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The Queue is getting too short... Empty The Queue is getting too short...

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:24 pm

Reegan speaks up as they are headed back to camp. He had been slightly more quiet than usual the last few hours, and he had been answering questions in a shorter manner, as though he was preoccupied with something. With the sun getting low in the western sky, he finally let on what was going on in his mind.

"I've been working on things for quite a while now, making stuff for people. So I wanted to let you guys know what I am working on, so that I can get some input about the importance of certain things, and whether or not you had any ideas of things that we need. I have been doing some research on the magical items I should be able to make, and I have a few options.

He breathed for the first time since beginning his speech and continued. "The first thing I wanted to share with you is that I have been making special items for everyone, and I am almost done. These are decorated with you guys in mind, and I have cloaks for everyone, but Kali, which I am planning on working on tonight, and magic belts for our warrior types, and headbands for us caster types, but Deklan, and I am waiting on some materials for yours. I don't want anyone to get upset if I ask for them back, because I plan to increase their power when I do so, and then I will give them right back.

"After Kali's cloak, I promised her I would magic up her breastplate, but after that, the queue is a bit nebulous. So here are the options:

Reegan reached up and made a tick in the air as if using his finger to mark on an invisible checklist. "I did some research on an ointment that will help us with poison, disease and wounds. It takes two days to make, but I think it will definitely help, especially against the Red Mantis.

"Also, to help some of us fight swarms of monsters or vermin, I have been working on some new types of bombs that you should be able to carry safely. Then you can throw down some fire and we can disperse those clouds of creatures more quickly. I can make a few of these a day, although I am not sure how potent they will be yet, as I haven't perfected the recipe. Don't worry, I wouldn't give you something I hadn't tested first.

"Thirdly, If we are to do some exploration underwater, there are several items that I can make that could help with that. The least expensive of which is a bottle which carries more air inside it than one would normally think. It could be a good back up if someone gets stuck underwater or their waterbreathing potion runs out, because it would allow them to breathe under there for several days, or until we could figure out the problem. There are also slightly more expensive options, like a helmet that I could make as well as a very nice medallion, which allows you to breathe anywhere, not just underwater.

"For utility, I have been planning to make a flying rug or broom we can use to get around. There are also some slippers of climbing I was considering as well, so we could just run up the walls if we need to."

Reegan looked into the blank space that was his invisible checklist for a moment, transfixed. "I think that is everything I prepared, are there any questions or suggestions?"
Eddick the Steady (XIV)
Eddick the Steady (XIV)

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The Queue is getting too short... Empty Corrigan

Post  Colin Marcus on Thu Jun 02, 2011 8:51 pm

Corrigan was nervously staring into the shadows behind every ruined building, every nook and cranny... Everytime he thought it was clear he heard a noise and jumped all over again. This adventure had gone completley differently in his head... He'd imagined more treasure and less regaining conciousness in dangerous places... If he'd wanted THAT he could have just stayed home!!

Reegan's words cut through the paranoia as only the talk of treasure could. The alchemist had been hard at work... basically since they'd met, and the gifts were coming more frequently now. While the gifts were appreciated, the rogue was very disappointed that the best treasure he'd aquired so far, had been stuff they'd made themselves! No... not the adventure he'd planned at all...

"Opinions... Suggestions..." Corrigan repeated with eyes dancing wildly. "I think we need an item that will track down more TREASURE!!! Like Deklan's Skin maps... but less distasteful. OR.... Something that lets us get past all the freaky monsters around here!!! Or... maybe something that will help Kali make friends with the dinosaur we're going to try to find... or... or...." He trailed off as his mind went blank. So many options so little time...

"Yeah.... Something that helps us track down the treasure...." he wiped away a little bit of drool.
Colin Marcus
Colin Marcus

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The Queue is getting too short... Empty Kali'chatu

Post  Penelope on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:56 pm

With a slight snort of disapproval, the half orc turned her watchful gaze toward Corrigan just long enough for him to read the warning in her eyes. All the rogue’s talk of treasure had been putting her on edge lately. That love of money… It wasn’t an unfamiliar concept to her.

Since hearing of the Aspis Consortium’s recent landing in Saventh Yhi, Kali had been hoping she’d bump into some of their members. She’d seen too much damage in the Mwangi that could be laid directly at the doorstep of that organization and in her mind, there was some retribution owed to them. In search of treasure they raped the jungle of its secrets, destroying ancient sites that were sacred to her people and killing all that deigned to stand in their way. It was that mentality that brought the ranger to this city in the first place, to protect it from the pillaging and destruction wrought by just those types of people.

Someone was going to discover this place first and she was glad that her companions agreed to side with the Pathfinders’ expedition since they seemed more inclined to gain knowledge than gold and the least likely of all the interested parties to trample the native Mwangi peoples under foot. Since finding the Zenj people living within the ruins, this had become her biggest concern. Kali could see herself finding a place among these welcoming people someday as a permanent ally if not a worshipper of the Radiant Muse. Though…she was indeed quite fetching…

“Eet is generous of you to make dees tinks for us,” she spoke aloud to Reegan as her attention returned to the path before them. “Not seemply de magics but de detail vith vich you create dem. Squee ees especially fond of Corrigan’s monkey cloak.”

“Ooo Eeek!” The monkey hopped once on Kali’s shoulder, rattling his tiny dagger scabbard in response to hearing his name.

“I vould prefer to avoid de vater until eet become necessary to venture in, as eet may hold some of de greatest dangers in dis place. Huwa’hiana gave his life to teach me dat lesson. I should not like to take his gift for granted.”

After a noted swallow of emotion, the half orc continued. “Ve have had much deeficulty vith de svarms in de past. Mosquitos, leeches, de poor baby serpents… If eet vere not for Deklan’s magic or Reegan’s bombs, ve may have been overvhelmed. Anytink dat ve could use against dees threats vould be most useful.

“Also Reegan, ve seem to be frequently relyink upon your ability to Levetate us across de vater. If der is somethink that you could create to take dis burden off your shoulders…” Kali hesitated a moment and continued in a lower tone of voice. “Of course, I vill admit dat to do not feel comfortable vith the idea of a flyink…rug. Or broom… Really anythink flyink at all. I prefer my feet upon solid ground. However, I vill do vat is needed to be done for de safety of us all.”

Carpe DM

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The Queue is getting too short... Empty Re: The Queue is getting too short...

Post  Magyc on Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:33 pm

"You have been most prolific as of late, and I know we all greatly value the gifts you have labored to produce for us." Deklan began. "I like your focus on addressing the problems that we have been coming across most recently, and I think that your solutions for dealing with poisons will be most helpful in the short term. Swarms of small creatures has also been a problem for us, and dealing with them has fallen mostly on your shoulders. If you gave us the means to defend ourselves against them as well, we would be much better off."

"I agree with Kali that we can put off our underwater explorations for awhile. Those areas will probably remain hidden from the other groups for quite awhile. Additionally I have placed an order with the Pathfinders for a spell that will enable me to traverse the depths effortlessly, and I may do some preliminary exploration to determine if it is worth our time, before you invest your precious time in underwater exploration items. As for general movement and climbing, although I find it bothersome, I think our other needs are far more important."


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The Queue is getting too short... Empty Reegan

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Tue Jun 07, 2011 3:03 pm

Reegan listened thoughtfully to the responses, furrowing his brow. He decided to address the comments in order. "Corrigan, unfortunately the things I make can't really help find things. You are the one with the best eyes, and those new lenses you wear are supposed to make things a bit clearer for you. It's the best I can do. I will have to focus on keeping you alive so that you can find the treasure yourself."

He turned over to Kali, looking up to the muscular lady. "Waiting to explore underwater seems to be a decent idea, so we will do that. Swarms seem to be an issue, so I will work on those special bombs first." He smiled at Kali over her concerns about flying. "A flying carpet is a bit more secure than the broom, so I can go that way. Once I make it, it should free up some of my daily potions for other things, but it can wait until more pressing concerns are addressed."

"I should be able to get the poison control done soon after the new bombs, and after that I can work on the rug. That's okay, because I have yet to weave it yet. I might enlist some help with the artisans back at our new camp, because it is likely to be a big project."

"Thanks so much for the input everyone, it should be enough to keep me busy for a while. I do enjoy making things, and really always have, its just good to be useful." He beamed with his crooked, somewhat yellow teeth sticking out a little.
Eddick the Steady (XIV)
Eddick the Steady (XIV)

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The Queue is getting too short... Empty Re: The Queue is getting too short...

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