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Magic 2.3

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Magic  2.3 Empty Magic 2.3

Post  Colin Marcus on Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:20 pm

Magic 2.3
(not for use with 1890's campaign setting)

  • All Wizards gain two (2) extra spell slots per spell level. i.e. a first level non-specialist wizard would be able to cast 3 spells instead of one.

  • All wizards may cast cantrip at any time without having to memorize it first. Cantrip may be cast with no duration. Cantrip cannot be used in combat in any way.

  • Wizards may exert themselves to increase the power of their spells. For every caster level increase desired, the caster must expend the the equivalent number of CON points as the spell's level. i.e. a 5th level wizard with a CON of 15 wishes to cast a more powerfull fireball, to cast it as a 6th level fireball would cost 3 CON points, a 7th level fireball would cost 6 CON, etc.

  • A wizard may instead focus his spell, making it harder to resist. For each number of CON points (minimum of spell's level) the targets magic resistance is lowered by 5%. i.e. a 5th level wizard with a CON of 15 wishes his spell to affect a a target with a magic resistance of 20%. He casts Flame Arrow (a third level spell), he must spend a minimum of 3 CON points to lower the targets resistance 15%. 6 CON points lowers the resistance to 10%, etc.

  • Using either of these methods the wizard MAY NOT exceed any normal spell restrictions or level caps.

  • The wizard regains 1 CON point per 24 hours complete rest.

  • CON Checks are rolled from modified CON score, immediately after the spell is cast. This is to determine if the wizard passes out from the strain of channeling himself into the spell. Failure means the wizard is unconscious for 1 hour per CON point spent.

  • Exhaustion checks are made every time a spell caster expends a number of spell levels equal to twice his level. Once that check is made the next one isn't until another amount of spells are cast again equal to twice teh caster's level. i.e. a 9th level wizard makes his first check after casting 18 spell levels. The second check is made after another 18 (36 spell levels total) is cast.

  • Exhaustion checks are made against spell caster's current CON score. If a check is failed the caster's spells function as if the caster were one level lower than he is. The caster does not actually loose a level and all spells are retained in memory. i.e. a 5th level wizard fails his CON check. He can still cast his fireball spell. Only instead of 5d6 damage, it would do 4D6 damage.

  • The "Enchant An Item" spell is now a 4th level universal spell and can be used to make magic items without the permanency spell. Any item made this way retains it's charges until they are spent and cannot be recharged. To make a rechargable item does require the permanency spell. See spell description in PHB for full details on spell item creation.
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