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Paladin Kit?

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Paladin Kit? Empty Paladin Kit?

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:45 am

With all of the cookie cutter paladins out there, I have a few ideas about how to shake this class up a little and make it more than just "I'm a knight with armor and a sword that ruins everyone's fun"


Description: The Ascetic is a wandering warrior who shuns completely all material possessions because of the many poor people out there who need so much. He goes out and does good deeds such as vanquishing monsters, overturning corrupt governments, and taking care of the sick and injured. Because of the high demands on such a person, they tend to also prefer anonymity over fame, which allows their already difficult way of life to continue without interruption.
Requirements: Wisdom 15
Ministration: Generally not associated with governments or churches due to their propensity to gather wealth, although he still is a big proponent of law and order. He believes that governments are good in that they keep the peace, but they are not as good as they could be because they take too much from the people.
Role: Often one step farther removed from society, Ascetics are often heralded by some within the noble classes as a prophet or even a criminal. The Ascetic’s response to this may be quite variable, going from dark and brooding with a message of pessimism, or positive and uplifting with an unshakable optimism. But regardless of their attitude, their very beliefs tend to rock the boat with the establishment, and so an Ascetic often chooses anonymity out of necessity.
Weapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Improvised Weapon. Required: Weapon group (any).
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Alertness. Recommended: Survival (any)
Armor/Equipment: At the outset of his career, an Ascetic receives 40 Gold with which to by all of his items. Any money that remains is given to the poor.
Bonded Mount: None (see special Hindrances)
Special Benefits:
Due to his lack of things, the Paladin gains access to the summoning and creation spheres as well as all the other spheres available to a paladin at level 3. He does not gain them at level 9 like most paladins do, but actually gains access to them at the levels a regular priest would gain them plus two. He still follows the regular chart for gaining spells, but gains the bonus spells for his wisdom at the appropriate level to receive them.
Example: Sir Ciscan is a level 5 Ascetic with a 16 wisdom. He has two first level spells and two second level spells available to him from the summoning and creation spheres. If he had a 17 wisdom, he would gain one third level spell at level 7, but he will have to wait until level 9 for more spells because he doesn’t.
At level 4, instead of being eligible for a bonded mount, he gains the ability to cast the first level Mount spell once per day like a wizard of the same level.
Special Hindrances:
An Ascetic is never given a bonded mount or a holy sword by his deity, they would just as soon give a horse to a messenger, or a holy sword to a rich temple so he could gain some of their treasury to give to the poor.
If a person is in need near the Ascetic, he must help, unless he knows the person has a history of deceit or malice. A detect evil intent will let him know if they are truly in need.

Well? What do you think?
Eddick the Steady (XIV)
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