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Post Garden Gnome recollections...

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Post Garden Gnome recollections...

Post  WoTmaster on Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:24 am

Hey, not totally in rp, but a place for us to recollect what happened when last we met... What I remember is we found and caught the garden gnome, then he opened the world thru Ian's closet... there was the thorny briar maze? where the path kept changing... we got the kid back and got back from that. Then we all kind of went back about our regular lives for a bit... the date on my character sheet reads as 7 days from the start of the game (started Sat, Oct 21, Current date is Sat Oct 28).

Big Matt said something about us all waking up in a room... but this might get ret-conned...

What do you all remember?

Also... I am going to make a facebook page (not profile, but page) for my WoD character "Nadia" I will suggest it to you all when it is published! Feel free to do the same if you want or I can help with it (I do fb pages at work for clients and our company page). And we can have interactions with our characters!

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Re: Post Garden Gnome recollections...

Post  Swiftboot on Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:09 pm

i know in the maze we met a guy, who looked normal, named jack. i think he was carrying a lantern or something and seemed to know some things about the place we were in. i know we barely made it out and derek shot up my appartment killing the gnome (though i don't know if it was a bloody mess or shattered, kinda curious about the clean up)

everyone was hurt or exhausted and i returned the little girl who was still in a daze. i dropped her off a few doors down from her place cause i didn't want us to be connected with any crazy memories she might have still had. there was also some patching up of people and much sleeping.

the next day a couple of us (don't think i was in on it) went to brad & jenny's to check on things and "gasp" their daughter was back. i want to say there was a little interaction with us after, but i don't remember what and how much and how we were all reacting (except ann, who i think was ready to commit us all and herself). i do think we were planning on meeting up again sometime in the near future to talk about things and see how crazy we were.

that's basically what i remember.

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