother would never speak of it so that truth remains unknown.

Somehow she was able to withstand two attempts at her life in utero, much to the unwilling mother's ire, so it was intended that she be killed at birth but after seeing the strange snake-like eyes of the child, the tribe's shaman (the ancient woman she names her grandmother although unrelated by blood) declared her 'fated by mzimu'joka'. The spirit of the boa. The snake totem is the primary spirit worshipped by the tribe.

Kali was taken in by the shaman, where she lived and trained among the Zul'mamwe as more of a curiosity than an adopted child. Her birth mother, whose experience with the witchdoctor left her scarred and mentally broken, never made eye contact with her daughter refusing to acknowledge her existence for to do so would only be a reminder of that past horror.

The half orc grew up quickly without coddling or the comfort of a human touch, quickly excelling in her training as a tracker and hunter. She was allowed to sleep at the entrance of the shaman's tent but most evenings would be spent out on the trail with a small kundi, a hunting party made up of herself and four males about her age but half her size. While they respected her for her abilities they were quietly intimidated by her, and maybe a little bit envious of the luxurious raven-black back hair which grows long between her shoulder blades. She used to braid it in with the hair on her head, but she's lately taken to shaving it clean every night with her sawback dagger so the massive boa tattoo (that covers a full third of her body) can be seen prominently.

When she came of age at 16 years, the chieftain, against the shaman's will, pushed her from the tribe. Kali had reached her full height by then and at nearly six and a half feet of corded muscle, she towered over even the tribe's tallest hunter. Though she'd lived her whole life among the Zul'mamwe, the heritage of violence in her blood ensured that she could never have a real place among them, so she headed off into the jungle on her own.

Kali would speak of her past matter-of-factly. She has no ill-feelings toward her mother or the tribe that disowned her. It's simply the way it is and if it served them best that she no longer be among them, then she accepts that. She still cares deeply for the Zenj people and believes in their way of life, seeking to protect them from those fortune-seekers who would simply trample them underfoot on their way to plundering the land.

She spent the next three years in the endless Mwangi Expanse, working first around the town of Nantambu where she developed her addiction to Mwangi coffee, and eventually made her way to Bloodcove and the Kaava Lands, trading with merchants and doing the occasional mercenary job. Without a tribe of her own, she felt as though she was simply wandering directionless with no purpose to her life but to survive day by day.

It was on the edge of Kaava Jungle that her path changed. Searching for meaning from the spirits, Kali induced a dream state with the aid of several potent herbs that her grandmother had often used for ritual. Within that state she first saw the great golden-eyed boa that she believes to be her spirit guide. She went out to search for it and is completely convicted that the spirit she encountered that night is the one that lives inside Bwana'shika.

After five hard months of traveling with the group, Kali has come to view the others as her new tribe. A small party of brothers whom she will risk life and limb to keep safe as each Zul'mamwe hunter is taught. It is irrelevant if they would do the same for her as she's kind of claimed them as her own.

In truth she doesn't understand any of her companions well...

Deklan she is quite protective of and appreciates his love of the "stories" and history of other cultures but his penchant for secrets and layers of deception are completely foreign to her.

At first she didn't like Corrigan much at all. He was greedy, selfish, whiny and completely out of his depth in the jungle. Much of that opinion of him changed when he went blindly into the darkness, risking his own neck to use the healing wand on Bwana'shika who was near death. More than that, SOMEHOW he's lived through more near-death experiences in five months than she had in the three years traveling the jungle alone, and he's STILL doggedly pressing on! She's grown to have a deep respect for the stubborn tenacity of this mtoto'nyuni.

Reegan was the first one to reach out to her and she feels a deeper connection to him than the others if only because she senses a similar lonely and nomadic spirit in him. That said, she thinks he's completely insane. Brilliant...but insane.

Kali spends her evenings largely in silence, either shaving her back hair or working with Bwana'shika, Squee or Huwa'hiana. She's made a little back hair wig for the monkey. He kinda looks like Moe with it on but he doesn't like to wear it much and uses it as a pillow instead.

Though more than happy to carry on conversation if approached, the half orc is pretty reserved being much more accustomed to the company of herself and her beasts than she is other bipeds.

Her biggest interest in Saventh Yhi is that whomever ends up in control of it is sensitive to the native peoples that surround it. She believes the Pathfinders are the best option in this regard.

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Sooooo.... WHO are you again?? Empty Re: Sooooo.... WHO are you again??

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