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Post  Colin Marcus on Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:34 pm

Curiosity will someday get me killed.

This was a lesson that Mother Bogwynne tried to instill in me since I grew legs, but it was a lesson I never really took to heart. While most of my people were content to fight for survival against the hated lizard folk, I always wanted to see what was past the next tree.

My brother Gellick was more level headed than I, and whenever the Krihirik had to deal with the humans of Fort Bandu, he was the one chosen to speak with them. It was probably for the best. My fascination with human culture tends to cloud my judgement sometimes. Still, I longed for the day that I could see some humans.

That day came when the treacherous members of the Aspis came to our village and went back on their word. They took our leaders captive until the wonderful Wayfarer Vanguard risked their own lives to save them. It was the most heroic thing I had seen, and the strangest. I had seen some humans from a distance, This group though weren’t as ‘human’ as I had expected. Some had pointed ears, one had a tail, one was made out of rock… They were all so TALL though… There was much about this world that I never imagined… Within weeks of their departure, I decided that I would follow them. The elders Mother Bogwynne and Diplop forbid it… but Chief Elder Huntsman Finyik encouraged me. He knew the eagerness to see what was beyond the next hill. I regret leaving my clan… but I don’t feel I had a choice.

The Mwangi or the Kaava Land, whatever you wish to call them, are very large and scary for a little froggie on his own. Humans are tricksy creatures and I wasn’t sure who to trust. I followed a short caravan from Fort Bandu to a place called Bloodcove. Naming things is something I’m working hard to get used to. In the jungle there was Krihirik Village… which was a Village of the Krihirik. The jungle was the Jungle… the river was the river… We are a very isolated society.

My first human city was amazing. The noise and smells and tastes everywhere boggled my mind. I was overwhelmed greatly. The people there came in all shapes and sizes… I never saw any other Gripplis, but the lack of amazement from everyone else indicated to me that many of them had seen my kind before.

After what seemed like weeks, I was able to find someone who knew the Wayfarer Vanguard. Miss Malika Fenn who also claimed to have known them. They came from Absalom… these words meant nothing to me. She showed me maps, but my froggie mind had difficulty understanding it. I had never seen a picture of the world before. The distances and travel time she described… I can’t imagine there being so much out there. The ocean was another thing. The water just went forever… and I was gonna RIDE it!

Malika arranged passage for me, along with something called ‘pants.’ I think I was a curiosity if nothing else, but she was quite helpful fitting in. I actually quite like pants and clothes in general. Some grippli have the ability the ability to change their color and blend with nature… I do not. Clothes are a lot like that. So many colors and styles…. My name doesn’t translate well if you don’t have at least an eight foot tongue. Malika claimed I looked like an Edgar she used to know. So that’s what she called me. Narvon later said I looked more like a Flibbit… so I claim both names now! Seems lots of people have two names.  

Malika arranged passage on the ‘Bearded Fish’ with a Captain Tyler ‘Two Teeth’ Bane. A fairly unpleasant man as humans go. I don’t believe my initial enthusiasm endeared me much to him. The crew however seemed to treat me as a mascot of sorts. We sailed many months north going to a place called ‘Absalom’  It wasn’t exactly Magnimar, but on the map it looked REALLY close…

One of my best friends became Narvon Faervel, the quartermaster of the ship. As crew it became painfully obvious I was fresh out of the jungle. Narvon taught me to sail, helped me find a place amongst the crew. Granted, I was still the smallest person on the ship and miles out to sea… so I was never REALLY safe. However I was naturally adept at climbing the rigging. Narvon taught me to use a sword. Apparently he had one made for his child that suited me fairly well. Compared to the others, I doubted I would ever be strong enough to fight, but the elf taught me to use my speed and nimbleness as my best asset.

The Vanguard was not in Absalom anymore. They had moved on to a place called Magnimar. Nor were there any other ships heading out this late in season… FYI, Snow is FASCINATING. Fascinating but cold… and boots are hard to find that are comfortable… So unfortunately I had to winter in Absalom… but Absalom held more than enough wonderful new things for me to experience. Including other Pathfinders!! Between my time at sea and wintering in Absalom my general knowledge of the world and common languages were improving greatly.

Money was tricky, but I was able to stay busy doing odd jobs. I was always up for an adventure. It took months to save money, and still, the ship I was able to afford boarding on wasn’t going to Magnimar at all, it was going to Korvosa. Which, honestly looked close enough on a map to me. I was wrong.

Korvosa was interesting city itself with an entirely different feel than Absalom or Bloodcove. Before I knew, it was winter again… Time flies when you’re having fun. Less adventures in the winter… so it really started to drag. Come spring time I was eager to take the first ship, but before that I found a caravan heading north toward Vigil. It wasn’t THAT far on the map… and there was a Pathfinder Lodge there. So I leapt at the chance for some action.

The Caravan stopped in Trunua. Apparently one of the only human settlements around until Lastwall. It was very impressive with gigantic walls and spiky things all around. I was told that they have problems with orcs here.

Which they did when I was in town. Everyone went to a funeral where they put a body in fire… very sad. Very strange custom. Though to be fair most of our dead is eaten by whatever killed them… Orcs streamed through the whole city and I helped where I could. They hit hard. A lesson I learned when I didn’t move fast enough.

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