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We Be Goblinz

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We Be Goblinz

Post  Penelope on Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:24 pm

A compilation of the classics set to the soothing sounds of frenetic drumming, ritualistic screams and wild gobbies stomping feets!

We be Licktoads! We make raid!
Put the longshanks to the blade!
Burn them up from feet to head,
Make them hurt, then make them dead!

Cut the parents into ham,
Smush the babies into jam,
All the rest in pot get stewed,
We be Licktoads - you be food!


Sneaksy goblins in the night,
Sneaksy goblins like to bite
And chew and rip and gnash and rend,
We goblins eats you end to end!

So lock your gates and bar your door,
It not matter to the goblin horde,
For we will gets you, yes we will!
Sneaksy goblins…


Your babies, TASTY, yes they are.
Taste bestest in a pickle jar!

Fingers, toes and bits of skin.
Chop up parts and shove them in.

Cheeks and feetsies, legs and arms,
Too bad you’re dead, can’t raise alarm!

Pour in brew and seal up tight
We goblins will eat good tonight!

Ugly noses pressed to glass,
Their faces is what we eats last!

We likes to have them watch, you see,
When we crunch upon their knee.

Then juicy eyeballs! Pop them in!
Sweet juices running down our chin!

Oh tender babies, I’ll make them mine,
And they’ll be tastiest in brine!


Goblins sneak and goblins hide,
Goblins hunt when dark outside,

Out of forest, through the trees,
Goblins quiet in the leaves.

Goblins sneak and goblins harm,
Goblins find a lonely farm,

Badger stink and poison bone,
Kill the dog away from home.

Goblins sneak and goblins hide,
Goblins know how get inside,

Down the chimney, up the loo,
Goblins know just what to do.

Goblins sneak and goblins spy,
Goblins hear the baby cry,

Find the crib and climb beneath,
Draw the blade and lick your teeth.

Goblins sneak and goblins hide
Goblins all climb up inside,

Must be quick with shiny knife,
Never wake-up farmer’s wife.

Goblins sneak and goblins see
Goblins know just when to flee,

Stuff the baby into sack,
Run from room and don’t look back.

Goblins sneak and goblins hide,
Goblins hunt when dark outside,

Now deep in forest, out of sight,
Goblins eats baby tonight.


Doggies stink and doggies fight!
Doggies bark and doggies bite!
We stick them with the pointy ends,
We stabs them sleeping in their dens!
We cuts their bellies open wide!
And dance on innards when they die!


Goblins block the doors with sticks
To better keep in those that kicks
Light the place with stolen bright
Grin with glee as goes alight
Sing a song and stomp your feets
Wait your turn while fire eats
When it gutters down and dies
Find cooked meats all locked inside.


Look! The fire burns so high!
Fire! Fire! Lick the sky!
Flames like hungry goblin bellies,
Pops the eye and turns to jelly.
Watch the bodies writhe and twirl,
The burning hair of boys and girls!
Melt the flesh and scorch the bones.
Make them runs out from their homes.
Right to where we goblins wait,
To stick them dead, our hunger sate!


Nasty breath and nasty feet
Trample goblins in the peat!
Big square teeth and he can fight
Kill a goblin with a bite!
Cannot kill him with brute force
O ho! How we hate the horse!
Sneaky sneaky in the stall
See him standing o so tall!
Pull his tail and twist his mane
See him spit and twist in pain!
Run and run! Scramble, race!
Lead him on a merry chase!
He not see the cliff at night
Goblins eat until daylight!
Tasty tasty meat of course!
O ho! How we love the horse!


You will cry and you will moan
Goblins come into your home
Goblins hide where you can’t hear
Goblins pounce and bite your ear
Goblins hide when longshanks come
Goblins smart and you be dumb
Goblins hide where you can’t see
You can’t run and you can’t flee
You will scream and you will run
Goblins chase you down for fun
Goblins hide where you can’t spy
Goblins snatch and gouge your eye
Goblins creep and Goblins crawl
Goblins come when baby bawls
Goblins hide where you can’t find
Upon your flesh we goblins dine


Goblins flee and goblins run,
Hide in trees from wicked sun.

Longshanks chase with nasty dogs,
chase the goblins into bogs.

Boggy ground and boggy air,
But the goblins do not care.

Hunters chase the goblins round,
Never seeing pits in ground!

Trappers now the trapped they be,
While the goblins dance with glee!

Heads get smashed and longshanks dead,
And goblin bellies soon get fed!


Gut da gnomie with a sickle
makes for yummy tasty pickle

sit for days we lets it stew
in the special goblin brew

slimey sour meaty bites
fill the goblin belly right

slice the doggy cut da horse
Goblins get new pickle source

Monster eye and monster tongue
all become the goblin dung

slurp the juice and suck the marrow
kill the longshanks with the arrow

if the meat not good today
goblins never throw away

take the meat that makes you spew
pickle in the Goblin brew


Goblins eat your house and home,
Goblins eat your garden gnomes,

Next time it's your gaming night
Lock the door, and bar it tight.

Goblins curse your stupid dice.
Goblins don't eat beans or rice.

Guard your toes and gird your feet;
Goblins like the nerdly meat.
Goblins steal the nacho chips,
Goblins claim the bestest dips,

Watch you as you cry, "boo hoo,"
Goblins stole your Mountain Dew.

Goblins swarm and goblins kick,
Goblins poke with goblin sticks,

Ha! You rolled a natural one!
Goblins find this lots of fun.

Goblins watch with beady eyes,
Goblins eye your curly fries,

As you fall into their trap,
Goblins eat then take a nap.

Goblins burp and goblins stink,
Goblins don't have time to think,

They're just here to nab your food,
Goblins blame that other dude.

Goblins like your treats and snacks,
Goblins fill up doggie snacks,

Goblins steal the yummy treats--
You came to game, they're here to eat.

Carpe DM

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Re: We Be Goblinz

Post  The Sub-Creator on Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:25 am

Simply . . . awesome . . . dragon

This is my word, and, as such, is beyond contestation.

The Sub-Creator

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