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Correspondence with House Jovvoxum

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Correspondence with House Jovvoxum

Post  Wynnsaren on Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:21 pm

Sealed in blue wax and stamped with her personal seal, the sigil which is revealed upon her face by starlight.

23rd of Sarenith, 4711

To the honorable Sir Decarius Jovvoxum,

Enough thanks cannot be duly extended you for your support in the matter of my meeting with the High Council. To have at least one countenance upon the dais that was not twisted in premature judgement was enough to give me hope in the face of a very difficult responsibility.

As Fate may have it, I did not die, as was predicted by the estimable Lady Fausti, but instead the exiled elves have shown themselves willing to treat with us regarding the possibility of leaving Mivon's lands in favor of the northern Narlmarches. I have every expectation that the talks with the elves will prove fruitful, will ensure an end to the terrible bloodshed on both sides, and pave the way for a more productive discourse between our two nations.

I have likewise sent a raven to Mayor Selline to keep him abreast of the current situation as I had agreed to do, but this letter is more of a personal missive meant to convey my thanks you specifically.

There is little doubt that I will again make my way to Mivon on the business of my King.  I look forward to further spending time among our southern neighbors and, if the stars see fit, getting to know them better on an individual level to help eradicate any misconceptions that may still linger.

I owe you a great personal debt, Sir Decarius, one that I hope I might repay upon my eventual return to your city.

Until such a time. . .


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