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Pathfinder Prestige Points Boons

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Pathfinder Prestige Points Boons Empty Pathfinder Prestige Points Boons

Post  The Sub-Creator on Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:14 pm

Generic Prestige Awards-available in a lodge
+4 on any one skill check** 1 PP
Dispel magic 1 PP
Lesser restoration 1 PP
Make whole 1 PP
Remove blindness/deafness 1 PP
Remove curse 1 PP
Remove disease 1 PP
Remove paralysis 1 PP
Free purchase up to 150 gp*** 1 PP
Atonement 2 PP (8 PP to restore cleric/druidpowers)
Break enchantment 2 PP
Greater dispel magic 2 PP
Neutralize poison 2 PP
Restoration 2 PP (4 PP to remove a permanent negative level)
Free purchase up to 750 gp*** 2 PP
Regenerate 3 PP
Have your body recovered by a rescue team 5 PP
Teleport 8 PP (round trip)
Raise dead 16 PP
Greater restoration 16 PP
Resurrection 32 PP
True Resurrection 77 PP

Foreign Contact (2 PP): Pathfinders typically meet
many potential allies in their travels throughout the
world. You may establish a contact in any city you have
visited for the listed Prestige Point cost. When in that city
in the future, your contact grants you a +4 circumstance
bonus on Diplomacy checks made to gather information
and Knowledge (local) checks regarding that location.
This bonus does not stack with the standard +4 bonus on
any skill check granted by spending 1 PP and available to
members of any faction.

Guide (2 PP): You employ the services of a local guide
to lead your expedition into foreign territory. This guide
serves you for a single Pathfinder mission, and grants
a constant +2 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge
(geography or local) checks as well as on Survival checks
to avoid becoming lost or to find hidden trails.

Herald (1 PP): Egos tend to run strong in the Pathfinder
Society, and some members want everyone to know when
they have arrived. You gain the service of a herald to
announce your presence and accomplishments at any
social gathering, be it a formal ball, theater performance,
or diplomatic negotiation.

Hunter (3 PP): You gain the assistance of a skilled
hunter who has honed her skills through her career
or for sport. Choose one creature type or subtype (as a
ranger’s favored enemy). The hunter provides you a +2
circumstance bonus on all Survival checks made to track
creatures of that type.

Squire (4 PP): This attendant assists you with handling
your mount while you are indoors or otherwise unmounted,
and provides assistance with donning and removing
armor when not in battle. She may have ambitions of one
day following in your footsteps, but currently receives
satisfaction simply knowing that she aids you in your
adventures. With a squire, you need not worry about
purchasing or paying for a mount’s food or stabling.


Ship (10 PP): You own a maritime vessel that you use
for trade, transport, or military purposes. This ship
comes complete with a crew and earns enough money
through normal operation to be self-sustaining, but isn’t
necessarily profitable on its own. Whenever you require
passage at sea, you may choose to take your vessel instead
of an unfamiliar ship hired by the Society to deploy you and
your party. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Profession
(sailor) checks and it becomes a class skill for you. You may
use Profession (sailor) checks to make Day Job rolls.

Country Estate (20 PP): Life in the city allows only so
much space to roam, and a limited amount of privacy.
A country estate affords you a much larger, rural home,
located in a nation of your choice. When in that nation,
you gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (geography) and
Survival checks.

Farmstead (5 PP): You own a fully functional farm
located just outside a larger city, such as Absalom, Egorian,
Almas, or Oppara. This farmstead includes a sizable
farmhouse, a barn, and a plot of land suitable for raising
livestock or growing crops. If you own a farmstead, you
can use Handle Animal to make Day Job rolls.

Coastal Island (30 PP): A manor in the country isn’t
isolated enough for you, and you have instead procured a
small island a short distant off the coast of your choice.
Too small and insignificant to show up on most maps,
this island is nevertheless your haven of solitude, or
serves as an out-of-the-way location where you can throw
scandalous parties, conduct dangerous research, or
simply meditate in silence without raising any eyebrows.
Owning a coastal island increases the number of followers
you can retain at any one time by +2.

Absalom/Magnimar Townhouse (15 PP): Finding that you enjoy
life in the big city, you have made a home for yourself near
the Grand Lodge in the City at the Center of the World.
You gain a +4 circumstance bonus, usable once per game
session, on any Knowledge (local) check or Diplomacy
check made to gather information regarding your home
district, and a permanent +2 circumstance bonus on
Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks
made against residents of that district.

Wayfinder Enhancements

Adamantine (8 PP): The casing of this wayfinder is
incredibly hard, and no amount of casual use can ding,
dent, or scratch its pristine smoothness.

Bone (2 PP): Popular among rangers, druids, and
necromancers, these bone-encased wayfinders are all unique,
as each is crafted from a creature of the Pathfinder’s choice,
be it a commonly hunted foe, a remnant of a lost loved one,
or a macabre reminder of the futility of life. If you’re a druid
or ranger, you can use a bone wayfinder as a divine focus.

Dayfinder (10 PP): Similar to a normal wayfinder in all
external ways, this rare form of wayfinder differs in the
potency of its light-emitting abilities. Once per day, the
light generated by an active dayfinder replicates a daylight
spell for a duration of 1 minute. These powerful tools
against darkness are granted to experienced Pathfinders
by generous venture-captains, and may only be purchased
on the black market within the Society itself, and even
then only by exchanging favors—never for gold.

Diamond Inlay (5 PP): This wayfinder features intricate
ornamentation of inlaid diamonds. These gems may not
be used as material components. Flashing a diamond
inlay wayfinder grants you a +2 circumstance bonus
on Diplomacy checks made against aristocrats and
merchants allied with the Pathfinders, but a –2 penalty
against those who oppose the Pathfinders.

Holy Symbol (2 PP): This wayfinder has been carved or
molded to resemble your deity’s holy or unholy symbol
and may serve as an icon of both the Pathfinder Society
and your chosen faith. You can use a holy symbol wayfinder
as a divine focus.

Jade (2 PP): Crafted in distant Tian Xia, the jade casing
of this wayfinder is decorated with serpentine dragons
wound around the Glyph of the Open Road. Instead of
light, a jade wayfinder can be used to cast guidance.
Messenger (5 PP): This wayfinder functions as normal,
except that the user may cast message at will in place of

Trapped (4 PP): To prevent anyone but you from
claiming your wayfinder and using it to impersonate
a member of the Society or simply resell it for his own
profit, this compass is trapped such that anyone opening
it without releasing a hidden catch is pricked with a
needle laced with the contact poison of your choice (this
poison must be purchased and applied separately). A DC
20 Perception check notices the trap, and a DC 25 Disable
Device check allows one to bypass the security measure.

This is my word, and, as such, is beyond contestation.

The Sub-Creator

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