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Haywire Review

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Haywire Review

Post  Colin Marcus on Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:22 pm

Rated R, Action/Thriller

Opinion going in: disappearing ninja disappearing ninja disappearing ninja
Opinion coming out: disappearing ninja disappearing ninja

Language: afro I remember SOME... but nothing too horrible... just bits here and there...

Action: ninja ninja ninja ninja This is pretty much what I went to see... The fights were MOSTLY well choreographed and done by people who KNEW what they were doing...

Heroic Violence/Gore: Nah... nothing worth noting. Lots of cringeworthy slams. People picked up and thrown through book cases or into shelves that just... hurt to watch. But all the innards stay In... Truthfully, I think it could have gotten away with a pg-13, A high-end brutal pg-13... but not really deserving of an 'R' either.

Nudity/'Character development': Nothing.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Low budget. A few editing 'glitches' that looked wierd... but nothing spectactular.


Honestly... I was Bored through most of this show. The main draw behind this movie is Gina Carano. An actual legitimate MMA fighter. Apparently the director saw her fight and decided to make a movie around her... As a first time actor she's... 'ok'. Not a GREAT actress... but I've also seen a LOT of people who have been doing it a LOT longer who suck a LOT more.

The problem is with the script... It's just... Dull.

They have a LOT of 'chase scenes'. Basically her chasing someone... or someone chasing her... and there is very little dialogue. Little music... just... Running. turning corners, climb ladder... run... meet someone... beat them down, Run... When you go 10 minutes without any words it's a bit boring.

Also, the overall plot about why she's running and who's out to get her... is muddled and confusing.

The fights were fun (Although there was ONE that had too many ridiculous moments in it... people trying to do something that makes zero sense for a person in their situation...) but the story wasn't. My mom hit it on the head, when she said it should have been a TV pilot and not a movie... It would have made an awesome series... though, to be fair with all the Nikita/alias clones out there, it's been done before.
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