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Memo: A Work Related Issue

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Memo: A Work Related Issue

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:00 pm

Comrade Sarala,

It has recently come to my attention that the wedding in Tatzelford and Founding day celebrations are imminent. Although it has been customary that you have accompanied your brother to such celebrations, I must ask that in the interest of the kingdom that you have another escort to these occasions.

King Thad is still in his prime, and with the current tumult in nearby kingdoms, it may be necessary for him to choose a bride from among our citizens to produce an heir. Any nudging on my part has made him hesitant, and at these social functions he tends to lean on you a little much for demure admirers to present themselves. For him to swim in these waters, he might need a firmer push.

I can provide you with a list of escorts with both suitable looks (depending on your preferences) and social standing if you desire. I have it ready at the library for your perusal, and Piotr knows where it is so you can view it even if I am not present.

Your fellow laborer,

Eddick the Steady (XIV)

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Sarala Medvyed

Post  Sarala on Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:09 pm


Though the topic of your letter was unexpected I can see the necessity of such action. As requested I have selected an escort for the for the following celebrations from the list you so kindly provided. Though I am loath to give the companionship on my beloved brother up for these occasions I know that your small machinations in this matter are for Thad's own good and for the good of the kingdom. If it were for any other reason I would be disinclined to follow your suggestion, but as it stands I couldn't be happier to comply.

Now for the matter of addressing me as "comrade". I would be pleased if you stopped hereafter addressing me in such a manner. I understand now that the terms I used in an earlier conversation between us were inadequate and have been misunderstood. In the future I hope that our relationship would be that of friendship, with an emphasis on our work relationship. Formality in addressing me as a person is unneeded. Simply using my given name is sufficient.

Thank you for your thought and time in these matters.


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