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Colin's Correspondence

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Colin's Correspondence Empty Colin's Correspondence

Post  Colin Marcus on Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:21 pm

Rova 5th 8th 4714

Kashif ibn Hassan,

It has been too long since I've written you my friend. Much has happened since I left you in Sothis for this most interesting adventure that is the Pathfinder Society. You were right... they did let me in. I also assume you put in a good word for me... or more likely called in some favors with Lady Zadrian.

I was welcomed into the Crusade, though rather hesitantly I sensed. I still feel it will be an awkward fit, though I do promise to try my best.

This is actually one of the reasons for the letter. I feel you know enough of my background that you will understand my dilemma. So far the group I have been assigned, the Wayfarer Vanguard, has gelled well with the Crusade's mentality... for the most part. We have shown mercy and potentially redeemed a few bandits, outlaws and thieves. It's not perfect of course. Each of us bring our own prejudices and history with us. Elle has a hatred of Goblin and desire to exterminate them... Myself and undead you know well enough.

Yesterday we hit a bump. One of our member has taken it on himself to recruit for the Society. We found ourselves battling several Sczarni females who happen to be murderous thieves. Some died in the battle, some surrendered... One attacked us in shifted form.

Coming from Ustalev, legends of lycanthropes were common enough. Myself, I focused too much on undead and vampires for obvious reasons, and found my knowledge somewhat lacking this subject. I have heard of Ratmen and druids and possibly even skinwalkers... but this one required Silver to hurt. All other weapons, magic included simply healed in front of us.

So, she is a wererat. a vile creature who goes by the name of Sasha and has the potential to spread her disease from coast to coast if left unchecked. Perhaps not as bad as werewolves... or perhaps worse. Wolves like Packs... Rats like Swarms. I was torn between keeping group peace while allowing mercy or dispensing justice with a silver dagger.

Personally I believe I chose wrong. One of our member talked them into going to Absalom and actually applying at the Grand Lodge. He even paid their way! The thought of her threat walking the Lodge turns my stomach.

I need someone to watch her. I intend to send a letter to Lady Zadrian as well. Partly because I'm not sure if you'll receive this... but if you have any more good will or contacts there, I would ask to keep a good eye on her and make sure her danger to both the Society and the citizenry of Absalom is kept in check. I honestly don't know how much weight my opinion holds with the Lady. I'd rather not trust all my eggs there.

Of course there is always a strong possiblity that they will simply pocket Drax's money and flee elsewhere. In the meantime, should you feel the urge to travel, I would welcome your company in Magnimar. The new Lodge seems efficient so far, and we are making strives toward multiple Society goals. My new friends have introduced me to many a fine tavern here, and I still owe you a bottle after losing the whole admittance bet.

Till the dust of our roads meet again,

Colin Marcus.
Colin Marcus
Colin Marcus

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Colin's Correspondence Empty Re: Colin's Correspondence

Post  Colin Marcus on Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:23 pm

Rova 5 8th 4714

To the Lady Ollysta Zadrian

I felt it was time to send an update. I regret that I did not cross path's with any of the Half-orc bruisers you brought to my attention in Riddleport. An ally of mine ran across a few and pounded them soundly, it is possible that may cause them to rethink their employment. I myself would have preferred a more measurable result, but we saved two scholar's lives and showed mercy to a few of their kidnappers. It was unfortunately a mission where we had to count our victories where they were.

Along the lines of mercy and potential reformation, There should be arriving in Absalom a trio of ex-thieves from Magnimar. One of them named Sasha is a wererat and extremely dangerous. I do not feel comfortable sending her to such a populated area. Her intentions do not feel sincere to me. Though once she surrendered to the Wayfinder Vanguard, there was little justification to continue the fight.

The other two with her showed no immediate signs of Lycanthrope, and seem more interested in hiding from the Sczarni clan they were abandoning. If the Society can offer protection, they may be of use.

Colin Marcus.
Colin Marcus
Colin Marcus

Posts : 1831
Join date : 2009-09-19
Age : 41
Location : Impresk

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