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A Necessary Festival

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A Necessary Festival

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Wed Jan 13, 2016 7:09 pm

22 Lamashan, 3714

Zaistrun stood upon the castle wall, overlooking the cherry orchard as it stood nestled in a crook of the architecture of the grand building.  Here it was quiet, and he needed a moment to collect his thoughts.  In the background, the festival music was playing, the town was celebrating, and it was probably the last festival he'd have here.  So he decided to have a moment of quiet introspection, to make sure what he was going to do was necessary at this time.  

Ever since his uncle died, there had been no good presence at his house.  Since it was before he was born, he had never known what it meant to see a noble do rightly.  And then the golden opportunity came along.  Thaddeus and his sister.  One he appreciated for his moral character, and the sister he just plain appreciated.  It didn't really matter at the time that Thad was the one in charge, and to be honest, it still didn't matter.  Novastasia had grown but although Thad led in matters of treaties and morals, Zaistrun had overseen how it was built.  He knew what to do, he knew what mistakes he'd made, and although this small country was made, Zaistrun's mind was abuzz with ideas and strategies and persons he'd like to build again.  

He'd accomplished everything on his list he made the day they'd founded the kingdom except one thing.  Sarala and he had built a marvelous castle for Thad, he had the cherry orchard and wine, he had overseen the creation of various mines to enrich the kingdom, and the last few touches was being made on the new trade route to Restov.  Everything had gone more smoothly than expected, although a bit slow compared to what he wanted.  It had taken a little over four years to build the kingdom to this point, and he felt it was near an ideal situation.  The wars had not broken them, although the Red Doom had come close.  But despite all the bad things that came, one could now sit back and simply enjoy the fruits of their labor and raise a family in comfort.  But that would just drive him mad.

Industry was all he'd ever known.  There were things to do, people to meet, plans to hatch and kingdoms to build.  There were old things to be discovered, enemies to be redeemed or defeated, and new magics and powers to be discovered.  There was always more, and he was hungry for it.  And it was Sarala who was coming with him.  He had a new list, and it was long and much more difficult.  But before he was a impatient brat, and now he had power to rival the greatest legends he'd ever heard of.  

He'd nearly given up.  He'd nearly gone down to Absalom to join the Pathfinders.  What a waste that would have been!  No defeating of Lich Cyclopedia, no defeating of the herald of Tiamat, and no finding of the treasure of Choral the Conquerer, no discovery of the tomb of Krune, none of it would be his, but now all of them were added to his exploits and memories.  He'd almost walked away from it all, but they asked him to stay.  

If they asked him to stay this time, would he do it?  Would Sarala, would she want to stay here?  Well, she had the ability to teleport herself back if need be, so that shouldn't be much of an issue.  There were a decent amount of things he could still do here, as some of the things on his list required divination and creation, he had a decent laboratory in which to work and plenty of assistants, but there was one thing he did lack that he needed very much.  Autonomy.  In order to get the Dragontooth Spear to work with him, he had to promise to build a temple to Lissala within the year.  Proper Lissailan worship was terribly political, and more rigid than Thad had any taste for.  The faces he made when Zened was around and saying nearly anything at all was enough proof he needed.  

So he'd have to found a new city, a new country, a new place where proper worship could take place.  When he did so, he would redeem the Spear.  And then he just had six more to do after that.  Find them, redeem them, put them in places where they would be used to great effect.  And then he would have to find Lissala.   Show her that she didn't have to hide her face in shame from the world, that her teachings were being adhered to and that she was welcome and could be comfortable bestowing her favor on this world once again.  And he may need to find his mother as well, and see if she could be healed.  Despite the fact that she had gone most terribly wrong and treated him like garbage, there were very few of his family left, and he would need to do something.

He marked the plans on his fingers as he listed them in his mind once again.  Found a new country, build a renewed religion, redeem ancient artifacts, find the lost goddess, fix his mother, and if that wasn't enough, he still would like to take the test of the Starstone.  If he ran out of other things to do.  

The last head of House Garess was ready.  There would be revelry, and plenty of wine, and then he would say his goodbyes.  This part of his life had come to a close, now it was on to a whole new adventure.
Eddick the Steady (XIV)
Eddick the Steady (XIV)

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Post  Thaddeus Medvyed on Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:34 am

Thaddeus Novastik stared into the mirror, but he still had trouble recognizing the man looking back. Hair like the darkest night, and eyes a glowing blue... and those sigils down the arm. Not to mention the height. He had spent the better part of the last two days getting fitted for a new wardrobe. He still needed a new bed, but truthfully he hadn't had much need for sleep. The excitement from that battle hadn't faded yet, and that wasn't all.

Wynn's gift to them had not diminished. The king was truly surprised. He had accepted the power to fight Cthulu and save the world... he had truly expected it to take everything they had to do so. It wasn't so. The reflection told him so. This was his new normal. He had best get used to the idea. So had the people of Novastasia.

In the two weeks that he'd had this power, only moments were actually spent in his kingdom. The first day back was awkward to say the least. People looked at him differently now. Some with fear, most with Awe. Still, it didn't take as long to be accepted as he would have thought. Though he may look different, he was still Thaddeus Novastik, first of his name. Before this, he'd had a reputation amongst his people for being powerful... but also kind and just. They could tell that hadn't changed. Though one description was obviously heightened... the other hadn't diminished at all.

He moved toward the window. He had an easel set up with a sheet over it. Reaching out to pull the cloth away, he stopped. He didn't want to look at that right now. He could hear the festive music below and wanted to focus on the positive. His skill with the brush was always improving... but what he had painted wasn't accurate. He wasn't sure if anything using physical materials could ever capture what he had seen... just for a moment... when Zaistrun cast that True Seeing spell on him, just a glimpse before it was destroyed utterly.. The king was torn as he thought of the Dreamer. He didn't wish to dwell on that, but he also never wanted to forget. Somehow he knew that glimpse would stay with him forever.

This painting would not be viewed often...

He smiled as he looked down on his city. They had no idea what they were celebrating. They had been told, but they didn't understand. Not really. Nobody who wasn't there, could ever truly understand. They had actually saved the world. Not just Novastasia... not just Brevoy... but all of it... Everywhere. In fact if it was truly... truly destroyed, then they had just saved this world. It was a thought that still sent shivers down his spine. When that dawn had struck, it was truly the most beautiful sunrise he had ever seen. It warmed his sore and battered body and cast away the darkness of the lingering clouds... as if his goddess herself was whispering 'Well Done."

Another painting that failed to capture the truth of the moment. Though that one was a little closer.

It was time. The king adjusted his crown and inspected himself once more in the mirror. Dressed in a bright red tunic with yellow highlights, and yellow cape, he left his room and went to join the party.
Thaddeus Medvyed
Thaddeus Medvyed

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