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The Dragon's Demand

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The Dragon's Demand

Post  Magyc on Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:36 pm

The Dragon's Demand Session summary, 3/3/14

Session resumed in the the evening with Valin, Lennax, and Esfir (sitting quietly) at a table in the tavern. Lennax held forth on the injustice being perpetrated by the town's mayor in sticking to the letter of the contract, which fostered a lively and somewhat acrimonious debate between different factions of the townfolk in the tavern. Deuce, an unsophisticated yet easygoing member of the rural folk, joined in upon hearing of the chance for paid work, as he was flat broke after coming to Bellheim after the destruction of his village.

After getting the townfolk riled up, the group went to finish their task at Huntley's mansion. With preparations in place (cold iron bolts), they opened the door leading to the soldier-demon. It had been bluffing that it was held in place by the magic circle, as it charged Lennax the first chance it got. It quickly went down, mostly to the crossbow bolts it was peppered with by Deuce and Valin.

They next moved to clear the Accuser devil. The first attack broached the magic circle and set it free, and it immediately turned invisible and summoned a swarm of spiders. Valin webbed the entire area and then blinded it with glitterdust, and the group eventually damaged it enough to force it to flee.

The Shadow creature, Massfier (sp), was next. With no way to turn off the blinding light, the group slowly but surely chiseled through the wall to free her. She had little else to tell the group about what Hunxley was up to, other than what she had already shared about his looking for a link between the Plane of Shadow and the Dark Tapestry. The investigation did reveal that Hunxley thought there was an old connection between Bellheim and the Dark Tapestry. It was found that he had upon many occasions attempted to summon a “Dominion of the Black” and finally succeeded, and took it to a “Safe Cave”.

With the manner pacified, the group went back to town and collected the promised reward. Despite the mayor’s typically Abadoran insistence upon adhering to the letter of the contract, the group was able to extract an offer from her to cover bidding upon dangerous elements from Hunxley’s estate that should not fall into the wrong hands, up to the amount of 7500 GP. Auction is to take place in a month.

While celebrating the completion of their mission with their new friend (who would only accept a portion of the reward they offered) they picked up info about the policital situation in the town. Apparently there are 3 factions- the Abadorans, who wish to turn Bellheim into a trade hub, the Sheylnites, who are happy with the way things are, and the Green Faith, who despise politics of any kind.

The day after the group decided to tackle the task of finding the “safe cave”. Their first expedition was to scour the wilderness area outside Hunxley’s estate, which found nothing. They then decided to track the servant who fled, and found that he did not make it very far north of town. He had been ambushed by Dire Wolves after he had deliberately left the road. The group encountered and dispatched the wolves, then found a cave opening at the edge of large creek.

Inside the cave the heard a skittering sounds, and quickly found an unidentiable, undead creature that was making it. It nearly cost them all their lives, as both Valin and Lennax were rendered unconscious, and Deuce was only able to kill it as it had been slowed by the narrow passage.

It had been protecting 4 chests, which could be opened by the Brass key found in Hunxley’s manor. Three of the chests contained large amounts of coinage (mostly copper.) The 4th had 4 packets of black dust, a scroll tube with a scroll, and 5 books, 4 of them rare antique tomes of different languages (identified by Valin as ancient Osirian texts on astronomy).

The 5th book was the largest, a massive tome of 100s of pages. It was a translation of a much older book “Secrets of the Dreaming Dark”. The interior title could not be read by Valin. It contained fantastic otherworldly scenes, alien gods, complex starcharts, maps of distant worlds, and otherworldly monsters. Would take years of intense study to work through it. Some pages are loose or missing. The dust did not radiate magic.

The group went back to Bellheim and saw smoke rising. A house and barn had burned, and a member of the Green Faith (Mavin Pascas) had died. The group found a witness who said that a barefoot boy had been watching the fire, and the group tracked him to an area of the city to find out what he saw. They narrowed it down to a few houses, and did not have much success knocking on doors and asking to speak to any young male children present. They did get a promise from a member of the Green faith to ask his son if he had seen anything, and made an appointment at another manner to come back and speak to the lady of the house later.

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Re: The Dragon's Demand

Post  Magyc on Wed May 07, 2014 9:22 am

Prior Session
The investigation into the fire at Pascas's manor continued. A lead involving the possibility of a bare footed hobbit tutor did not pan out, but luckily no outright accusations were made. One of the boys initally questioned finally sought the group out later, and tipped them off that there was another boy...a feral boy- who witnessed the whole affair prior to the fire, and also soaw some flying creature at the time of the fire.

The party found and followed the tracks of the feral boy and the led to a clearing with a small fire pit. The party staked out the pit, but their hiding proved inadequate and they themselves were ambushed by a crimson drake. They slayed the creature and continued the stakeout, and later the feral boy showed up. After putting up an impressive display of evasion, the party finally subdued the seven year old, and found that the drake had been watching out for him, while he watched out for the drake while he performed his arson. The party returned to Bellheim with the drake as proof they saved the village from being turned down, and placed the boy with a local familhy to be raised.

Session 5/7

The party hung around Bellheim for about a month waiting for the auction and enjoying whatever recognition and accolades they earned through their various deeds. The mayor held true to her word to match whatever sum the party put up to purchase lots from the auction. Valin examined the items before the auction commenced, and helped the group identify a number of lots that might prove dangerous in the wrong hands.

Right before the auction started, there was some drama as one individual made a scene, complaining that not all the Hunclay's items were present and that "they" had kept some. The auctioneer and mayor only got him to sit down by promising a private meeting later. Valin attempted to engage him in conversation, but he would not have it.

As the auction got underway, it became very clear that the groups that had traveled to Bellheim to bid on items from Hunclay's estate were both aggressive and very well funded. The group was promptly outbid on every item they tried to acquire and ended up acquiring none of the 17 lots up for auction. After the lots had finished, the complaining stranger yelled out his displeasure and stated that his master would be quite angry. The tension was broken as the crowd laughed at him after he left. The final auction was Hunclay's manor, which the group also failed to acquire.

As it began to get dark and the auction drew to a close Lennax spotted some creatures swooping in to attack the auction. They surrounded the auctioneer and the crowd started to panic and bolt. Valin drew their attention and was carved up a bit as a result, but Esfir and a sorceror present in the crowd managed to kill the beasts, while Lennax made sure that the crowd realized who was saving them.

After the beasts were dead a large drake swooped in and assaulted the heroes. Lennax was badly wounded and very close to death before the creature was bested by the remaining heroes, and only a desperate last second attempt at first aid by Valin saved his life.

At that point a gargantuan undead dragon loomed over the town. Claiming himself to be Apparatox (sp), he stated that he had tried to get what he wanted the legal way, but his representative had failed. He then demanded that the town hand over "The Secrets of the Dreaming Dark", 5 other rare astronomy texts, and most strikingly, 776, 000 gp, 2000 for each resident of the town. Failure to provided this ransom would mean the death of every member of the village. Trying to flee the village would also mean death, as his forces would be watching. The ransom was to be brought within two weeks to a place in the Dragon Fen, the monastery of St. Chiroxas. The creature then began casting a spell and disappeared.

The mayor called the group together along with the sorceror who helped fight off the auction attack, as well as the Sheriff, a retired adventurer, a priest of Abador, a historian, and a gnome. The mayor asked for ideas. Lennax said that he would be willing to lead all the able bodied townsfolk in an attack on the dragon. The Sheriff derided the idea, and instead said that a few Shelynites should be sent out to be sacrificed as a diversion to allow the town to escape. Lennax countered sarcastically that those sacrificed should instead by chosen by lottery. Valin suggested the town flee by the caverns under Hunclay's estate, but the Mayor felt it was likely the dragon already knew of those passages and was watching them. The mayor asked the priestess to estimate how much the town could raise, and the absolute best case was 100,000. Another idea was proposed to send out ravens to neighboring towns asking for help, but it was not thought likely that any help would be sent.

The sorceror, (Name) stated to the group that he believed the dragon was not actually casting anything. The gnome confirmed this and went further, saying he was quite sure the dragon itself was an illusion. Lennax asked why, if the dragon illusion was a bluff, that the ransom demand had been made impossible to meet.

It was suggested that the party go to the crypt of Thulia Bellheim, the dragonslayer who originally killed Apparotox, and verify if the dragon's remains were still there. (The crypt was built at the site of the dragon's demise.) To this end the mayor pledged knighthoods to all who were willing to help, and pledged everything that had been available at the auction. The others present also made temporary gifts:

Sheriff-Ring of Protection +2
Retired Adventurer- Flametongue (+1 Flaming Burst Longsword)
Priestess- Free spellcasting services (divine)
Gnome- Brass key passed on from his ancestors that opens the crypt of Thulia Bellheim.

Items at the auction (not a complete list)
Manual of War
Potions- Keen edge (2), Protection from Acid, Prot from Fire (others)
Scrolls - Excrucating Deformation, Campfire Wall, Prot from Chaos, (others)
6 Spellsbooks, max level 5

The group did not tell anyone they were in possession of half of the dragon's ransom.

Ideas for next session- Check on welfare of feral boy (and get his name), question feral boy about 2nd drake, try to find the disgruntled auction patron (locate object- hat!), set out for the crypt.

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