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A Letter to Thaddeus

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A Letter to Thaddeus

Post  Magyc on Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:17 pm

Most esteemed Thaddeus,

I have word you will be soon setting out on an expedition. Do not be concerned with the source of my knowledge, such things as these rarely stay secret for long. I know the charge that has been laid upon you, and I am sure every pair of hands that can aid your effort would be most appreciated by yourself.

For this reason I have sent along someone who I believe, in time, will be of great service to you. His name is Paido Firefoot, and he was part of the first (and most likely only) class of halflings that were to be trained to serve as unobtrusive bodyguards for the nobles and royals.

Unfortunately, he washed out of the training quite early due to his frailty and the fact that he was too small....even for a halfling. However, I saw great potential within him, and after his dismissal took to training him myself in a style of combat arts more suited to one of his attributes. I had high hopes to see my personal vision of Eastern swordplay melded with magic realized.

Unfortunately I won't be able to witness the results of my experiment, as I have been called away for other pressing matters and can no longer supervise his training. I have been unable to find anyone willing to take him on.

I hope you will see fit to take him with you on your charged task. He is of unfailingly good will and eager to please.

Just indicate your response to the courier. I hope you agree, as I already told Paido you have personally selected him to accompany you and he is waiting outside. Also, he will have to return to sharecropping if you decline and his spirit is easily crushed. Best of luck with your mission!

Yours In Comradeship,



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Re: A Letter to Thaddeus

Post  Magyc on Thu Nov 01, 2012 12:19 pm

It was a bad day for Paido Firefoot.

This was a contrast from the past few weeks. Everything had started out so well. Sir Thaddeus, Mistress Sarala, and Master Zaistrum had all accepted his presence. He had quickly assumed the disparate roles of bodyguard and servant, quickly undertaking every task and chore he could without being asked. Everything he could do to demonstrate his worth to Thaddeus and the others, did did, even when it exceeded his competencies.

All had been going fairly well before today. He was able to get claim most of the gravedigging activity (which occurred at a much greater frequency than he had expected) and Zaistrum had entrusted him with the awesome responsibility of making the map for the expedition!

But this day had rocked his confidence and left him agitated and distressed. The first blow was when Lady Wynstra joined the group. She was quite kind and her exotic appearance quite majestic, but she paid entirely too much attention to Paido for him to be comfortable. The unease turned to outright alarm when he saw the quality of the maps she was making. He had been proud of his own work, but the quality of her maps far surpassed the ones he was making. Suddenly ashamed and fearful of losing the responsibility he was entrusted with, he borrowed several of her maps, making sure none of the others saw them. He intended to study them for as long as he could to learn how to improve his own maps as quickly as possible, before his incompetence was exposed.

Then his agitation turned to near panic when they encountered another body needing burial. Thaddeus took up a shovel and started digging himself! Paido knew Thaddeus was not the type to reprimand (he had not uttered a single sharp word to Paido). Paido could only take it as a repudiation of his own work when Sir Thaddeus undertook manual labor himself. While outwardly calm, Paido waited in alarm for the Thaddeus to pause so he could jump in and take over without violating his space.

Paido could not understand why Thaddeus would suddenly shame him in such a cruel fashion. He was so unlike any noble he had ever met, and Sarala was an enigma as well, putting herself in solo peril time after time. Thankfully, Zaistrum was a rock of reliability, Paido felt very comfortable in relating to him as he had related to nobility his entire life. He was exceptionally patient, actually willing to listen to Paido's questions and answer them! Perhaps he could confide his concerns to him and ask Zaistrum what he could do to get back into Thaddeus's good graces. Hopefully he had time to do before he was dismissed from the expedition.


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