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The Story Thus Far (SIDEBAR)

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The Story Thus Far (SIDEBAR)

Post  WoTmaster on Wed Oct 14, 2009 3:20 pm

This is the list of emails that went back and forth about the email RP Crews started.


okay, while i kinda like this character i'm doing a little, the fact that over half the band of the scimitar are going to be in this (if pat does do ketrich) really is tempting me to do jase...just warning you all, if this suddenly takes a different and strange turn...

BIG Matt
Why not play BOTH....

Jase wasn't really center of attention, he just popped up to cause trouble then run Smile


Yeah while we're on the sidebar here, what is all this that I'm
readling now?? Seriously I....don't QUITE know what I'm seeing with
this...explanations please?

just go with it...it might be a little new...kinda strange at first, but let your curiosity take you...err...umm

okay, i'll finally give the breakdown.
i've always wanted to do a type of e-mail adventure or a game. basically, where we aren't confined to a table and can do it at our leisure. well, i had talked to ann about it and she liked it so on a whim i kinda just blurted the first thing out and sat back to watch the confusion ensue and see where this took us. if you wish to jump in, do so, with anybody, no particular world, kinda make it up as we go along thing. if you just want to read, no problem. if you don't want to do an actual character, just pipe in with stuff for the story or side stuff once in a while. if you want out, just say so, we'll cry and call you names behind your back, but we will remove you from the list....


BIG Matt
I'm all for it... except the part of "at your leisure"


*does the rp dance*

get this girl some role playing STAT!!!

I guess I must have missed like most of the start of this thing...I
have no idea who these characters are...much less whats going on.

Crews is playing his tiny adventurer from facebook. Ann, Pat and myself are playing the band of the scimitar. No idea what holly's doing yet.

Justin, basically if you want to bring someone in you can, I'm playing my new character that no one has met yet... that is why he is sticking to the shadows for now... will see when/how I want to introduce him.

I don't know any of the characters from the band of the scimitar game so I am just going with it... I recognized matt's character name from tiny adventures. Basically think of this as one of the stories that happen on online forum...only in email Smile

I have decided that I won't be joining up on this one. It has been over a decade since I played January, and I think he is a bad guy now...

Also, it looks like you have enough characters and a good interaction going. That and I really don't know who I would bring in. It does look like fun though.

well, it is open, so if you get an idea later on, feel free to jump in

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