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Just like old times...

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Post  Colin Marcus on Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:17 pm

Erastal's mouth gaped as his own pointed ears picked up the silver tongued human's words that veritably dripped with honey. Part of him admired the human... after all where he was from <i>HE</i> was considered the impulsive one... and though he's spouted his share of poetic verse to the various wizardess' of the Sisters of the Sun.... This human moved fast!

The other part however... wondered if his Bladesinger oath to protect all elves was about come into play. The well used bow she carried told him she could handle herself... but he <i>was</i> getting bored....

Something she had said broke through the fog of poetry at that point. Curfew... He'd heard something about that on entering the town. Granted he'd promptly dismissed it.... but if people were disappearing... Maybe he'd better listen closer.

"What of it barkeep?" He asked over the proclamations of affection from the newcomer. "Any information you can share?"

"Of what? Safe sleeping arrangements?" He grunted and nodded towards the gallant. "Sounds like Wanderer has his own plans on that regard...." He shook his head with lost hope for the friendly elf maid the rogue had set his eyes on.

"The curfew's been a problem around these parts. A few people go missin' after dark, and suddenly the busiest time of night isn't profitable anymore. Normally we ain't an inn, per se.... However, for a few copper your more than welcome to stay in the common room till dawn breaks. Otherwise there's a few more standard inns about Loudwater, though none with our Home brew."
Colin Marcus

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Post  Penelope on Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:39 pm

Erulisse couldn't prevent the tips of her ears from reddening due to all the unasked for praise. A reaction that was undoubtedly noted by the gallant. Even though his welcome was a bit over the top, he seemed kind and genuinely willing to be of assistance to a newcomer in town.

Also, she was pleasantly surprised by the man's grasp of elvish! Certainly the best she'd heard spoken by a human, and the archer found herself breathing a sigh of relief as she fell smoothly into the comfort of her native language.

"Lle bethea naa lisse' lina, Wessario. Amin estela a' mona luume' sinome ikotane ta naaya tanya amin tuluva a' sinta lle eithel faarea a' yela lle ed' lle ai essa. Amin hantaya lle tua yassen i'lammen sinome, vee' amin quenta a' ilbeleg, ar' amin naa saese ed' lle naia en' i'lammen en' Tel'Quessir! A' naa saiquel ten' edan!"

An friendly smile touched her lips before the mug was raised to them once more.

Erulisse wasn't keen on this whole...curfew...thing. Being told when you could go out and when you had to stay inside didn't afford the free lifestyle that she was used to among her elven family, not to mention that just the thought of being confined behind four walls and a ceiling made her skin crawl. Maybe there was another solution.

"A gracious offer," she nodded in thanks to the barkeep," and your home brew is quite palatable, but I must admit that while one night locked inside a room is manageable, any more than that might see me climbing the walls. I am more of an evening stroll under the stars kind of elf.

"How long has this been going on? How many have gone missing?" The archer scanned the tavern and found that the elf who had just spoken up seemed keenly interested in the conversation. Perhaps he had claustrophobic tendencies as well.

"Maybe the guards could use a fresh set of eyes and someone handy with a bow," she grinned, lovingly tracing her fingers along the well-worn and beautifully carved limb.

Carpe DM

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Post  Colin Marcus on Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:13 pm

"Quite frankly... " The barkeep said with a smirk. "The story I'm hearing is that they want the curfew kept... Too many civilians out and about as it is since they posted that reward..."

"Reward?" Elastal's ears perked up.

"Yeah.... High Lord Greysword went and offered 10,000g to anyone who could stop it... Thelbrimm threw a fit at that... Took it as an affront to his militia. Though... To be fair, it's only gotten worse as weeks go by."

"How so..." The bladesinger inquired palms itching for a good fight.

"Town's been going downhill ya ask me..." The barkeep shook his head. "We've always had trouble with the Zents being too close, Now we're fallin' apart from the inside.

"Last month we had them two fool wizards start a war with each other... killed too many civilians in the process...."

"Wizard duel?!"

"OHhhh yeah.. Blatantly illegal stuff... Haven't seen either of them since. Word is they both died in mage-fire, didnt' see it myself."

"Think that has anything to do with the disappearances?" Elastal asked carefully weighing his mage-lore against what he'd heard...

"Nahhh... They were both decent enough fellows on their own... not the typical 'evil wizard' or nuthin'. Just mentioned because that was the first of the big news that went down... happened about two months ago...

"Few weeks of quiet went on... then Sammy the Cobbler just disappeared. No hide nor hair found of him... But he wasn't the last... Started slow... About one person a week... now.... Now it's a couple a night.

"Every Night.... and Only at night...."

"Hence the curfew." Elastal spoke what everyone was thinking.

"Yep... and why I don't suggest you flaunt it. Too many people out there tempting fate as it is, that reward didn't help matters none."
Colin Marcus

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Re: Just like old times...

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