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Magus - A Wizard Kit

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Magus - A Wizard Kit Empty Magus - A Wizard Kit

Post  Colin Marcus on Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:11 pm

Magus (not completly sold on the name)

Magus's are very similiar to mages and wizards, the only real difference is the tool that they use. Magus powers are tied directly to their wand or Staff. It is the source of their power and their biggest weakness. When compared with other magic users they are can go from ridicule to fear fairly quickly.

A Magus has the ability to create a personal wand bonded to himself. This wand can take any form from the standard 1 1/4 inch wands, walking stick, hockey stick, or a walking staff. As long as it is bonded to him with through ritual, the form is irrelevant. When using this wand he is incredibly powerful, though the price is high. They are not nearly as versatile as a normal mage, but when they do what they do, the effects can astound typical magic users.

They may operate any other normal wands and magic things same as a normal mage.

Special Abilities
When casting with a bonded wand, the magus casts as if he were two levels higher.

The wand acts similiar to a priests holy symbol and replaces the material components for most spells. (not sure how to phrase this one, perhaps spells under 4th or 5th level...)

Like a Specialist, Magus' recieve one free spell each time they gain a new level, that can ONLY be cast with the Wand. They do NOT get to the specialists abiity to memorize an extra spell or the saving throw abilities specialists gain.

When using a wand they are allowed all the bonus spells normally allowed wizards.

When casting with the wand there is a -2 to initative rolls, with a minimum of 3.

Special Disadvantages
They may still memorize and cast spells the 'old fashioned' way. However a lot of their power has been drained with the bonding to the wand. Any Spells cast without the use of a wand whether because the wand is lost or destroyed... or the spell itself prohibits it. (Burning Hands, Demon summoning with circles etc.) is done as if they were two levels LOWER. Minimum of level one.

If he does not have the wand, he adds 3 from all initative rolls.

If they do NOT have their wand at the time of memorizing, they do not gain the extra spells that normal wizards get. Whether its from a loss of concentration or what not isn't fully understood. There is nothing to stop the Magus from memorizing all spells like Burning Hands that have to be cast the old fashioned way, but without the wand in his prescence he memorizes less of them.

The wand itself does not have spells stored IN it, and if other mages try to use it they can not. Well that's not entirely true. The wand needs to be specially made and when all is said and done... It is perfectly prepared for another Magus to bond with it or it has a piece of the magus life force or soul attached to it. So it has its own kind of value!

Also the Wands can have spells cast upon them that allow for spells to be stored. Its just not a given.
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