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A Note of Congratulation

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A Note of Congratulation

Post  Wynnsaren on Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:46 pm

2nd of Arodus, 4710

To the laudable Knight Commander Paido Firefoot, First Knight of Novastasia,

Greetings to you, my friend!

I wish to offer my personal congratulations to you on your recent and most well deserved appointment! My duties may keep me away from the city at the moment, but when I return in a few weeks, I look forward to sharing a bottle of red and swapping a few tales of adventure. Rumor has it that Akiros is burgeoning in size. I fear that will hardly recognize the place by the time I return!

The castellan has agreed to arrange the transportation of a few of my effects to your quarters and I hope this letter finds them in accompaniment. Both have great sentimental value to me and I trust that you will cherish them as I have over the decades.

The first is the telescope gifted me by the imperial governor I served for a time in Tian Xia. A treasure to be sure, but as the stars exist only in song for me, it was used mostly by my father. You will find you are able to adjust it for your own height, but as I've kept it in the same position as he left it, the modification should not need to be a great one.

My second gift is the much loved, overstuffed arm chair that my father used to use. He would spend many hours buried in his books upon that chair and as it is sized for a gnome, I pray you find it as comfortable as he did. I've had it reupholstered in the red and black that our king bears upon his crest.

May the stars ever shine bright upon you, Sir Paido, and also upon Novastasia!


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