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A Matter of Death and Life

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Post  Wynnsaren on Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:33 pm

"We will attribute that to one part intuition and one part gods-given foresight," she smirked, "but I said I try not to fret. This clearly implies that I do. . .occasionally succumb to the temptation."

Grinning, the aasimar rose from the bench and turned to face the king fully. Her luminous eyes settled upon his, which now appeared nearly black without the light of the sun to enhance their normally blue hue. Something about being able to look someone directly in the eyes was refreshing. There were very many tall people on this particular mission. . . So much time in their company was creating a permanent crick in her neck!

"I must also try to be sensitive about when you need time alone more than you need to talk. You have been through a traumatizing experience. I understand that you may yet need time to process your thoughts," she motioned toward the holy book beside him, "and since I am not gifted enough to always anticipate your needs, I will give you a choice.

"You can either stay here in the garden to pray and reflect. To gather yourself before your journey tomorrow." Wynn pursed her lips. . . considering. "Or, you can come with me. Right now. And for a little while, I can help you put all of those thoughts to the side."

Carpe DM

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Thaddeus Medvyed

Post  Thaddeus Medvyed on Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:28 pm

Thaddeus smiled widely at the prospect. Whether it was horseback riding or snowball fights, Wynn's distractions were always memorable. He started to rise in agreement, when he glanced back at the book waiting his pen. He frowned ever so slightly as he sat back down.

"I think... I think I'll have to take a rain check on this one," he said with obvious disappointment. "What I experienced... it's already like a fading dream, I fear if I put the thoughts aside... I may never get them back". He sighed as he leafed toward the back and found a blank page.

"And some things should not be forgotten..."

He grinned mischievously at his friend and chuckled. "Besides... as you reminded me, I'm not at my best right now. I suspect I'll need 100% to handle whatever distraction you have in mind." He grimaced slightly as he thought of tomorrow.

"I suppose I should get some sleep too... Though, that seems strange after losing two days like that. Feels like I should be plenty rested... but I suspect the reality is a bit different.

"I hope whatever you have in mind can wait till I get back?"
Thaddeus Medvyed
Thaddeus Medvyed

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Post  Wynnsaren on Thu Aug 28, 2014 11:28 pm

The oracle's gaze held him a span longer than felt comfortable. It was one of those piercing gazes that grips a man's mind and strips away all of the instinctive veils we place between ourselves and the outside world, but in doing so she too left herself susceptible. A lesser man -- or one with more to hide, would have been entirely preoccupied trying to keep his legs and bowels from turning liquid to notice that such vulnerability ran both ways, but King Thaddeus Medvyed, First of His Name, was not one of these men.

Perhaps it was only then that he could say he truly met her. Not as Wynnsaren, but as. . .something else. Someone nameless, for eyes that deep and that old do not wear names so easily spoken. Seventy-five years? The age she had given them was no more than a bare pittance compared to what he saw in that countenance just then as fathomless wells of starlight spilled from her eyes, sigils and the halo of lights encircling her head. That anyone could mistake her for human seemed, in this moment, laughable indeed.

She blinked and the veils were once again drawn.

A shadow of a smile tickled the corner of her lips and Thaddeus could not help but feel he had passed some sort of test with his refusal.

"Of course, Your Majesty." Wynn's voice, not one that could have belonged to the being of whom he'd just caught glimpse.

She gave a low, sweeping curtsy as she always did in his royal presence. "I look forward to the opportunity. If you have any need of me, you know where I might be found, otherwise I pray the stars give you comfort until dawn. I shall be present when you four set off again. A blessing of fortune and safe travel would seem. . .appropriate under these circumstances.

"Stacking the deck," she winked.

With that she inclined her head to the monarch and departed into the deepest shadows of the garden.

Carpe DM

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Re: A Matter of Death and Life

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