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Letter to Coranious

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Letter to Coranious

Post  Colin Marcus on Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:50 am

My dear brother,

Coranious, Baron Medyved of Stoneclimb.

First of all, I hope this letter finds you well and prospering. I know we parted on less then amiable terms, and many of the words and actions of that last encounter I wish I could take back.

I would like to assure you that Sarala and I are healthy and happy, but that is not the reason for this letter. Much has changed in my own fortunes and I wished for you to hear it from my own pen, if not my own mouth.

I hope this letter arrives before the rumors, but let me tell you plainly what has happened. As you know, Sarala and I went south into the stolen lands to help remove the threat of bandits. We were successful and I'm certain Sarala will have many tales to tell you herself. (In fact she says she's writting you at this moment herself.)

On our return to Restov, We were awarded the land we had cleared and given the rights to rule it as we see fit. After some deliberation, I have chosen to accept this offer.

Sarala helped choose the name Novastasia, The old tongue term for New Ressurection. And that is what I hope this land is. A place for new beginnings and a place of refuge for any who wish to avoid the upcoming turbulance you have so long fretted about.

Novastasia will remain neutral in whatever strife ensues. The north may have granted the land, and the south may be funding its beginning, but as an independent ruler, I refuse to be beholden to either side. They seek protection from the river kingdoms and bandits to the south, I will be that border. With this new responsibility, I have chosen a new crest, which you will see below. There is talk of changing my surname, but I have made no decision on that yet. Independence is my primary concern. I can't have this land appear to be a puppet of the Brevoy throne. There is no intended personal slight if I do choose to go that route.

Our first city should be started next month, We have chosen to name it for Akiros, a good man who was redeemed and chose to help us fight the bandit king. He fell in that battle yet without him we may have all fallen.

Akiros will be located to the south, follow the Shrike river to where it meets the Tuskwater. There will be a ruined (yet servicable) fort and that is where we intend to base our first city.

I do not know when I will be back near Stoneclimb again, but I still desire to see you again, and hope that it is not long.

Lord Thaddeus Medyved

Colin Marcus

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