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Kingmaker NPCs

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Kingmaker NPCs

Post  Colin Marcus on Sat Jan 04, 2014 5:16 am

Armorer - Oskaar Hayward

Apothecary - Lavinia Giles

Artist - Adelise Flynn

Bailiff - Milton Bradley

Baker - Theora Barrett

Barber - Dimble Gammidge (gnome)

Blacksmith - Bordred Brownlock

Bottler - Gerard Goulet

Butler - Gerard Goulet

Bowyer - Katrine Overgaard

Candlemaker - Graham Overhill

Carpenter - Garroth Holmberg

Castellan - Henri Aleksandar

Chamberlain - Pavel Mironov

Chancellor - Felix Boyle

Chaplain - Davice Urthadar

Clerk - Eldred Cardwell

Clothier - Mairis Parkin

Cook - Brynhilde Olsson

Cordwainer - Reinholdt (the shoe Nazi) Shumacher

Cottar - Morvin Russell

Ditcher - Turstin Denisov

Ewerer - Isobel Duric

Fletcher - Markus Holt

Gardener - Yuri Mordvinova

Guards - William Chorster,
             Kennrick Lindholm,
             Rinaldo Costa

Herald - Rowland Berthelsen

Herbalist - Cuthbert Howe

Janitor - Burgess Wilkins

Keeper of the Wardrobe - Saedry Pearce

Knight - Sir Cynric Gallagher

Messenger - Gabriel Rowley,
                  Jamie Beaudry

Minstrel - Philippe Lagruex

Moneylender - Elisha Hale (Cleric of Abadar)

Page - Fyodor Patel

Porter - Durwald  Fitch

Physician - Edvard Andersen

Potter - Gervaise Hargreaves

Reeve - Thraed Bartek

Scribe - Esmond Prichard

Scullion - Hal Furguson,
             Amalda Bell

Spinster - Maisie Marsden
              Helen (Thomas' mother)

Steward - Baldric Pirogov

Squire - Thomas (Thad's squire)
            Rorik Paulsen,

Mapmaking Apprentice - Adelise Stroud

Ranger - Kazimir Yanev

Librarian - Piotr Vasilvy

Academy Faculty-

Zaistrun Garess: Headmaster, Illusions and Transmutations

Delinda: Necromancy and Cursing

Artimisa: Summoning

Piotr Vasilvy: History, Monster Lore, and elementary studies

Paido: Combat Casting and Alchemy

Vabka Spalko: Enchantment

Kaalib Coaltongue: Evocation

Nikabrik: Scrolls, potions and Wands

Dombill: Familiars and Constructs

Sample Classes:

Elementary Figments- Minor Illusions and their practical uses

Teacher: Zaistrun Garess

The Evil Eye and You- How to avoid influenced luck

Teacher: Delinda Aldori

Wheels within Wheels- The importance of the magic circle

Teacher: Artimisa

New Resurrection- The prehistory and history of Novastasia

Teacher: Piotr Vasilvy:

Combat Chemistry- Alchemist solutions for Altercations

Teacher: Sir Paido Firefoot

You Are All Mine- Effective magical and non-magical charms

Teacher: Vabka Spalko

Here comes the Boom!- Beginning Evocation

Teacher: Kaalib Coaltongue

Essential Penmenship- The art of Scroll making and record keeping

Teacher: Nikabrik Cloakendagger

Magic Metals- How to make the most of Materials

Teacher: Dombill Strongbeard

Colin Marcus

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Knights of the Realm

Post  Thaddeus Medvyed on Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:55 am

Thaddeus' Knights of the Realm are an eclectic bunch. Unlike most kingdoms, admittance to the knighthood is not based on anything except courage and merit. As such, they don't take a very good 'team photo'. There is no set uniform or armor as everyone wears what they believe best. The closest we have is a red cloak with a the seal of Novastasia on the left shoulder. This distinguishes the knights from the rabble Wink

Knights  so far consist of....

Sir Paido of course is the first and highest ranking knight.

Then in no particular order....

Sir Kaleb Ironwinter

Ranger 1/Paladin of Erastil 4
Human 30, 6'6'' 250# AL:LG
Fort: 11
Will: 8


Great Ax +10   D12 +5
Smite Evil +2/+5
Composite Long Bow +(4 mod)   +6   D8+5

Skills: Intim 8, Geog 6, Natur 5, religion 4, ride 5, Sense motive 4, survival 7
Feats:Toughness, Power attack, Weapon focus Great Axe

Channel 2d6

Big, Strong, Monster of a man.  Strong willed, and willing to debate with Thaddeus over theology and the right course of action. Hails from Tatzelford and prefers to stay there. Rarely in Akiros itself, though comes when called. Thinks of all Novastasia as his 'community' and strives to protect it.

Sir Saravan

Fighter (Swordlord) 5
Half-elf 23, 5'6'', 140 AL:NG


HP 34
Fort: 6
Initative +8
AC (mw Chain shirt) 17

BaB 5
CMB 5 (7 disarm)
CMD 19 (+5 vs disarm, +3 vs overrun)

Dueling Sword (Keen, Agile) +11 Damage 1d8 +5    Crit 17-20

Skills: Bluff 8, Handle animal 8, Local 2, nobility 3, perception 1, ride 11, SM 0, swim 4
Feats: Exotic weapon Dueling sword, Combat expertise, improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Weapon focus, improved initative, skill focus bluff.

Quick witted, sharp tongue. Originally a lesser noble cousin from Mivon, He trained with the sword and sought prestige. His half-elven nature held him back though, and after the unpleasantness with the Narlmarch elves Saravan faced a lack of realistic prospects. Having heard of Thaddeus' kind treatment of the Elves, he decided to try his luck there. He fought well during the Siege and earned his place amongst the knights.

Sir Roderic Orewater

Cavalier 5
Human 21 5'11'' 189 AL:NG


HP 44

AC (half plate)

Lance (charge/challenge) 12/19 Damage D8=3 (2D8 +6 charging) Crit x3
Longsword +8 D6+3
Longbow +9 D8

Skills: ride 9, intimidate 7, handle animal 8, profession soldier 7, sense motive 7
Feats: mounted combat, Cavalry formation, Power attack, improved bullrush, combat expertise

Sir Roderic was the knight who competed at the Rushlight festival. He was a founding member of the First Light and distinguished himself against Hargulka's trolls.

Thaddeus Medvyed

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