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Gonna give it a lil try- RP

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Engersol Maritanto

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:05 am

"Bring your ink,"

He stood up and went over to the mage, or at least, that is what he assumed he was, and gave him the parchment and ink and a peacock quill. Engersol started to get excited but tried not to show it. If the paladin was in, most people would go, and they would likely be successful. He steadied his nerves and began to dictate.

"This contract is legally binding through the rules and precepts laid down by the aristocracy of the city of Procampur, being enforced by the Hall of Venturers, in the year of Dale Reckoning 1370 on the Third of Mirtul.

All persons here signed, have committed to go and reclaim the property formerly in the trust of Engersol Maritanto that was this very day removed from his trust by force by an orcish raiding party. This property, if returned, will entitle the full number of persons who go a bonus of 500 gold. Any sentient who accompany this expedition will receive the sum of 100 gold upon their return with the property or the knowledge of its precise whereabouts. In addition, any proof of an orcish kill will garner an individual 20 gold, for the vengeance upon them for the killing of the hired guards who gave their lives to protect this property. No gold will be issued for non-signers or persons who return without success as defined above. "

The merchant made a motion with his left hand for Ian to stop writing. "Any further considerations or objections must be made now. If there are no complaints, I will authorize the signing of the contract, and you can be on your way."
Eddick the Steady (XIV)

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Daisy Underbough

Post  Penelope on Sun Nov 29, 2009 8:45 pm

The halfling watched as one by one the gathered soon-to-be adventurers signed the contract. This was the course her lady had chosen, so Daisy would follow and aid her in whatever manner she may see fit.

She made her mark on the document and turned and bowed to the Lady Ta'Marilyn. "M'lady, I will go at once to ready the horses and your supplies for the road! It seems our employer is in quite a hurry to retrieve this property, so I will be back as quickly as possible."

As she straightened, her large, brown eyes scanned the company gathered about the table. A motley bunch to be sure, and more than a couple of them seemed rough around the edges, but overall she had a good feeling about this undertaking.

With a spring in her step, the squire trotted out of the Berzerker's Festhall and started making her way to the inn. She was about to become a real adventurer, and she could hardly contain her glee!

Carpe DM

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Tolian Bourne

Post  Edrykk Overstahr on Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:42 pm

Tolian looked around the table at the would-be group. He resigned himself to the fact that he was going to take the job, in spite of his suspicions. Finally he spoke. "I'll sign." He reached out and picked up the quill, making his mark. "Which gate should we meet you at? I have to ready my horse", as he stood up from the bench.

Edrykk Overstahr

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Re: Gonna give it a lil try- RP

Post  annasimone on Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:38 am

Kara signed the document with a swift horisontal line, before bestanding up in anticipation for further instructions.

"Which gate should we meet you at? I have to ready my horse"

"As do I", she added.

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Isof Vataros

Post  Eddick the Steady (XIV) on Fri Dec 04, 2009 6:04 pm

Isof paused for a moment, hoping someone else would speak, but since they did not, he answered hesitantly, not wishing to cause any more ill will than he already had. Being likable was not a strength of his, so he had to do his best.

"The northwest gate in the port district will lead us to the North Road. I... suggest we meet there, unless anyone has any better ideas?" He turned this last statement into a question to seem less demanding. He raised his eyebrows to accentuate that it was a question in case there was doubt. Asking questions was a good way to display humility, at least that was what he had been told. He would still need practice on this particular skill.

Isof tried not to smile, even though his inner voice was telling him that is what most people do in order to smooth relations. Isof knew from experience that his smile usually made babies cry and their mothers cringe. He didn't know why. His teeth were straight and white, but otherwise not remarkably big. Some of his cousins used to tease him because his mouth was a bit too wide for his face, and they used to call him "Goblinface". Not very inventive, but it still haunted him today, especially since he had become quite thin as he aged, and the hollowness of his cheeks only added to the perception of his wide mouth.

He pursed his lips, waiting for a response from someone, anyone would do.
Eddick the Steady (XIV)

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Re: Gonna give it a lil try- RP

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