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Howling Reborn

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Howling Reborn

Post  Colin Marcus on Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:13 am

In this chilling reboot of the '80s horror classic, Landon Liboiron of ''Terra Nova'' stars as high school senior Will Kidman, whose infatuation with a beautiful classmate (Lindsey Shaw of ''Pretty Little Liars'' and ''10 Things I Hate About You'') begins to trigger certain teenage animal instincts. But when a mysterious woman (Ivana Milicevic of Casino Royale) with a shocking secret re-enters his life, Will learns that he is heir to a powerful line of werewolves. Now he finds he has a choice to make: succumbing to his primal nature or turning against his own. In order to fight the destiny of his legacy and save the girl of his dreams, he must battle not only his growing blood lust but an army of fearsome beasts hell-bent on killing us all. Tonight, the full moon rises. The horror begins anew. This is THE HOWLING REBORN.

Rated R, Horror

Opinion going in: goblin goblin goblin
Opinion coming out: goblin goblin

Language: Mad Mad (Y'know... I don't think there was really much... Always seems to be SOME.... but not the hardcore nastiness that horror movies seem to draw.")

Action: bom bom (I don't know... they didn't completely suck... but way too much shaky cam for my tastes. Too much 'shadow/dark' action... SOME was good, but nothing to write home about.)

Heroic Violence/Gore: pale pale pale (Again... I've seen much worse. but there were a few claw wounds and blood splatters. Nobod dances in their victim's innards... but there it IS a werewolf movie. However for a Rated R movie... I'm actually surprised how 'tame' this is...

Nudity/'Character development': affraid A lot implied... A lot 'teased'... but really, I think this would have been more 'PG-13' then R...

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Sleep Low budget... Sometimes it looked good... but most of the time it did not.


From 1981 - 1990's there was one franchise that OWNED Werewolves. The HOWLING. It was extremly violent, and the special effects were top notch. As a rule, the STORYLINES uniformally sucked. But what they lacked in story they tried to make for with awesome transformations and furry monster slasher movies.

This... was the opposite.

The basic plot on the back of the dvd sounded VERY interesting. The first half fully lived up to that expectation. They did the 'lore' VERY well.. and had some great moments in it.

The transformations were nearly non-existant. There were none until the 3rd act, and they were all CGI and instantaneous. Gone were the slow detailed bone cracking, body shifting agony scenes.... Here Human... Now wolf. BAM.

I was disappointed.

Also... I'm VERY curious what the difference between 'Remake'... 'Reboot'... and 'Sequel' would make. None of the Howlings ever really tied into each other in any significant way. This was a COMPLETLY different story then the original... IT really just seemed to be stealing the Howling name just ot give itself some kind of legitimacy. It had no more to do with the howling Franchise then Cursed did a couple years ago...

And it was a better show.

Still, I got it as a free rental... So i'll not complain TOO much. It was enjoyable for what it's worth, just don't go in with major expectations of seeing an old franchise reinvigorated.
Colin Marcus

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