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List of knowledge checks

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List of knowledge checks Empty List of knowledge checks

Post  Colin Marcus on Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:54 am

Saw these posted in Serpent's Skull... and I keep forgetting about them so figured they could use a modern repost old guy

1. Special Attacks
2. Weaknesses
3. Defensive Abilities
4. Auras
5. Senses
6. Immunities
7. Spell Like Abilities
8. Racial Mods
9. Alignment
10. Supernatural Abilities
11. Extraordinary Abilities
12. Special Qualities
Colin Marcus
Colin Marcus

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List of knowledge checks Empty List of Knowledge Checks Revised

Post  The Sub-Creator on Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:39 pm

This corresponds nicer to how we've been doing it lately, but with a couple key differences added in for simplicity.

1) Aura
2) Special Attacks
3) Special Defenses
4) Special Qualities (SQ)
5) Spell-like Abilities
6) Resistances/Immunities/SR/DR (all encompassed in one)
7) Weaknesses (this reveals what the DR weakness is, as well as other weaknesses)
8. Senses
9) Racial Skill Mods (to note if creatures is gifted in certain skills)

I want to note that I have removed Supernatural/Extraordinary abilities from the knowledge list because those abilities are always added into one of the above categories.  Those that aren't (such as is creature is poisonous or gives diseases) will go under the Special Attack category.

I'd also like to check with others on one of the above points--that being DR.  Would you rather make DR into a category all its own and receive the DR's weakness with the knowledge check, thus taking it out of the lump grouping it's in?  I'd be willing to do that if most would rather have it that way!

This is my word, and, as such, is beyond contestation.

The Sub-Creator

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