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Nekauba's Cloak

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Nekauba's Cloak

Post  Colin Marcus on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:36 am

(Research gleamed from libraries in El-shelad, Sothis, and Grand Lodge in Absalom)

The cloak of Nekauba.

That's what I have decided to call it anyways.. Nekauba vizir of pharaoh Jetrieti V is as far back as I can trace the cloak. It has passed from many hands over many, many years. I found it in a lost tomb that Kashif and I explored in fall of 4700. Most of the items we found, were fairly old, but this seemed downright ancient.

The man I found it on, seemed to be from post-Keleshite Interregum. Most of his items and dress were no older than 2217 AR. The sarcophagus he was found in, however dated much older than that. The writing placed it closer to -644 AR deep into the Second age of Osirion. The man we found had his neck broken, and appeared too large for the coffin we found. We each had theories about this, but that's a different journal.

The cloak was an unusual color for the time period. It is a deep crimson color with gray fur collar from an animal I haven't been able to identify. Something else not typical for the area. That however helps it stand out in the carvings though. From all I've seen I do not believe such clothing was ever common for Osirion. Ustalev it may have blended in better as the evenings can get rather cold. Sothis? Not so much. I have little evidence on this, but the fact that it is remarked upon in carvings and writings makes it seem fairly unique.

Operating on the idea of it's uniqueness, I have traced it back farther then I ever suspected. To Vizir Nekauba circ. -2885 AR. A known necromancer who actively plundered the tombs of his predecessors, I would find it hypocritical if he objected to his own items being put to greater use.

Regardless, if my research is correct, the cloak dates back to at least -2885 AR. As do undead. The records tell of Pharoh Jetrieti raiding the tombs of his ancestors and burning the corpses.  The spirits of these corpse rose again as mummies to terrorize him.

Again, this makes further research a dead end. Also, it makes me question common knowledge of mummies. As animated dead, burning the bodies should have prevented such a thing. Either they were not burned as well as implied... they can regenerate a corpse to house a mummy... or something else that I can find no record of.

This bears further study.

As for the cloak, I find the research frustrating. It has a reputation of darkness. a sense that something isn't quite right, and I've felt that myself. However it also has a reputation for keeping it's owner alive.

Traditionally it has been worn or scavenged by physically weaker people and it has helped them survive many battles. It also isn't perfect, as Nekuaba raided it from the dead. As did I. So whatever magic it possesses, shouldn't be taken for granted.

Some of the legends I've found... It deflects attacks... it drains the life force from an opponent... It isn't sentient per se... but it can tie up opponents? That one is especially strange.

Since acquiring it myself, I have seen no evidence of these mighty powers. Perhaps they are just legend... perhaps that's why it is always found in a tomb.

lvl 1 Masterwork cloak
lvl 4 AC +1 (profane)
lvl 7 Greater Grapple
lvl 10 Vampiric Touch CL 12 1pr day
lvl 11 AC +2 (profane)
lvl 12 Deflect Arrows
lvl 13 AC +3 (profane)
lvl 14 Vampiric Touch CL 12 2pr day
lvl 15 AC +4 (profane)
lvl 16 AC +5 (profane)

Total 98,465

Colin Marcus

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