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Ongoing Pathfinder Calendar

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Ongoing Pathfinder Calendar

Post  Colin Marcus on Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:57 am

Days of the Week
Moonday - work, religion (night)
Toilday - work
Wealday - work
Oathday - work, pacts signed, oaths sworn
Fireday - work, market day
Starday - work
Sunday - rest, religion

Months - Seasons   days
Abadius - Winter      31
Calistril - Winter      28
Pharast - Spring      31
Gozran - Spring      30
Desnus - Spring      31
Sarenith - Summer  30
Erastus - Summer   31
Arodus - Summer    31
Rova - Fall              30
Lamashan - Fall      31
Neth - Fall              30
Kuthona - Winter    31


Calistril 24th
Kingmaker Begins: Thaddeus Medvyed and crew enter the Stolen Lands

Erastus 12
Serpent Skull Begins.  Jenivere shipwrecks on Smuggler’s Shiv.

Arodus 6th
Serpent Skull crew rescued from Smuggler’s Shiv.

Arodus 23

Runelords Begins.

Lamashan 18
Serpent Skull Crew rescue ladies in the River… Corrigan gets a giant monkey tattoo.

Kuthona 20
Colin Marcus arrives in Absalom and begins Pathfinder training.


Calistril /???
Serpent Skull ends, Ydersius defeated and beheaded again.

Gozran 26
Runelords ends. Karzoug disintigrated. Heroes of Sandpoint go their separate ways with Nuari settling in Sandpoint and Morelen succumbing to her final rest.

Sarenith 7
Novastasia Founded


Sarenith 22
King Thaddeus Meets Queen Feluanil.

Erastus 12
King Thaddeus becomes engaged

Erastus 22
Seige of Akiros


Gozran 8
Cathedral to Saranrae finished

Erastus 9th
Jade Regent Begins

Erastus 27th
Jade Regent Group leaves Sandpoint

Arodus 26
Shattered Star begins.

Rova 1

Wayfarer Vanguard confirmed as Official Pathfinders.

Lamashan 18th

WV leave for Mwangi


Abadius 17th
Runelord Krune is destroyed, Zaistrun Garess decides to redeem his spear.

Pharast 17th

WV arrive in Magnimar and Heidmarch manor

Pharast 21
Thaddeus and Feluanil wed

Pharast 31st
Jade Regent enters Tian Xia

Gozran 18th
WV Arrive in Ravenmoor. Discover cult of Glaunder

Sareneth 29
Thaddeus kills Feluanil (for the greater good…) Activates Briar.

Neth 1 (and following week)
Jade Regent Ends/Ameiko takes the throne. Lien, Takion, Kromyar, Nerizza, and Emilian  leaves for adventures unknown to help Kromyar ‘find himself’.

Desnus 30
WV investigate Black Edifice of Runelord of Sloth

Sarenith 19th

WV arrive in Riddleport, cross Aspis consortium, Temples of Lissala, Calistra, Besmara.

Rova 3rd
Wayfinder Vanguard find Shard of Pride, Elle infected.

Rova 14th
Wayfinder Vanguard find Shard of Greed. Penny cursed.

Rova 15th
Zaistrun Garess and Sarala Medvyed wed.

Rova 21
Briar blooms heralding the return of Feluanil.

Lamashan 15th
Cthullu  rises and falls.


Gozran 10

Orcs invade Trunau

Rova 21
Feluanil returns

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