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Post  Colin Marcus on Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:56 am

Note: Very Annoyed... lost the first review. try it a SECOND time... (found the problem... titles need to be 10 characters long >.<)

Rated PG-13, Action

Opinion going in: Smile Smile Smile
Opinion coming out: Smile Smile Smile

Language: Evil or Very Mad
I seem to recall a little bit, but nothing to horrible or shocking

Action: drunken drunken drunken drunken
LOTS of good fight scenes! Personally I LOVE some good choreographed hand to hand fighting... and this was VERY good. Also a few nice explosions... Some... a bit TOO nice... but still VERY fun Smile

Heroic Violence/Gore: Sad
Next to nothing... Lots of hand to hand fighting... but very little blood. Honestly I believe it should have had MORE blood in it. There was a scene where the bad guys show up with long thin barrels making their guns look unusual. After shooting two people with strange poofing noises... i was trying to determine if they were Tranq guns or silencers. Dialoge determined later that they were in fact killed. I would personally prefer a blood spot on their shirts to indicate actual bullets Wink

Nudity/'Character development' Shocked
PROBABLY not a fair assessment. Taylor lautner is gaining the 'Van Damme' Syndrome. He is now contractually obligated to take his shirt off in every movie... because 'he worked hard to look that way, and SOMEONE's gonna SEE it!' Also, as the trailer shows... there is some heavy makeout scene later with girl sidekick, but you pretty much see it all right there. Soooo Probably a Zero would be closer to accurate.


First of all, I enjoyed it!

It wasn't the GREATEST accidental spy movie there is... It seems to WANT to be 'Bourne identity' but I don't put it quite up to even 'Bourne Ultimatum' (Which I didn't really care for.) There is a great big plot thing that goes on in the background... that honestly just seemed kind of lame to me. Almost too textbook and boring.

It's a mcguffin, and doesn't really MATTER to the movie. The movie is all about what the characters DO when their lives go crazy, and THAT is still fun! However not caring for the background stuff put a damper on the movie for me.

What brought it up though was the characters history/background. Based on the preview it looks like Kid finds out he's adopted or 'abducted' and spy stuff happens, and he is just some kind of natural superhero. The son of James bond who inherited 007's Awesomeness genetically.

It's nothing like that. The character actually has reasons for being awesome, and that was a nice surprise. Thus raising it back up to my expectations.

I expected it to be entertaining, and it was! I have no desire to buy the DVD or run right out and watch it again.... but I did enjoy it. If we're at a party and someone put it in... I would happily watch it again. I just wouldn't pay $10+ to do so captain pirate
Colin Marcus

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