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Women on the mind...

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Women on the mind...

Post  Thaddeus Medvyed on Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:45 am

Gozren 3rd 4713

Thaddeus breathed deeply as he rose from his shrine in the garden. He enjoyed this time of year where the flowers and scents were just starting to make their yearly appearance. The peace and serenity was one of the reasons he came to be here with his thoughts.

Usually that is. Today he had hoped to shut off his thoughts. He hoped to get lost in the scents and sounds of the new spring, and keep her out of his mind. Once again it was task that was beyond him.

The future queen was on his mind often, and the fact that the cathedral would be dedicated in a few days time only brought his impending marriage more to his mind.

She boggled his mind. Every time he thought he may find a clue about her or her motives, she completely proved him wrong. His few conversations with her had only served to confuse him more.

Adding on the fact that he now knew she was not only on his mind... but in it as well only disturbed him more. As did the fact that every disturbed or suspicious or confused thought was there for her to know.

Thaddeus had never been the type to say whatever came into his head. He preferred to measure his words more carefully, diplomatically... to avoid saying things that would he would either regret or offend with. It wasn't his way...

With this woman though, everything was out there... It was no wonder he tried to silence his thoughts or distract himself with the centaur issue or the rebuilding, or anything he could.

It had been three months since they'd spoken however briefly, and as he looked to the water gently flowing in the marble fountain near the corner, he realized it was time. He had been told this would work... but he had not put it to the test yet.

"Feluanil," he said aloud in the empty garden.

"I would like to speak if it's convenient..."
Thaddeus Medvyed

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