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Letter to Gustavous

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Letter to Gustavous

Post  Colin Marcus on Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:53 am

Lamashan 8th 1311

Greetings to Gustavous.

Greetings from Novastasia. I have often wondered how you fared. I would have sent word to you sooner, but was uncertain of your current whereabouts.

Today our brother Coranious came to visit. It is from him that I heard you were at Stoneclimb awaiting his return.

The meeting did not go well, and I suspect he will be home soon. I suspect his temper will not have cooled by his arrival.

I know not what you have heard of my recent endeavors, nor do I know what kind of spin our brother chose to give them.

I had hoped our eventual meeting would have led to reconciliation, however, it seems he is still as upset as when we left over a year ago.

As you undoubtedly know, Sarala and I went to clear the stolen lands of bandits, as did many other bands. In payment, we were given the rights to rule these lands as we see fit.

It has been a difficult year, with many battles to stake this claim, but it has all been worth it.

Ever eager for peace, Novastasia has opened its borders to those who also seek peace. A place where those who wish to avoid the terror of war can hopefully find a home and prosperity.

As such, Cor's demand that I 'owe' King Surtova and 'must' perpetuate an attack on people who have shown me no hostility has in fact fallen on deaf ears.

You can only imagine some of the words spoken, but know that this time, only words were hurled. I suspect that Cor was disappointed in that, but he left here angry though unharmed.

I fear it may be some time before we speak amiably again.

Novastasia will remain neutral in the inevitable Civil War. It is what I have promised my people, and I can not in good faith abuse that trust.

This decision and my current relationship with Lord Medvyed in no way reflects my love and affection for you or Tharali.

Indeed I would welcome any visits you wished to partake and would love to hear more of your wife and children. Any time you wish to commune with us know that my doors are open and you will be received with all the honor you deserve.

However, we are an independent nation now, and bend no knee to King Surtova or any Oblovsky or Lebedas. The war stops at the South Rostland Road.

I welcome you as a brother, not as an allying nation.

I hope to hear from (or see) you soon.

Your Brother,

Thaddeus Medvyed.

Colin Marcus

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