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Post  Magyc on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:35 am

The offers Ameiko made to everyone in the final day of the campaign:

Kromyar- Kromyar. Since the very start of our journey together back in Sandpoint I have sensed the turmoil in your heart, as much you’ve tried to keep it hidden beneath your gruff exterior. I still don’t know what it is that you were looking for, but I believe you have not yet found it. Though you think must leave again to continue your search- I want you to know that you have a place here- a new home, if you want it. The Imperial Army is fractured and in turmoil, and we still have enemies both inside and outside of Minkai that may seek to take advantage. We can find tacticians and drillmasters, but what the army will need during this time of rebuilding is a leader that is a rock, a leader who is awe inspiring…a leader who is literally 10 feet tall. Kromyar, I offer you the command of the armies of Minkai as the First General, if you want it.

Nerezza-I know leaving Sandpoint to come on this journey was a difficult choice for you. All of us knew Shalelu as a dear friend, but to you we know she was even more: a protector, and then a mentor. I deeply mourn the price we paid for our efforts, but I don’t regret what we accomplished…because I know that would have earned a disapproving glance from her. My elusive and shy friend, I know the last thing you would seek is a position in at the front, in the light of day. I know you keep to the shadows, and with the kind of defeat we visited on our enemies, that is exactly where they will be. The Oni took over this land and wiped out every Imperial family almost to the person, and they did so through operating from the shadows, through conspiracy and stealth. We cannot afford to let them retreat there to regroup. If you are willing, Nerezza, I offer you the position of Royal Spymaster, to seek out the enemies of the people of Minkai and drag the dark plans they are crafting out into the light.

Emilian- I know you came with us at first mostly to see to the well being of Koya. I know how much she meant to you. We are all profoundly sorry that she is not here with us to share in the culmination of what we strove so hard to achieve. I’m not sure if intend to return to Sandpoint, but I believe you can make a home here. I’m sure we can find some cuisine that is agreeable to your palate (palet), or at least set up a sugar moss wall in your house. I am offering you the position of Magister, to provide magical guidance to the Royal Court and promote the beneficial and defensive uses of magic throughout Minkai. With your familiarity with both divine and arcane magics, I think you would be an outstanding Magister. You also have the ability to foresee threats we would not otherwise see coming, things we have not begun to even imagine. Availing us of the gift of your incredible foresight would give us the time to meet those challenges.

Takion-Your calm and steady presence was a foundation that we relied on during our darkest times. We always knew that in the midst of combat while we were focused on the enemy, you were focused on us, keeping us safe, making sure we survived, often despite our best efforts. Your willingness to leap to the front and engage our deadliest foes bought us time to react and recover safely, and usually frustrating the enemy at the same time. I am also thrilled that you found happiness during our long journey together, and though I know you have some short term plans to attend to, for the good of the kingdom I offer you the position of Marshall. Whereas before you only had to protect a small band, now the safety of the entire city of Kasai would be in your hands. I can think of no one more capable, both in abilities and temperament, to see to the safety of this enormously diverse city. I do hope you consider it.

Lien-And finally you, Sister. How many years has it been since we were playmates in Sandpoint, pretending to slay monsters and save kingdoms. Turns out we may have been more prescient than Emilian! We have lived our fantasies and survived them. We must be some of the most fortunate people in the world. …. As I told Takion, I know you have some very important matters to attend to. My joy at seeing you pursue happiness is boundless, and we can finally and fully celebrate without the shadow of our destined task hanging over us. I do hope you return to Minkai after you get hitched. I have seen your martial skill displayed time and time again, wielding Sushien from Gein’s back and cutting down some of our fiercest foes in seconds. But some of your biggest victories came without bloodshed. You grew up here and your understanding of this land and its people is greater than that of anyone that I know I can trust. Your words are florid and trustworthy, your reputation spotless. Lein, I offer you the position of Grand Diplomat of Minkai, to serve as our representative. We will need strong and honorable allies to ensure that we can survive whatever trials lie ahead, and I can think of no person that better personifies the qualities that I would Minkai to exemplify.

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