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Dulgar Foamblower

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Dulgar Foamblower

Post  Colin Marcus on Sat Feb 25, 2017 2:32 am

The origin of Dulgar, disgraced knight of the Janderhoff, Son of Kaleb Foamblower rider of bears.

Dwarves by nature are rarely struck by wanderlust. Dulgar however came from a family of adventurers. Kaleb had a long life as an adventurer when he and his bear longed again for dwarven companionship. He entered the sky citadel Janderhoff a hundred years ago and found himself home. Tales of his exploits in a far of land and his weapon prowess resulted in his rise to prominence. Before long he had earned a Knighthood, a noble title, found a wife, and raised a large family.

The third of his four children resembled him the most.  A natural born fighter, who from the time he could walk he was trying to lift an ax. During his formative years, Dulgar was involved in an incident. His father took him on a patrol that was set upon by giants. While strong for his age, he was no match for a giant. His father slew the mighty beast, but Dulgar was killed in the battle. His father didn’t accept that peacefully though. Using his considerable influence and not a small amount of treasure, Dulgar was brought back from the dead. The incident affected him greatly. The typically dour dwarf became more boisterous. He was more eager to enjoy life to the fullest. Even the smallest task he threw himself into with a frenzy. He befriended a wanderer named Tolin Quickbow. A half-elf who claimed to know the Mindspin mountains like the back of his hand. Though many other noble families tried to arrange marriages, and he had some experience with the she-dwarves. He never had any substantial relationships. His fire for life kept him looking at the next adventure and not looking toward settling down anytime soon.

As the years passed, Dulgar proved his worth in combat and defense of his people following in his father’s footsteps earning a knighthood himself, swearing fealty to his lord Nerat Goldgut; a general and councilor and though not the high councilor, an extremely influential dwarf in Janderhoff. Dwarves by nature tend toward following orders and sticking to their word. Dulgar tended to be more opinionated than normal. He found himself chafing under the command of Nerat. A dwarf he considered to be a blowhard and a fool. Though he didn’t like to admit it, he truly hated the man.

Then came the day his life changed. Seeing an opportunity. Dulgar found himself unable to follow his foolish commands anymore.  Knowing this leader’s weakness wasn’t difficult to learn. Dulgar waited for his moment, and humiliated Nerat in front of his men. To someone like Nerat, pride meant all and he turned on Dulgar. Unfortunately for Dulgar he didn’t do it physically.

Humiliating his lord was a disgrace to the family. In his heart he knew that diminishing Nerat probably saved many dwarf lives, but he knew also his methods were shameful. Still, he couldn’t find himself able to make public amends. He chose self-imposed exile instead until he could accomplish some great dwarven feat to return glory to his noble family name.

He headed toward Trunua on the other side of the Mindspins. A place Tolin had told him was rife with combat against dwarvish enemies. There was sure to be glory there. Along the way he met a couple of other dwarves also out to make a name for themselves. Umlo and his sister Ingrahild Steelhand, a fine dwarven lass had hired a band of mercenaries to find the tomb of their ancestor Nargrym Steelhand, a giantslayer of great reknown.
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