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13th of Uktar - Therogeon, Elric & Ashara - Zazesspur

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13th of Uktar - Therogeon, Elric & Ashara - Zazesspur

Post  Penelope on Fri Oct 09, 2009 1:45 am

The morning was crisp and cool. The early dawn air still smelled faintly of the bonfires and alcohol from the party the past two days. What a party it was too. Two full days of relaxation and fun. He hoped Gwilly was happy.

Ahh Gwilly. No, all of them. All of his friends, his family. His siblings Elric and Ashara, his wise old uncle Eddick, the gruff and boisterous cousin Kaber and last but certainly not least, Gwilly. How would he classify her? The fun loving and prank-full younger cousin? The quirky younger sister? He didn't know. All he knew is he was going to be a better person for her, for all of them.

Therogeon started climbing the stairs up to the summit of the tower. Elric and Ashara would probably be up there already, the former in his morning routine the latter in her morning prayers. He smiled when he thought of those two. Young love was always something to be cherished and those two had found it in the most strenuous of places. Yet found it they had and it was more beautiful, more blessed because of it. Of course that was probably the elf in him talking.

Was he jealous of Elric, jealous that Ashara's affection had fallen on him and not on Therogeon? Maybe at first, but he was mage enough to realize that was simply arrogance talking. He knew it would never work between the two of them. He loved her truly, but it was as a sister, not a lover. No, his first love was and always would be his magic. The feelings he got when a spell went off, was something akin to and yet more powerful than his first and only time with a woman. No, any serious practitioner of magic who told someone that there was something more powerful, more genuine than casting a spell was lying.

Therogeon looked out a window as he continued his climb up the many flights of stairs. He could probably make this trip up much easier with his magic but he wanted to be fresh, to be prepared for what he hoped was coming. The revelations his spell had brought him with the infusion of Silver Flame could not be ignored. The revelation of a Shadow Weave hiding behind the power of the Weave was something that would not be ignored. The danger to himself though was also powerful.

Therogeon very silently opened the door leading out to the roof. Ashara was still silently praying facing the rising sun. It's rosy light cast everything in a pale pink hue. Elric was moving his body through complicated yet fluid moves that he knew if he tried, would pop nearly every joint out of whack. Silently, so as not to disturb them he sat near the edge away from either of them and watched the sun rise. He did not do this enough, just enjoy nature. True he was only a half elf, but he had gotten a lot from his mother, and maybe it was time to start acknowledging that.
This morning was better. As Elric spun and kicked through his morning routines, he thought back to the night before. All the dancing, the singing, and it seemed every time he turned around Gwilly was handing him something else to drink. He should be miserable right now. Ashara's spell did a marvelous job. Between the 'nap' and the rosemantle... he felt great. Much better than he should. He'd have to be careful. Something about a life without consequences made him nervous.

As he spun he heard familiar footsteps. It was odd that Therogeon would join them. It was especially odd that the mage was awake this early. Without a little help from the minotaur that is. Of course Therogeon seemed different since Dagadar. Elric also didn't believe that it was all due to the Silver Flame issue. Something about that place drew the Champions closer than had ever before.

Therogeon seemed relaxed and enjoying the morning, so Elric simply continued his workout. When he heard Ashara stir from her morning prayers, Elric joined them both. "Good morning" he said to the newcomer. "Come to learn how to use your new staff properly? " he added with a smile.
The priestess was still a bit tired from the previous day's party, and maybe a bit stiff from all the dancing, but she was content to enjoy the morning. She was happy to see Elric so boisterous. Apparently those spells she'd given him had been used to tremendous effect! She would never have given those abilities to anyone else for fear that they could be abused, but Elric had a gift for self-control, and knowing the limits of his own power. Qualities which she admired greatly.

When she finished her meditation, she turned to see Elric and Therogeon standing next to one another. Though both half elves, they were very different. The mage was nearly twice Elric's age, but looked as if he could be his younger brother. Therogeon had a more lean, though athletic build, much like elves she had met. Only the very near-sighted could mistake Elric for a full-blooded elf. The amount of chiseled muscle he had packed onto his 5'11" frame was impressive even for a human, and nearly impossible for an elf to achieve. These companions were very powerful in their own vastly different ways, and Ashara thanked Lathander that they were all on the same team.

She smiled brightly at the pair of them, eager to see if Therogeon had come to enjoy the morning or to talk business.
Therogeon smiled to his friends, his family, "No thank you my friend, though I appreciate the offer. This staff of mine, is not for close combat if it can be avoided."

He motioned to the sunrise, "A beautiful day no? Truly I cannot believe that I forgot how wondrous, how amazingly beautiful a sunrise can be. It is always the simple things, the most important things that get forgotten when power becomes the focus. I know I have said this before my friends, but it bears saying again. I am sorry for my behavior, my actions, before all this. I have been unforgivable in how I have treated everyone."

Therogeon smiled into the rising sun. His friends, his family would and had forgiven him, for that is what family does. It loves without question, forgives without hesitation, and accepts without judgments. No, his family would not hold a grudge, the only burden he would bear would be his own shame, his guilt. It would be his and his alone to shoulder, though even that load would be lightened by his friends.

The soft light cascading over the three of them gently warmed the air as the early morning birds sang their songs of joy and happiness. A small grin tugged at the corners of his mouth. The elf in him was really coming to the surface lately.
Elric was shocked by the words and more importantly the attitude shift in his friend. He tried to remember exactly what the mage had been up to the last couple days. Unlike most of the parties that had been thrown since they had acquired a pixie, Therogeon didn't hide away from this party. With all the chaos Elric hadn't kept close tabs on him, but he HAD seen him here and there.

Smiling broadly at Ashara "Looks like Gwilly was right. He just needed a good party!"
Ashara laughed and moved to give Therogeon his morning hug.

"We ALL needed a good party, but him most of all I think."

"Have you come to sing the praises of the dawn then? I believe I know a song or two if you'd like me to serenade you..." The priestess flipped one of the braids over her shoulder and jokingly cleared her throat.
Therogeon smiled and laughed lightly. It was a beautiful morning, but he had other things on his mind then listening to songs honoring it. His voice was calm and even happy as he replied to his friends.

"Actually, the party was just a symptom of the new Therogeon. An incident happened recently that made me realize just how 'grumpy' I've been lately. A small incident when compared to everything else that has been going on what with Dagadar and all, but one that still affected me more profoundly than anything else."

He looked at Ashara and though the smile never left his face his eyes grew sad and serious, "I have a confession to make. I accidentally overheard you and Gwilly that first night on the boat. A small incident yet profound." Therogeon's smile turned sad and he turned to face the sun's light again.
The smile slipped from Ashara's face as she tried to remember exactly what had been said... Gwilly had been so upset. She'd never seen the pixie so overwhelmed with sadness before. Pixies wore their emotions on their sleeves for sure, but sorrow was something she'd never associate with her little friend.

The priestess placed her hand on Therogeon's shoulder and turned him to face her. "Gwilly has seen what you've done for her, and the scale at which you've done it. That was a kindness not only to her, but for all of us. She's forgiven you for any offense you feel you've committed I'm sure." She glanced up at Elric as she spoke.
"Agreed." Elric remembered the Pixies antics during the last couple days. "In fact..." He added with a smirk. "I believe you are officially her most favoritist person in the whole wide world right now." He tried not to laugh at the image of the mage and the pixie dancing that first night. And Failed.

"Unfortunately... I hope this doesn't become the new standard for 'what counts as a party'. I'm not sure we could survive this being a regular occurrence!"
Therogeon grinned lightly, "I don't think you have to worry about that. We are usually way too busy for this to be regular...say, only once every five or six weeks." He winked to show he was joking.

Then he sighed, softly, and much of the amusement left his face, "Actually my friends, I have a favor to ask. I wish to do something very dangerous, something that could potentially kill me. Now before you object, please, let me finish and explain everything I want to do, and why I want to do it. Just know that, when it comes down to it, there is no one else I would rather have watching my back than you two. My closest friends, my siblings if you will for you are my family."
"...something that could potentially kill me."

Ashara's eyes narrowed dangerously. She inhaled. Then exhaled. She hoped...HOPED that after surviving the horrors of Dagadar, that Therogeon wouldn't want to take needless chances with his life! If she had to shove just ONE MORE LIVER back into a friends' body, someone was gonna pay!

She took a few steps back from the mage to stand next to Elric. Through clenched teeth she addressed the younger of the half elves.

"You may need to restrain me..."
Just like that the party was over. Back to business. Death and blood. Saving the world. At Ashara's request he casually put one arm over her shoulders. What was Therogeon going to suggest? It couldn't be good whatever it was. And even worse if the mage was true to form, it be nigh impossible to talk him out of it.

Elric tried to steady himself. His friend had asked him to hear him out before arguing... With restraint, that what he was going to do. But the mage had better not try talking circles around him like usual. He didn't have a LOT of patience when people were about to do something stupid. Looking Therogeon in his silver flecked eyes he simply asked "What are you talking about?"
Therogeon smiled sadly, he had already upset his friends.

"It is not something I have already decided to do. But it is dangerous and I would never attempt it without first discussing it with you first. Maybe once, I would but now, now I won't, I can't do something like that to you all. As in any family, what happens to one affects the others."

Therogeon sighed wearily. "You all know what this Silver Flame can do to my spells. You know what happened when I cast my spell on the axe. My life was being drained from me by the very shadow magic I was for the first time truly seeing. The chance for the knowledge to help the world crossed with the certainty of my death. Is it worth it? Is it worth the risk to myself, to us as a whole, for the chance to gain something to perhaps save lives?"

He ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath before continuing, "I know what it could potentially do to me. I know the grief that would come from me...", he took another deep breath, "from me dying."

He looked deep into each of their eyes as he continued, "If, and I stress, if I cast my spell on the shadow dagger I could learn something important about the spell, the curse that is placed on the corpses. This tool is critical in the process, it is used in the creation of the curse. There is even a chance I could learn enough to find others of it's like. Now...", He sighed again, this was harder than he thought it would be in his thoughts, "now I have to ask, with the two of you to watch over me, is it worth it? Is it worth the risk?"

He held up a hand to forestall the immediate answers he knew was coming, "Please, do just answer with your hearts, for I know you both love me in your own ways, even as I love you both. Please, think about the risks, think about the potential benefits and tell me truthfully what you think."

Therogeon looked again out at the scenery around them, this time seeing the destruction, the sadness around them and anxiously awaited their answers.
Elric let out a deep breath. He had a feeling they hadn't heard the last of this conversation. He shuddered as he remembered seeing his friend bleeding from the eyes, the last time he'd tried this.

"I vote NO. Say what you want, my vote stays the same. Right now, YOU are the most learned about this strange magic. You know more about it then anyone else who isn't casting it. To gamble that knowledge in the 'hopes' of learning more is stupid. By your own admission finding the answers will end in your death! What good is knowledge if you don't pass it on?"

Elric thought back to the day before, where Elric and Ashara sat in this same place discussing the nature of raising dead. His frustration was getting the better of him, and his voice started to raise. "Bringing you back isn't guaranteed. Hell! Your half ELF. It may not even be possible! What happens to our cause if you die? It took all of us TOGETHER to free Dagadar. And even then we needed divine help!"
Therogeon raised his hands in a placating gesture, his eyes showing a touch of sadness and a touch of happiness at his friends outburst. "A point my friend, there is no surety I would die, only a chance, a risk. But that in and of itself is not the point. Thank you. Thank you for your faith in me and in us a group." He smiled warmly at his friend.

His eyes turned to Ashara. He knew she was angry at him for asking this, he could see it in her very being. He waited for her answer knowing that he was probably going to receive a tongue lashing.
She wanted to scream at him... Scream at something! She thought they were going to lose him that day he used the Silver Flame to analyze that monstrous axe. Only Elric's quick thinking with the mask, saved his life. Now to try it again!?

To try again with the dagger that she KNEW they should have destroyed months ago... She wasn't even able to walk next to the mage while he carried it. The thing made her skin crawl.

Ashara's shoulders slumped as she left Elric's side to slowly walk to the far edge of the tower. She leaned heavily on the crenellated wall and looked out over the ravaged city.

Was it worth it? The life of a friend for a chance to gain more information? If they lost him, and he wasn't able to be brought back, than no...it wasn't. Without Therogeon they wouldn't have made it through Dagadar. Without him they wouldn't even have gotten a chance to Raise Thenden. Without him the chance of defeating...whatever it was that lay before them, looked bleak.

What if he could be saved though...if the chance wasn't too great? There were a few spells she knew that could better the odds, Elric had the mask, and likely Eddick would also have something that could help.

What could be gained? Could he learn to break the curse and stop these murders? The memories of her own dark experience with the curse still haunted her. She would never have stopped killing...

Could he locate the other four priests of Cyric that carried the daggers, and stop them from spreading the curse further? How many hundreds of lives would that alone save?

Could he locate other items created with shadow magic? Could he find the orbs?? Those creations had the potential, if they weren't already being employed, to control thousands...tens of thousands! Nigh unstoppable armies marching at the whim of the Mad God!

Was it worth it?

Ashara lowered her head in frustration and rested her hand on Dawnspeaker. Would there ever again be a time when they could all experience peace for more than two days?! Would they ever have a chance at true happiness... She violently pounded the top of the wall with a fist, using the pain to push back the selfish thoughts. Remember who you are. Your life is not your own.

The priestess turned back to Therogeon, hot tears streaming unheeded down her cheeks.

"Tell us EXACTLY what happened to you and what you saw. Are you sure that just seeing this magic would give you the tools to undo it?"
Therogeon sighed sadly. What had he seen. Everything and yet nothing.

"I saw...I saw the shadow weave. I saw it as clearly as I see the Weave. More clearly than I have ever seen it...and when I saw it...knowledge, the knowledge of it came flooding into me. I suddenly knew exactly what it was, what it could do, what it couldn't do. I knew everything about it and yet.." He sighed, "I know nothing."

Therogeon started to gesture while he talked, yet all the while a sadness seemed to come over him. "I had barely scratched the surface of what could be learned, barely saw what can be shown. I saw the shadow weave broken down into its base fragments as clearly as I see the Weave when I cast my spell. The chaos that it was previously, had become as clear as I see you both standing in front of me. I could see the patterns of how it wove together, if I had but a little time more, I could have seen how to take it apart, how to build it up, how to change it. As clearly as I see the Weave I use."

Small tears formed in eyes, the Silver Flame casting small prisms throughout the water making it appear he was crying rainbows. "Yet...yet it was like for everything I saw, everything I learned, my life, my very existence was being pulled from me. That should not have happened...could not have happened. I am protected from spells that drain life, drain energy. Normal spells that is. This shadow weave, this unnatural magic is as similar to my Weave as night and day and as different. Does it scare me. More than anything I have ever encountered. It is frighteningly familiar and yet still...still so different I may as well be a child watching a stage magician do simple slight of hands."

The tears slowly slid down his cheeks as he turned out to look again across the horizon. With the rising sun he saw this time not the destruction that had devastated the city, but the promise of hope the rebuilding had started. The chance for a new beginning, a fresh spring breaking forth from winter's cold embrace.

"Yet, with just a bit more study, with just a little more time, I could gain an understanding of it, enough to fight it. I could gain the knowledge to fabricate spells to combat it, or even change the spells I have now to focus on them. If I can see it again, just once more I would be able to devise a way to protect us, all of us, from it. As much as I can protect against the Weave. I dearly wish to study this, and yet....yet I am afraid, afraid I will lose myself in it or worse. Death is not the only thing that can happen, especially with something as powerful as the shadow sword. Only...I am not sure what other choice I have. I am not sure without this I can do what needs to be done, create what needs to be created, break what needs to be broken."

His cheeks wet with his tears, he turned back around to his friends, his family, "If you say 'do not do this' then truly I won't. But I cannot do this without you, without your support, your love. You are my family as sure as if we were born to the same parents, and nothing, nothing, is as important as family. Please my family," Therogeon nodded to Elric, "my brother," and smiled sadly to Ashara, "my sister, please tell me what you think."
my brother

Elric was speechless. Therogeon considered him a brother? Elric had never had a brother. Did brothers infuriate you this much? He also thought of Ashara as a Sister, but Elric chose not to dwell on that...

Yet, with just a bit more study, with just a little more time,

What was Therogeon asking for? First of all Elric was out of his depth and he knew it. Magic, Chaos Magic, healing, death... These were subjects for more learned people then himself. Still Therogeon was asking for his opinion. He didn't recall the mage ever doing THAT before. From the tone of his voice he believed him when he said he wouldn't do this without Elric's permission. The mage had changed in Dagadar, and Elric didn't know how. There was a chance that even Therogeon didn't know how much.

"I... Honestly don't know what to say." Elric began. "You say we're brothers, than in the same breath ask me to let you face death? What am I supposed to say to that?" The half elf turned to look over the city. He was quiet for a moment and tried to keep his emotions in check.

"When are you looking to do this? Soon? I hope you don't take TOO much offense at this, and I KNOW my opinion doesn't mean much in this subject, But you’re not ready!" He turned to the mage again. "You have more power flowing through you than you know what to do with. If... IF you can master this Silver Flame business, THEN perhaps move on to the chaos stuff... but right now?" Elric looked to Ashara for support, "Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I don't think it’s worth the risk."
"Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I don't think it’s worth the risk."

Ashara smiled softly at Elric. "When that golem crushed Gwilly in its hand and tossed her body behind him, you risked your life to get to her, though you didn't know if she was dead or alive. When we were fighting the balor, as well as the Shade, you risked your life by trying to draw their attention away from us. You do what you need to do for the greater good to be accomplished, and I love you for that!"

"The way I see it, Therogeon is only asking for that same opportunity." She gestured to the mage. "He sees a way of giving us a great advantage over the forces we face, and is willing to take risk his life to do it. It's a noble desire."

Turning to Therogeon, she continued. "I believe Elric is right though. You should take some time to gain some control over this newfound power before pursuing this further. There is no sense in fighting back the shadow magic AND the silver flame. That may pose TOO great a risk..."
Smiling warmly Therogeon quickly wiped his eyes. He turned to his friends and said, "Thank you, both of you. Thank you for your opinions and for listening to me. I know I have not been the most....gracious of companions.

"As for mastering the Silver Flame, I do not think I will ever truly master it. Its power is limited, every time I cast I feel like I am losing a part of myself." He sighed wearily, "It's like being filled with all the power and love of your deity and every time you cast a spell, that power and love leaves you."

He motioned his hands in a dismissing gesture, "Irrelevant in any event. I will not attempt to do this, I promise. However I believe I must make for Waterdeep shortly after returning to Impresk. I must speak with my peers in my organization and, to tell the truth, I have a strong desire to make for the temple of Mystra there. I have not exactly been a dutiful son lately and I feel the need for some soul searching in a place devoted to the Lady of Mysteries." This last was said with a wry grin as he continued, "I truly will not be gone long and I will set up some way for others to get a hold of me while I am gone if the need arises."
Elric listened to the sadness in his friend’s voice. To have goals, whatever they may be... Power, acceptance, knowledge, and know you'll achieve it. Worse yet, to touch it and loose it. This silver flame business seemed more a curse than a blessing. "Honestly, There are times I'm glad I'm not a wizard. You may not be able to master the flames, but I do believe you'll be able to control it."

Elric looked over at Ashara. "Seems Waterdeep is the place to be nowadays..."
"Yes, Waterdeep..."

Thoughts of the previous morning flooded her mind, and she looked down awkwardly at the fist she just bruised on the wall. Ashara still did not feel comfortable about going at all, but there were some things that just needed to be done at the temple. She had thought of asking Elric to come with her, but that would potentially put him in more danger, and besides, it was very selfish of her to want that. He needed time off as much as anyone, not to follow a silly priestess around a crowded city.

Ashara's eyes drifted from Elric to Therogeon.

"I was hoping that perhaps you could take me there. I have some business to attend to at the Spires of the Morning. It is likely I could get back on my own, I just need to familiarize myself with the trees in that area."

She looked at the mage with the sadness in his eyes and hoped that this newfound attitude towards them would last longer than the magic that was waning within him. The priestess still felt the sting of his disappointment in her recovery, the last time they were in the great city.

"The power of the Silver Flame may be leaving you, Therogeon, but I can't believe that her love is. They are not one in the same. I know you are probably just making an analogy... It will be good for you to visit Mystra's temple though. To visit the other members of your organization too! Perhaps you could get some insight from them on how to proceed with deciphering this shadow magic. I don't believe you should abandon the idea, when so much information could be gained. The value of finding the other clerics of Cyric that carry those daggers would be immeasurable. If you can find the daggers made of this magic, maybe you could find the orbs? If that is true, then perhaps thousands of lives could be saved. I do have some spells that could assist you, when you feel that you are ready to try. Though, we really should speak with the entire group about it, to get their opinions before making an attempt.
Therogeon smiled towards Ashara, "Yes my dear, I do understand the difference, it was the closest analogy I could think of."

He sighed. "I will admit, I am not quite out of my depth here, but with everything we've discovered, everything we've seen, I need a fresh set of eyes to go over my work. I truly mean no offense to either of you, I just need someone or some ones with knowledge of the Weave like mine. This is Toril changing big and I'm not sure I'm a strong enough wizard to handle all of it on my own."

He smiled again to his friends, his family, the warmth of his smile reflected in his eyes, "Though push comes to shove and all that, I've the best support, moral, physical, and emotional, any guy could ask for. As for taking you with me, definitely. And I can take you there and back both. Though I will warn you to be careful...Waterdeep can be a confusing place if you're not used to it."

Therogeon's eyebrows lowered as if in thought, "Let me do some planning..I may be able to take another person with us, but don't quote me on that."
The priestess nodded at Therogeon's words. "Thank you for being willing to take me there, but I can get back on my own without having to bother you. I will need to go back and forth a bit to refresh spells and the like. I'll be fine, Transport Via Plants will take me to a place I know just north of Impresk, and I'm certain I could find a pine tree somewhere in Waterdeep!"

Ashara sighed audibly and pulled her nearly threadbare cloak about her shoulders more tightly. Later this afternoon they were to meet with the king for a discussion about their findings and other news around the realm. She already missed the temporary peace that the royal decree had afforded them. It was over so quickly. Hopefully they would have some time to spend in Impresk, but how long the research would take her in Waterdeep, she had no idea.

The thought of being alone in a city that large made her sick to her stomach. She couldn't remember the last time that she was without her friends by her side. Even having this room to herself in the castle felt odd. It was so...quiet. No snoring minotaur, no giggling pixie, she even missed Eddick's sleep-metaphors! The softness of the bed was glorious, but the weight of the silence startled her awake a number of times throughout the night.

"Thank you both for sharing the dawn with me," she smiled softly as she bowed to her companions. "I have a few things to attend to. I'll be in my room if anyone has need of me, otherwise I'll see you this afternoon with the king!"

Ashara turned to leave, and passing by Elric, brushed her hand against his wordlessly before descending the stairs, leaving the two half elves to their own devices.
Elric watched as she left. He had a lot of reservations about this Waterdeep trip. 'I may be able to take another person with us' Therogeon had said. He wanted to go with them. He fully recognized it was purely selfish on his part. It wasn't a vacation trip. They had plans and were going to be busy there. Therogeon would be with his colleagues and Ashara at her temple. They would be busy, and there wasn't anything that he could do to help them. Only distract them.

Pulling his eyes away from the stairs where the priestess had disappeared, he looked back at Therogeon. "This teleporting... I know you've been doing it to set up this party. How safe is it? Its not that I don't trust your abilities... but... Y'know, with the Silver flame..."
Therogeon smiled warmly at his friend. It was an honest question, especially after just having admitted that he didn't know if he would ever be able to control the Silver Flame. At one time, really not all that long ago unfortunately, he might have taken offense at the question. How dare this untrained half-elf doubt his abilities. Ha, yes, it was true. The old Therogeon was really an ass.

"Of all my spells, my recent repeated use of the teleport spell has given me certain....insights to how the Silver Flame would affect it. I would say that even though the spell is of a higher caliber of difficulty than many others, it has less chance of going awry than one of say, the simplest spells I know." He chuckled ruefully, "There is no more risk than what would normally be involved with the spell, which since I plan on teleporting to somewhere I know intimately, the risk is essentially nil."

The elder of the two half-elves clapped the younger's shoulder lightly. "Come on my brother, let a poor wizard buy you some breakfast and you can tell me about this 'staff training' you mentioned."
Elric appreciated the mage's sentiments. He didn't complete believe them, but he did appreciate them. King Thenden had made it pretty clear, that any spell Therogeon casts was at risk to himself and all around him. Still Therogeon was trying to make him feel better.

Or maybe he wasn't. Therogeon has always been confident in his abilities. Did he really think there was nothing to worry about? Elric didn't believe that. Therogeon knew more about the flame than he could guess. He knew what it could do, and he knew what the risks were. Elric was sure he would take every precaution he could, Still the thought of both of them just... disappearing, put him ill at ease.

Still it was morning, and the offer of breakfast reminded him how hungry he actually was. Following Therogeon's lead they departed the tower for more habitable sections of the city. Though the sun was only rising higher and the world was getting warmer, Elric found himself feeling colder than he had an hour ago.

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