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Mansions of Madness: The character list

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Mansions of Madness: The character list

Post  Mr. Awesome on Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:20 am

As stated previously, here we have the character list for Mansions of Madness. Mind you, initially I only have the eight characters, but with the new major expansion coming soon, I may soon have another four investigators to pick from. I'm posting the characters and their initial BASIC backstory here, so that those of you who are interested in trying the game out can participate on more of a RP kind of way as well, and make the game a bit more fleshed out and fun than just playing it outright.

If you have a character you want to be out of the ones thus far listed, just let me know, and feel free to embellish on the backstory to your heart's desire. Just be aware, that this game....wellll...it TENDS to have a somewhat high turnover rate in new investigators if things get running REALLY well. But thats a whole other topic. Anyways, ON WITH THE CHARACTERS!!


Very few of Kate Winthrop's scientific colleagues even know her name. She is
painfully shy, but nonetheless possessed of a powerfully focused scientific mind.
Several years ago, she watched as her mentor was devoured by an unthinkable
creature from another world. A weaker mind might have gone mad or dismissed the
sight as a hallucination. But Kate knew with full clarity what she saw and has
spent her time ever since studying the phenomena that casued the tragedy.
The result of these studies is the flux stabilizer. The device is still a work in
progress, but she hopes to perfect a device that can permanently protect this
world from the monstrosities that dwell in the worlds beyond. Kate is always eager
to test the device or do more research at any place evidence of the supernatural
may be found.


Joe Diamond is a private investigator with a reputation for handling cases that
everyone else regards as supernatural nonsense. He's thorough in his investigations,
and he's no one to be trifled with. His services have been employed by the wealthy
as well as those down on their luck. No case is too large, too small, too strange,
or too dangerous. In his experience, things start getting nasty right when you
start reaching the truth, and that's exactly where he likes to be.


Jenny Barnes has spen the majority of her young life in pursuit of creature comforts,
fine dining, and the latest fashions. But during her most recent summer in Paris, she
recieved a letter from her sister, Isabelle. In this letter, Isabelle confessed that
mysterious forces were aligning against her and that she feared that she may fall
victim to some paranormal threat. It was the last letter Jenny recieved from her beloved
sister. Jenny has since returned to the States to track down and investigate all occult
occurrences she can find. Hardly a wilting flower, she has proven herself a crack shot
as well as a fearless and clever investigator of the unknown. Until Isabelle's disappearance
is explained, Jenny will never relent in her search. And she will do so impeccably dressed.


At night, "Ashcan" Pete sleeps wherever his travels take him: in a field, on a train,
or maybe, if he's lucky, in a barn. He bunks with his loyal hound dog, Duke on one
side, and his beat-up guitar on the other. And sometimes when "Ashcan" Pete sleeps,
he dreams. He dreams of haunted, tortured places and of horrible creatures. When
he wakes up, he knows that someone needs his help, because his dreams are true.
He couldn't say how long he's been on the road, living by his wits, but he can say for
certain no place is too far to go to help someone in need. And as long as Pete can help
people, he's not likely to stop wandering any time soon.


Michael McGlen considers himself a problem solver. The federal authorities consider Michael
McGlen a dangerous criminal and member of organized crime. McGlen doesn't really care
what other people think. After his good friend and business associate Louie was dragged
into the water by some horrible creature, McGlen took it upon himself to deliver a healthy
amount of payback to things that go bump in the night. He seeks out strange places
haunted by the supernatural and by terrible beasts. Once there, he proceeds to solve the
problem. Typically, McGlen finds that dynamite or a tommy gun are the best ways to
get results.


The more Sister Mary learns of the strange and arcane forces that sometimes manifest
in this world, the more certain she is that she has been set upon a path to protect the
innocents and to ward off these forces when possible. Armed only with the trappings
of her church and and unshakable faith, Sister Mary has sought out every supernatural
threat she hears of through her fellow priests and nuns. The other members of her church
may dismiss such things as medieval nonsense, but Sister Mary knows all too well that
evil exists in a very literal form. She also knows that if evil is left unchecked, it will
bring ruin and horror to all of creation.


Ever since she was a young girl, Gloria has been plagued by visions of monsters dwelling in
strange, nightmarish places. She eventually learned to overcome the terror that accompanied
these visions by writing them into stories. As the years went by, her stories launched her
into a successful career as an author, but the more she wrote, the more extreme the visions
became. She has come to believe that the images she sees are not her imagination, but
rather clairvoyant insight into the world of the supernatural. She has resolved to use this
insight to investigate teh realm of the supernatural and exorcise these nightmares from the
world as well as her subconscious.


Professor Walters began as a devotee of the archaic and obscure, but over the years he has
discovered taht his knowledge of ancient languages, occult relics, and strange rituals is vital
to addressing dangers in the modern day. He is both and avid collector of prehistoric ephemera
and a font of knowledge regarding bizarre primordial religions that worshiped nightmarish gods
eons ago. When a supernatural event occurs, Professor Walters is often asked to bring his
considerable resources and experience to bear on the problem.

Once again, be sure to let me know who you're interested in playing and I can fill in more info for you if you want to know more about the character and what all they can do during the process of the game itself.
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