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5th of Uktar - Eddick & Elric - Dagadar

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5th of Uktar - Eddick & Elric - Dagadar

Post  Penelope on Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:49 am

The sounds of stringed music floated through the halls of Dagadar. These we about as out of place as the man following those sounds to their source. The sound seemed to carry throughout the halls, and the actual location was hard to pin down as notes echoed down the stony paths.

The aged Eddick had taken to walking around the city when he had nothing to do, thinking and planning about the immediate future. Now that the fight here was done, and those around him were talking of taking a break, his mind wandered toward his fellow druids. Massacred, they said. Eddick thought of all of those men and women who he was looking forward to learning from, each of them a natural wonder that should have been preserved. The very thought of it made Eddicks blood run cold. Eddick had never been a companion of fear, and even now, when he thought about the power that must have been wielded to destroy the whole society of the greatest druids in the land, it still did arrest him. Grief, however, was something with which he was quite familiar.

So when the lively tune about it being important to remember not to hug a balor reached Eddicks hearing as he was making his rounds, a smile came to his lips, hidden by his long goatee. Maybe a conversation with a friend with a whole lot on his mind other than what currently occupied his own might be of some pleasant diversion. Who knows, maybe these few extra years that Eddick had were enough to help said friend as well, which would make the conversation of double benefit.

When he found the pugilist, he was sitting on a rock in one of the more natural caverns in the corner of the city. Struming away with that far away look on his face when he was trying to come up with lyrics. Eddick sat down across from him, cross legged on the ground and quietly listened.


Elric had written himself into a corner. What rhymed with 'Balor'? Ahh well. It would come to him. It always did. Probably at an inappropriate moment too... Still It felt good to be playing again.

He Always felt better when he was playing. If he was prone to introspection he would have had to admit it was the first thing in his life, that was really 'his'. Nobody had encouraged or insisted on this training, and it was something that he'd had to learn during the few hours of the day that were considered 'His time'. His music helped him organize his thoughts, it recorded his memories and emotions... in a way it was a kind of Reverie for the half-elf. At least sometimes.

Sometimes there was simply too much. Too much for one song. Possibly too much for one instrument. The last few days were a whirlwind that he simply couldn't organize. Between Demons, Demigods, the rescue of the lost dwarves, getting a place of honor at the funerals of those he killed... and then there was Ashara. Too much for one Instrument indeed.

And nothing rhymes with Balor...

Looking up he saw Eddick sitting patiently listening to him. He wondered how long he'd been there. It was unusual for people to sneak up on Elric, but somehow the druid could do it. Of course the half-elf admitted to himself, he WAS pretty distracted. Giving the druid a wry smile, he asked, "Any requests?"


A dozen thoughts streamed through Eddick's head. He wanted to say quite a bit, but where to even start was a problem he did not even want to think about.

"It would seem that your song has come up against a dead end. Perhaps if you diverted you stream of thought toward something less structured, you can find your destination, and then look back to find the best path."

Eddick watched the initial confusion on Elric's face, and wondered if he had spoken clearly enough. With a start, he realized that he had become like his great uncle Ellio who tended to speak in riddles rich in metaphor.

"A conversation is my request. I have been thinking of unpleasant things, and I wish to be relieved of the burden for a while. The diversion might be good for you as well, your song writing muscles could probably use a short break before attempting exertion again."

Eddick silenty chastised himself for doing it again.


Elric stared at the druid. Maybe he was tired or the exertion or the past week was catching up to him... it was nearly impossible to tell what time it was down here... but he had NO idea what the man was trying to say.

"Conversation?" Elric grasped the only word that made sense to him. "I can do that." The druid seemed uncomfortable, and it wasn't like him to dwell on 'unpleasant thoughts'. It was especially rare that Eddick would come to him to relieve those thoughts.

"What's do wish to Converse about?"


The old druid squirmed in his position. His left leg had gone asleep. He tried to remind himself that he was talking to a fighter, and not someone who was accustomed to soul searching. This was a man of action. And as such, he had to be more direct. But, as he was dealing with fragile memories, he proceeded with caution.

"I remember you telling me once about looking for your mother. How you desired to know her from a very young age, and even went out to search for her. I believe I know how you felt at that time. Knowing that a very important part of you was missing and that you had to go and find it."

Eddick paused for a moment and looked directly at Elric, measuring him a bit. He knew this man was a good man, somewhat impulsive, and not terribly perceptive, but good. His pump would have to be primed a bit.

"I understand that, because I lived that. I was not looking for my mother, per se, but I longed for adventure with every fiber of my being. Every generation of my family have been adventurers for 16 generations. Every one of us wants to see the world, make our own place in it. But every generation, one is chosen, sometimes even randomly, to take care of our home. Many who go do not return, but there always needs to be a place there that we can call home, if we are beat down and need one. That was my responsibility to my family, and to the hundreds of people that call Silverthorne keep. It was like finding a baby in the woods. You cannot just leave it there, it could get eaten by wolves or goblins so easily. I had other plans, but I just had to take care of them."

"For thirty years, I felt the call of the wild. She was like a enticing smell coming out of a bakery. You want to go in, but you got somewhere that you have to be, like someone with you with a broken arm who needs to go to the temple. When you told that story of going to find her, I envied you at that time. You were able to go out after your heart, while I was, at that age, a prisoner of duty."

"Then, finally, one day, I was free. I worked for years to make it happen and when the day came, I was ready to go." Eddick stuck both legs out right in front of him, letting the blood flow out with what felt like the pricking of pine needles. "And I wandered for years, almost another 6 years before I found some people who loved nature as much as I did. I finally felt that there were people with which I could relate." The old druid decided that was enough of that story for right now.

"My parents died when I was 14. I was there. Since then, I have had no one to advise me, no one to encourage me to do the right thing. I could not have anyone to rely on. So I know what that is like."

Eddick dropped his head back and gazed at the ceiling above, letting out a sigh. "I have been watching you lately, and you seem more troubled than usual. I know being down here and what we have been through lately has been hard. Especially you and Ashara. If you want to talk, or need any advise, I am here for you. If you do not, I would like to hear a few more songs, and then I will be on my way."


Elric placed the mandolin down and sighed. "Seems I'm an open book lately..."

Looking at the druid, "Do you ever feel so... out of control? Like your caught in a whirlwind and you don't know where you're going to land?" The half elf leaned against that stone wall. "I'll admit it. I'm a bit lost right now. There's so much going on that's just... beyond me. Ancient Curses, Wars between gods, continent-wide war. Recently I've had one evil god personally... PERSONALLY threaten me, and I've just helped kill another Evil god's Avatar." The half rambled.

"And that's not even counting Ashara!" The half-elf started to blush. It wasn't like him to go on like this, and he'd never intended to have this converstation, but everything was coming out. "Do realize that within a 12 hour period, i found out she felt the same way about me as I do for her... had a pixie prompt me to propose marriage... and got 'mating' advice from a minotaur!" The absurdity of it all made him laugh. "And somewhere in there I got 'hugged' by Balor."

"VALOR!" Elric said suddenly, and a little too loudly. He quickly made some notes on his paper. "I knew that would come to me when I least expected..."

A little exasperated, he continued. "I'll be honest. I don't know anything about women. Especially Human women. She's so... different than elven women. She's brave, and strong. She's got the power of her god backing her..."

Elric was quiet for a moment, then added "She's different from most Humans too. Most humans stare at my ears or something... I put them off a bit." Smiling to himself, "She never did. She ALWAYS accepted me for exactly who I am."


Eddick nodded and listened to his friend's rant. It was good to hear him vent a bit. With all of the pressure he puts on himself, it was good to be able to lend him a hand with it. Otherwise he would look like Eddick himself, and look older than he actually is.

"I have found that it is no help to concern yourself with things beyond your control. Accomplish what you can, and leave the rest to whatever power you venerate. You get so stressed out about these things, no wonder you like punching things." Eddick smirked a little at his own joke, but quickly recovered.

"Also, I wouldn't be too worried about Cyric's threat. Let me tell you why. It is not because Cyric is not powerful enough to carry out his threat, because he is. Now the look on your face tells me that you believe that is good enough cause for concern, but let me finish.

"Where do the gods get their power? They become more powerful and less powerful based on those that worship them. Now worship in itself is simply ascribing great value to something. If you are constantly concerned with the threats and fear of a evil god, you actually are giving him some of the power he will use to carry out his threats.

"The remedy for this is belief in something else. I know this about Cyric. He came into his power quickly, and has grown and done great things in recent years. I also know that in the garden, the plant that grows the fastest is the vine, which cannot survive the winter. Therefore, I believe in the natural law that tells me that this upstart god with whom everyone is so concerned could be undone in a moment.

"Ashara believes that Lathander is stronger and has a much greater claim on her life than Cyric. This is how she can remain true in the face of adversity, and this is, to a certain degree, her strength. This is one that she has been trying to share with you, to make you strong as well.

"And concerning Ashara..." Eddick smiled brightly now. "It may not seem like this right now, but understanding is not what you need to begin. Acceptance is where it begins, and that is where you are already. But even though it begins at acceptance, you must remember that acceptance must always remain. It is the root of love. If the root dies, so does the plant.

"The stem of the plant reaches toward the sky, and it corresponds with service. You must each desire to lift one another to the highest, most excellent place you can be. If you are unbalanced in this, you can more easily fall. If one of you pushes the other down, you both begin to descend. Through seeking the best for the other person, both of you can attain highs of personal character you are not able to achieve on your own. If you do not seek the other's benefit, than you do not love, you are only there to get whatever pleasure you can out of it, and the plant will die.

"But the purpose of the root and the stem is for the fruit of understanding. In truth, you know little about Ashara, by your own
definition. But you do know this, she loves you, and you love her. And that little knowledge that you share has your heart doing back flips in your chest. As you accept one another, and serve one another, you will come to know one another in such ways that is completely beyond your comprehension right now.

Eddick took a short pause to let his words sink in. "Just remember. No plant bears fruit all year. But farmers spend their whole lives toiling for that day when they get the harvest. If you are to be a good farmer of love, remember to tend to acceptance and service, remove the weeds that may try to choke those things, and you will receive so much, you will never be able contain it all."


Elric looked at the druid and Blinked. Twice.

The druid seemed to speak in riddles, and while he believed he understood the point his friend was trying to make... it would take time to let it all sink in. Possibly years. He hoped they would all survive that long. The half-elf looked at the man before him. Eddick was known in the group for his nature and horse themed philosophy, but rarely did he go off on such detailed metephors.

"I appreciate the advice Eddick. You've certainly got a poets gift with imagery. I'll think about what you said." If he was lucky the druid wouldn't realize how completely lost he was. Normally he was able to follow the druids converstation, but ever since the battle with 'the Shade', he had a little trouble keeping up. Maybe it was shock, maybe there was too much on his mind, or maybe the druid has gotten more obtuse lately. He didn't seem to have trouble with anyone else, but Eddick seemed to talk on whole other plane now. He hoped it wasn't one more problem to add to the list.

"What about yourself? You seem a little more distracted yourself. How are you handling the aftermath?"


Eddick smiled brightly when he was told he had a poets gift with imagery. Coming from a musician, that was high praise indeed. The best part of metaphors were their ability to stick with a person and be remembered. Hopefully, Elric would at least remember the metaphor, and when the time came, would either be able to apply it, or at least ask Eddick to explain it again.

When asked about the aftermath, Eddick paused for a moment to try to find the right words. "Aftermath? It still seems to me like it is yet in the middle of the fight. We cut off the enemy's weapon supply, but their troops are still in the field. It is likely that once this is found out, the order to attack will take place soon. At the very least, that is what I would do in their situation. Their surprise has been compromised. Their options are to either attack with the provisions they have now, or to wait for more reinforcements.

"Winter is coming, so it is quite possible that they will delay for better weather, so we will have perhaps that time to be able to prepare. But there is still much we do not know. First of all, how are we able to fight a power that destroyed the entirety of the druidic hierarchy. I do know this, there were probably a half dozen or more druids in that grouping that were more powerful than me. I know that I have not been as much help down here as I usually am, but I do much better where there are animals and plants I know and can work with. They were destroyed in their home elements."

Eddick had been working up to a unusual pitch for him, and the tear that trickled out of his left eye belied his emotions. "They had the knowledge I needed to become more powerful. So I could protect the beautiful things in this world. Things like you and Ashara, things like Gwilly."

The old druid wiped the tear into his beard. "But there are still things to be done. Things we can all do. I do appreciate your help with the weapons and armor you lent me to perhaps bring about some more reinforcements. There had also been some things I had been speaking with nature about that also may help in the future. I am going to sanctify a place of natural wonder near Impresk that may provide us with some extra power, and may also allow me to make contact with some other druids in Faerun."

The old man leaned over toward Elric. "I may have to leave you guys a little earlier than I want to, in order to complete the things I need to." He leaned back on his hands. "But I promise not to leave you when you need me."


Elric watched the rare show of emotion. It occured to him how little he really knew this man. He had always carried himself as a man who had reinvented himself. This was his new life, and what had happened before wasn't important. His life now consisted of Nature and metaphors.

The loss of the druids had honestly not affected Elric much. So much had happened at the time, and while standing in the decimated capital of Tethyr and seeing all the death and destruction THERE... the news of the druids sacrifice seemed very far away. It hadn't occured to him that Eddick may have much different feelings on the matter. He felt very disappointed in himself for that.

"Perhaps Aftermath wasn't QUITE the right word, But I'm not sure it was completly wrong either..." The half-elf paused to consider his next words. "I believe the 'attack' has already happened. There is no surprise factor to worry about anymore. Last I'd heard nearly Everywhere was deep in war. Tethyr is destroyed. I hope they can rebuild and all... but honestly they're hurting. They're captial is gone, as are most of their soldiers. The only hope they have is if they completly abandon their civil war... which may happen with the new king... but people are stubborn. They'll be lucky to last the winter. Evereska was under attack. Enough to trap Blackstaff there... Which I understand 'means' something...

"If I remember correctly, just about the entire map was already under attack. Except impresk. Fortunately we must not have anything of value there, Or perhaps Lathander is protecting it. The war is happening. We stopped them from getting more weapons... but I doubt they needed them. The dwarf told us the drops had been made, and THESE weapons aren't going to break easily."

Elric leaned back against the stone. The caves seemed to grow colder to him. "I HAVE to believe the winter will hold them off. The gnolls were raging psychotics... little more than puppets. If they aren't allowed to fight the way THEY know how... How could they survive the elements? If whoever is controling them uses them as mindless hordes and just throws them against the walls.... it won't do much to serve it's cause. I'm no general, but wouldn't it suit the cause more to set up Seiges? I imagine this is going to be hungry winter..."

He was quiet for a few moments, but then looked back at Eddick. "We haven't made any definite plans yet, but I've been hearing murmerings. The group is tired. We need to rest. All of us. We have NO idea where to go next. We can't fight a whole world war on our own. We're not soldiers. We all have our own talents and specialities. It's rare to find so much talent in a single group... We can't just go city to city saving the day. Even OUR luck won't hold that long. We need to fight smart. OUR way. We need to find out where to do the most damage, then do it. But we're not ready.

Look at us... Therogeon's got more power than he can can control. We can't just throw him into another battle without letting him learn his new limitiations.... if he HAS any now. Gwilly and Kaber have both died and been brought back... Kaber twice! I know Ashara is concerned about her family these days... We need to recharge and plan what to do next. With all these new powers and such people are getting... we most likely won't get snowbound like last year. But we should take a minimum of a few weeks back home and plan." Elric let a smile slip through, "Besides, if Gwilly doesn't get a party... by HER standards soon... I think she's going to explode. And I don't want to be cleaning up pixie dust."

Suddenly serious Elric looked directly at the emotional Druid. " You say you have places that you need to be? May I ask where? We heard in Tethyr how you... for lack of a better phrase, single handedly saved the king and stopped the gnoll army. You don't have it in your head to Avenge your friends against that dragon avatar thing do you?


"Avenge? No, avenging them at this point would not only be foolhardy and pointless, but completely senseless. I already told you that there were more powerful druids in that bunch than I was. I'm not prepared, I'm not powerful enough, and I would be too emotional at this time." Eddick glanced over at his friend with a weak smile, hoping to alleviate his fear about any vengeance.

"My first order of business is to take care of my grief. I need to find their bodies, whisk them away to a proper place for burial, and then hold services. I guess that would be a kind of rest. I would like to build a monument to their memory, but that may take some time. I would invite you all to come to carry corpses across the countryside, but I think your time would be better served in other endeavors.

"My second order of business is to reestablish contact with some people that might be able to help us. I know of a couple, and we might be able to get more information out of them, or at least a place to start.

"My third order of business is to spend quite a bit of time studying and communing with nature to see if there are any specific tasks that would fall to me when so many of her servants are gone. There must be lots of things to do, and I can tell you one of those things she would have me do already. We need more druids. I will have to spend time gaining and training new recruits.

Eddick stood to his feet. "Also, the whole map was not under attack yet. According to that map, we simply know where they are depositing weapons. If they had sufficient weapons, they will have attacked already. But I doubt that is the case, because they were still making more when we got here. We have interrupted them in that task, and it will be quite interesting to see what they will do next. As for Evereska, that is a place where we could go. Should it still exist when we are ready.

"I agree with you in that we need rest, I simply do not think that all of us will be able to get very much of it.


Elric watched the druids reactions as much as he listened to his words. He was convinced that Eddick wasn't going to run off and challenge the dragon on his own. It was small comfort though. He could tell the druid was scared. It wasn't a reaction he was used to seeing in his friend. This was the man who was always the first to suggest storming the enemy. When Elric suggested caution, Eddick suggested action. It was a strange feeling to hear this man downplay his abilities and admit that an enemy was beyond him. He didn't like it.

"Its not a safe time to be alone. Where your friends fell wasn't far out of route... You know that if you want help with that task, we'll be there. If its something you feel obligated to do on your own... I'd understand, just don't ask me to be comfortable with it. We're stronger as a group, and all we seem to do lately is make more and more powerful enemies. Any of them would like to catch us alone..."

"As for Evereska... I'm sure I haven't seen the last of that city. I have unfinished business there for sure." Elric was lost in thought for a moment. "But its not important. We wouldn't be able to break the siege and save the city, or recieve much gratitude if we did. With the Archmages and the magic of the Elves... I'm sure they'll pull through."


Eddick pulled out his map and unrolled it on the ground. He pointed up toward the area where Cyric's Towers were. "Considering how close the towers are to our normal route, I am surprised that you suggest we go in that direction at all." Eddick winked at Elric. "Actually, if we did go that direction, it would simplify things for me. I would like to do that alone, but I do not think it will take me that long to do unless the enemy has specifically located and desecrated their corpses and scattered their remains, or raised them as zombies. If either of those scenarios are the case, it will make it quite difficult to find them with or without your help.

"If we did go to that area, it would be good for me to use you as a focal point for my servants to rendevous. If Kaber is with you, then you would not even have to stop, but I could take care of what I need to do while you are traveling. If you travel that quick way we discovered, you would have to stop for a little while. I wonder if I could slip Kaber some fish and then we could get back to Impresk quite quickly.

(ooc, "drink this milk, B. A." = comedy gold)

"The only way we could be of help to Evereska, is if there was a plan to bring an army to help break the seige. Then we could assist, and I believe we could do quite well. I have many spells that would help in such a situation, and Ashara does as well.

Eddick glanced over at Elric's face as he said her name to watch the reaction. The situation between the two was still quite fun. It provided a much needed distraction from graver matters. "She has gotten quite powerful since we came down here. Her abilites have increased far beyond her own expectations and hopes. And now that she carries Dawnspeaker, you will find that many people will think much more of her than they have in the past. It may smooth some of our roads, but trouble will likely seek us out because of her.

Eddick grinned, "not that I mind, Elric. It should be fun!"


She has gotten quite powerful since we came down here. Her abilites have increased far beyond her own expectations and hopes.

Elric pondered those words for a moment and with a curious look confronted the druid. "Now you sound like Ashara. She doesn't seem to realize she's ALWAYS been powerful. Before we ever set foot down here, I've seen her heal mortal wounds, call fire from the sky, and she was fully prepared to BRING BACK THE DEAD. That is power that average people can't even dream of. Her humilty is one of the things about her tat always amazes me."

"Both of you, All three with Therogeon are so... powerful... Think about it, in order to seal the throne room... You literally moved the mountain. So when I hear you say you aren't powerful enough for something... or "now" they have power.... It boggles my mind.

Elric smiled and shook his head. "As does your idea of 'Fun'. I'm willing to just chalk that up to different upbringings... I was taught all my skills to deal with trouble when it inevitably shows up. But no. I don't enjoy the idea of LOOKING for it. It'll find us soon enough..." Then he added with a chuckle, " Besides, the towers aren't actually THERE anymore."

"As for where we're going and what route we'll take, I have no idea. Since the funeral everyone seems to have their own activites. I think they needed time to themselves after the fight. I saw Therogeon in the library, but i'm a little afraid to distrub him when he's working his magic now. He can't afford any distractions right now. Kaber and Ashara have been getting their armor fitted, when she isn't with the priests. I have NO idea where Gwilly is."

"I've been trying to learn as many of these Elven Ballads..." The half-elves voice started to get excited, "Can you imagine how long its been since these songs have actually been played? I've never even heard of some of these... The ones I have have changed so much through the years... Its like looking at the original first editions facts of legends you've heard..." Realizing that he was rambling, he reigned it in a bit.

"But, now that we know the boat is still waiting up there, we've got some time before we have to make any decisions. Hopefully by the time we're back in Tethyr we'll have some ideas."


Eddick watched his friend glow as he talked about Ashara. He watched as his friend talked about the powerful magic that his friends have accrued, and he smiled. "I can understand how it can boggle your mind, because you are not acquainted with magic. You simply do not have a frame of reference. There are seven circles of priestly magic. Before we came down here, Ashara was able to perform the rituals to complete the fifth circle. You are correct, that is quite powerful. Most priests do not make it much farther than the second circle. But since we came down here, I saw her perform the ritual for a seventh circle spell. It is something that even I am not able to do.

"The reason I was talking about not being quite powerful enough is that I need access to this seventh circle as well. They are the most powerful of spells, and would be terribly useful in any future battles we may face."

The old druid placed a hand on Elric's well muscled shoulder. "It is the same as you showing me two flying kicks, one which takes 4 years of practice to master and one that takes 6 years of practice to master. I would likely not be able to discern which was more impressive or why. If you understand what I have seen concerning weapons, however, you should note that you yourself have ability with the like that I have heard only in stories.

“While Kaber was brought low by physical blows, you have withstood similar dangers and have yet to die. When I was younger, I witnessed many battles, and saw men separated into halves with a normal sized unmagical axe. You took a fair amount of blows from that axe without dying far more than any of the rest of us could. Your reflexes and body have grown to such an extent to be totally beyond any, especially that cocky ranger fellow.

"Now I realize that you feel like you have a great distance to go in order to improve, and that is fine for you to think. But if you looked at yourself the way that you look at us, unhindered by your own prejudice , you would see that you are a suitable ally for those as powerful as you believe us to be.

“Now there are certain things that we can do to improve as well, so that we can match our adversaries spell for spell, and that is why, especially Therogeon and I desire solitude in order to concentrate on becoming more powerful. Our resident mage has, as far as I can tell, reached the fifth circle, but the difference is that his circles go up to nine instead of seven. That is why he is so driven. He knows there area many more things he must know in order to be able to meet his enemies on an even field. Although, since he has wrestled with the silver flame, it is hard to say how deep his well of power is.”

Eddick sat back on his haunches, and regarded his friend. “You say you have learned some new, or rather quite old songs? I have not heard you practice those yet. I thought you were merely working on new material. Why don’t you play me some of them, I would like to hear them.”


Elric was surprised by Eddicks words. Apparently the druid was impressed by HIS skill. While the half-elf knew he was good, much better then had ever expected to be... he didn't see how it was even close to comparing with the power of their magic.

He had the ability to kill a man. Honestly he could do it fairly easily. Perhaps too easily. Even without his new wraps, he could put his fist through a solid 3" of stone. How hard was it to break bone? Sometimes the thought frightened Elric. To have so much control of Life and Death was a massive responsiblitiy. One he didn't take lightly.

The funeral they had recently attended still upset him. He had tried to save as many as he could... but they were just to stubburn to fall. He wished they could have raised them all. But again, the stubburness of Dwarves was legendary. He smiled inside as he thought about the one that did get raised. He was the one that weighed on Elric's conscience the most. He had never intended to hurt him that badly, but he was using the new wraps... and simply lost control. Control he'd spent his life trying to maintain. A simple knockout turned into a deadly skull crushing. The fact that he was the first that Ashara had brought back didn't escape him. She knew him so well.

Still to compare his power to theirs? The power to crush bone and dodge weapons versues the ability to call down lightning from the sky and raise the dead? Elric just didn't see it. For all his "power" he was just as capable of having a bad day as when he was a child. Waterdeep showed him that. Two elves in an alley nearly killed him that day. If the fight went the same today as it did then, it would probably have the same results.

He wished he had the frame of refrence to explain to the druid just how he sounded. He wished to go spell for spell with our adversaries? Their Adversaries are gods! One of the first Lessons that Eldorath had pushed on him, was not to seek more power than you can control. Learn your control, Master what you know, more will come in time. This "seventh" circle wouldn't make a difference in the long run. Mastering the tools and tricks you already have will see you through more problems than gaining being an apprentice in new tools and tricks. It applies in fighting, Elric was certain it applied to magic too.

However he knew he wouldn't be able to explain this to the druid. Those without skill in magic cannot offer advice to those who do. It was a lesson he'd known from his years with the elves and more recently his discussions with Therogeon. Eddick seemed interested in changing the subject, so Elric obliged.

"The new songs are tricky. Their written by elves, for elves. Its a little tricky to get the sounds right. I'm not sure if you know this, but people come from miles just to hear an elf play. The sounds they make are unlike anything humans have ever heard. Sometimes it destroys a human's appreciation for their own music." Elric gave the druid a wry grin. "Want to know why?"

"The elves would have you believe that they are undisputed masters of all things, human's can't comprehend their secrets and blah, blah, blah.... But I know the truth. Its all a matter of Physiology." Elric reached over and picked up his mandolin. Then showed Eddick his outstretched hand. "Have you ever looked closely at an elf's hand? Their fingers are much longer, and narrower. Helps them climb trees better I imagine." Placing his hands on the mandolin for demonstration purposes "It also lets them create chords that are 'just' out of reach for us with 'stumpy fingers'."

"It takes a little extra work to play them... but I'm getting there. I'm able to reach the chord... but its throwing off my timing." Then Elric started to play for his friend.

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