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Additions to the Birth of Truth and Light.

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Additions to the Birth of Truth and Light.

Post  Colin Marcus on Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:50 am

I have been taught how many paladins and servants of the goddess have added their own thoughts and stories to the backs of their holy texts. Stories that inspire and teach from experience. It rarely occured to me that someday I'd write things down, that other others could learn from my mistakes and rejoice in my achievements. But looking towards the future...

I can see that things are going to get interesting to say the least.

30th Sarenth
The land looks different. It's the same land as we left it mere days ago... but it's not. What once was simply "The Stolen Lands..." a bandit filled wilderness nobody cared about... is now Novastasia; the land of second chances... Ressurection.

My land.

It still feels like a dream. I had abandoned any plans to rule years ago. That was my brother's lot in life... and should the unthinkable happen to Cor, there was yet another before me. I had hoped to serve on a more.... individual basis.

When the Lord Mayor offered me the land, I nearly refused. I still question that decision, though the other have a great deal of faith in me.

I'm less certain, but that doesn't mean I will shirk the responsiblity laid before me. I can think of no one else I would trust with this charge.

I knew Brevoy had their eyes toward this land, and the thoughts of who would get it concerned me. At least this way, I can see to it that the Sootscale tribe , the fey, and the others nearby will be treated with respect.

Seeing the large Caravan behind me fills me with trepidation and hope. So many people pledging themselves to me. All in the hope of a new beginning in a land of peace. Sarenrae has gifted me this opportunity to help people... to make the world a better place. Not with the sword as I'd expected, but with a scepter. Though I imagine my sword arm has a few more miles left on it.

This I will give them or fall in the trying.
Colin Marcus

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